so you want to go cross country l.
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…So you want to go Cross-Country?

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…So you want to go Cross-Country? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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…So you want to go Cross-Country?

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  1. …So you want to go Cross-Country? John H. Campbell Mile High Gliding, Inc. Winter Haven, FL & Boulder, CO

  2. X/C Motivations Of course you do… it’s high prestige • Base skill at all SSA contests • Required task for all FAI badges • Element of most SSA and FAI records • The stuff of books, magazines, legends Besides… it’s pleasurable & fulfilling • Adds horizontal scenic variety to flights • Offers a structured challenge • Beats the “odds” impressively But… it’s not for everyone • Just staying up is enjoyable for most • Few FBOs permit it in their equipment • Few clubs too... • What a hassle if I land out And… it takes extra training • Accuracy landings, field selection • Consistent centering, glide calculation • Course selection, Navigation…

  3. X/C Definitions What is a glider Cross-Country? • 25 nautical miles? • Getting out of glide range of home? • Landing out? • Earning an FAI badge leg? … What is it NOT !? • Heading out over the National Forest • Flying off to where the lift “has to be” • Getting out of glide range of some field • Always flying on course like an airplane … FAA glider training standards General PVT Certificate or CFI X/C Endorsement Knowledge PTS V, VI, VIII, X. FAR 61.105 Sim. Off-field ldgs., Thermalling, Speed-to-fly, Navigation, Airspace, X/C techniques Proficiency PTS V, VI, VIII, X. FAR 61.107. ditto Actual X/C Experience -- none – dual or solo! (but we like it that way… GLIDER pilots do not all HAVE to be X/C SOARERS)

  4. Glider X/C Hazards(it can be tougher than airplane X/C) Off-field Landings (the chances are 50%!...) I’MAIR (Resignation, No-DO, Late-DO). WSSSSW, “7S”, SCOWL. Altimeter? Should I do it like at home? Is that mowed hay?... Getting Lost I’m too busy staying up. The viewing height keeps changing. The Cu’s are never on course. Ded reckoning is dead. Getting Slow No point heading out on a 300k until you can do 30mph on a 100k. Try a “tiny triangle”! Twice! Shift gears. Zig Zag to speed up. Head in the Cockpit (GPS!) We finally have electronic NAVaids, too. How to use them safest?

  5. LEARNING RESOURCES Reference Books • Cross-Country Soaring (Reichmann) • Soaring Across Country (Scull) • Soaring Cross-Country (Byars) • Glider Pilot’s Handbook (Welch) • Soaring Flight Manual (SSA) • American Soaring Handbook (Johnson) • Knauff’s “Basics” series • Wander’s “Made Easy” series Training Courses Sign up for one now, do instead of read! Practical Manuals • Cross-Country Handbook, SSF [SSA] • Teaching Cross-Country, FFVV [K&G] CD-ROM or WWW download • Beginning Cross-Country, Knauff [PPT] • Thermalling, Transition to single-seaters, & other titles from Cumulus Courseware Flight Simulators • SFS 4 • MS FS 4 Nothing builds judgment like experience, even virtual (and it’s 100% safe!)

  6. OLD SSA PROGRAM BRONZE BADGE • Complete ABC program • 15 solo glider hours, 30 flights, 10 single-seater • 2 solo flights of at least 2 hours • 3 witnessed solo spot landings • 2 dual simulated off-field landings • 80% grade on written exam Tom Knauff Gene Hammond Inspired by existing BGA & FFVV programs “halfway” from C to Silver C

  7. NEW SSF PROGRAM MASTER X/C INSTRUCTOR • SSA Instructor (CFI-G, 100 hrs, apply) • SSA Bronze, FAI Silver Badges • 25 hours glider X/C of over 25 nm • Complete a Recognized Instructor Course, or • Participate at a Recognized Student Camp, or • Be Appointed by SSA Chief Master Instructor Certificate, pin & patch. Qualification for 2 years. Renewal by training 2 students Eligible for SSA dues reimbursement Dean Carswell Burt Compton Billy Singleton Frank Reid

  8. Mile High Gliding’s Program Evening 1. Introduction; course plan and objectives Cross-Country philosophy, an overview --Break-- Off-field landings Evening 2. Soaring Weather – Finding & using the information Thermal Soaring: locating, centering, leaving --Break-- Thermal Structures, Cloud Reading Evening 3. Speed To Fly theory: best glide --Break-- Speed To Fly theory: best speed --Break-- Speed To Fly theory: selecting & beating MacCready Prepared by Chris Rollings, past Senior National Coach, British Gliding Association Maker of World Champions!

  9. Mile High Gliding’s Program Evening 4. Variometer systems Total Energy, Netto --Break-- Averagers, Speed Directors, NAV devices Climb Optimization: go/no-go, sampling Evening 5. Task selection Course Optimization: random-field, streets Convergences, Sea Breezes, Ridge, Wave --Break-- Height Optimization: go/no-go, height bands Evening 6. Navigation: Pilotage, GPS --Break-- Glide Estimation: next lift, final glide: thumb, JSW, NAV for copies of this Syllabus posted for download TBA Controlled Airspace & FARs SSA, FAA, Badge Systems --Break-- Competition

  10. Mile High Gliding’s Program To fly our equipment “Cross-Country”, we require [ Accompaniment by a staff Cross-Country authorized CFI-G (Master X/C SSAI), or ] • Private FAA Glider Certificate minimum (or equivalent exp. for Juniors ) • SSA Bronze Badge awarded • Cross-Country Course [10 hr ground school, 3 hr dual flight experience ] • Off-field landing motorglider (or airplane) course [ 1 hr field selection practice ] • MHG CFI-G Endorsement for Cross-Country privileges • Furthermore… • Only in certain gliders (those with trailers!) • Without this X/C endorsement, renters are expected to always stay within glide distance of the field, never requiring lift to achieve the return.

  11. The Training is half the fun!Duo Photos at Winter Haven, Grob 103C at Boulder Sarah Steinberg, World Champion. Dale Pizzo, 3 Diamonds Course Week Feb. 18-25 nearly full. Feb. 11-18 and March available