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Jerry Minetos Office of Parish Development Wednesday, July 6, 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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Jerry Minetos Office of Parish Development Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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Jerry Minetos Office of Parish Development Wednesday, July 6, 2016
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Jerry Minetos Office of Parish Development Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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  1. Jerry Minetos Office of Parish Development Wednesday, July 6, 2016 Raising Funds for Major Projects as a Component of Parish Life

  2. Jerry Minetos Professional: • Development Officer with the GOA • Certified Public Accountant in State of Illinois • Certified in Fundraising Management by Indiana University’s Center of Philanthropy Personal: • St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Des Plaines, IL • Held positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer of Parish Council, Capital Campaign Chairman, Stewardship Chairman • Wife – Margaret; Children – Tom, Paul and Despina

  3. All aspects of “giving back” in parish life Office of Parish Development Our Mission To educate and assist our Greek Orthodox Faithful of America in the areas of: • Stewardship, • Capital Campaigns, • Strategic Planning, • Planned Giving, • Grant Research/Proposal Writing…

  4. Six Reasons Why People Give • They are asked (personally!) • Personal belief in the mission • Sense of responsibility and stewardship, often taught as a family value • High regard for leadership • Fiscal stability and good management • Spiritual joy (can happen at time of gift, or upon learning about proper usage of funds) Source: Center of Philanthropy, Indiana University

  5. Why do we give? should One reason: when we each realize that all we have is a gift from Our Lord and Savior… The Non Profit Fund Raising perspective is to get us to focus on ourselves. The Orthodox perspective calls for us to place our focus on Christ (and others), not ourselves.

  6. Estate Assets Current Income Source Fundraising Tripod Endowment or Other Capital Needs Special, Significant Project, Building or Debt Given For Operating Expenses Parishioner (Donor) Planned Giving Major Campaign Annual Giving

  7. Thoughtful personal contact, careful listening, planning Planned, Capital Donor Special Donor Different Situations, Different Communication Multiple visits Increased Donor Visit Personal Contact Repeat Donor Letter & call Donor Events Friend Mail

  8. Fundraising Phase 2 Public Phase Communication with Parish Fundraising Phase 1 Quiet Phase ProfessionalAssistance Campaign Plan Planning Study Campaign Life Cycle Early Project Planning Parish Agrees to Explore Project Parish To Agrees Start Campaign Announce Major Progress

  9. LAI Principle • Linkage • Ability to give • Interest or Involvement Source: Center of Philanthropy, Indiana University

  10. Linkage-Ability-Interest Example One Bob is a real estate magnate, reputed to own scores of properties. He and his family make a large contribution (Stewardship) to their parish each year. Last year, their gift was near the top of the parish contribution list. Bob is a “founder” of the parish, and fondly describes his role when the parish started years ago.

  11. Linkage-Ability-Interest Example Two John and Sue are fully vested employees of a startup company. They are new stewards of the parish…Sue served actively in a previous church community, and was also a member of the parish council.

  12. Linkage-Ability-Interest Example Three Constantine lives six months a year in Chicago and six months a year in a wealthy suburb of Athens. He attends church a few times a year with his wife. An article recently appeared in the WSJ describing him as an expert in mergers and acquisitions. Parish records show no history of giving.

  13. Example Gift Chart FUNDS TO BE RAISED: $2,000,000 Number Amount Prospects Ratio Subtotal Cumulative 1 $200,000 5 5:1 $200,000 $200,000 4 100,000 16 4:1 400,000 600,000 8 50,000 24 3:1 400,000 1,000,000 15 25,000 45 3:1 375,000 1,375,000 20 10,000 40 2:1 200,000 1,575,000 30 5,000 60 2:1 150,000 1,725,000   Many $2,500 & less Many 1:1 $275,000 $2,000,000 Participation is the most important component!

  14. Let’s examine the gift of our finances: Specifically, how do we use our disposable income?

  15. Me Ego Recognition Conditional :::::::::::: Unconditional No Recognition :::::::::::: Humility Others Opportunities to give… Buy something for myself Buy something for someone in a nursing home Buy a gift for a someone Giving back to God Hierarchs,Monastics & Clergy Christ Our Examples: Saints

  16. Advantages of a Planning Study? • Approach people personally • Answer questions/establish direction through community feedback • Cultivate interest, especially in top prospects • Advocate future participation (“plant the seeds”) • Assess level of funds that can be raised • Galvanize support for the project, and identify additional leadership • Gather other useful feedback

  17. How can we help? – Planning Studies • Prepare a “Statement of Need.” • Develop a detailed questionnaire. • Identify Interviewees using LAI Personal Interviews (as many as possible, 40-50+) Additionally….Focus Groups Additionally….questionnaire (hard copy and electronic) send out • Use inclusive methodology • Without soliciting directly, determine interest and gather input. • Report back to the committee. • Timetable: 3 months • Recommended Donation $5k/mo, plus travel expenses

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  19. Parish Resource: In Conjunction with Dept. of Outreach & Evangelism…

  20. Jerry Minetos Office of Parish Development Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America 3 S. Prospect Ave, Suite 11 Park Ridge, IL 60068 847.825.1432 847.825.4287 (fax) Contact information