obesity by morgan l.
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Obesity By Morgan

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Obesity By Morgan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Obesity By Morgan. Exercise, Healthy eating, Childhood obesity . Exercise . Exercising pumps lots of blood though your veins. This increases the size of your arteries, prevents fat from clogging your arteries and helps prevent blood clots. Exercise also helps lower your blood pressure.

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Obesity By Morgan

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obesity by morgan

ObesityBy Morgan


Healthy eating,

Childhood obesity

  • Exercising pumps lots of blood though your veins. This increases the size of your arteries, prevents fat from clogging your arteries and helps prevent blood clots.
  • Exercise also helps lower your blood pressure.
  • Exercise increases bone strength, Flexibility also your patterns of sleeping and levels of anxiety and more.
  • You can have positive changes in your body when you exercise like increase your strength, increase body mass, Improve flexibility, Improvement in heart and lungs, legs gain stealth.
  • You can have reducing chances of types of despises like Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Breast Cancer, Colon cancer, or even death.
  • But, you also people need to maintain normal weight healthy bones, muscles and much, much more.
aerobic anaerobic
Aerobic & Anaerobic
  • Aerobics exercises uses rhythmic activity of large muscles in legs and strengthens your heart and lungs.
  • This can lower blood pressure, build bones, improve muscles strength and flexibility lessen depression and help lose weight.
  • Anaerobic exercise-means “without air" or "without oxygen."
  • This exercise depends on energy not oxygen that is stored in muscle. some example of this are Heavy weight-lifting, sprints (running, biking, etc.), jumping rope, hill climbing.
  • Some benefits to this are Development of stronger muscles.
healthy snacks
Healthy Snacks
  • Snacks between meals are important to have the extra energy, health, and performance in school and sports. people should have healthy snacks because bad snacks might slow you down and be high in fat and calories. To keep your energy avoid gaining wieght.Aviod this by eating healthlier.So when your hungry don't a large fry. Get a large peach,pear,orange, yogurt, cheese, milk,Veggies,or anthing that contributes to healthy diet.
good foods
Good Foods

Many people may have one favorite food that is good, But they don’t know that the one food is not helping your body. People need to get a variety of foods there are many foods in the world to be tried. If you eat a variety of foods you are most likely to get nutrients you need in your body. Try new types of foods.

Do you know why schools only have milk for lunch and sometimes water and apple juice or orange juice. They have it because these are very healthy. Milk is the number one type of drink for kids. It has calcium for strong bones and it is a great source of minerals. Also when you go home you might have lots of fruit juices it's ok to have 100% juice, But you just have to stay away from the loaded sugar it just adds calories.

childhood obesity
Childhood Obesity
  • Obesity in childhood and adulthood are serious issues because if heath problems happens in early ages it often continues in a adult ages. Getting a better understanding of treatments for young children is important to controlling the obesity epidemic. Being obese and being overweight are not the same exact thing. A obese person has extra fat, and a lot of it! Not just a few extra pounds. Obese people are very overweight and at risk of serious heath problems. When Doctors determine if someone is obese they often use a measurement called body mass index (BMI for short).Frist he or she measures the height of the person and wieght.Then the doctor calculates another number,The BMI.
  • Once the doctor has calculated a child or teen BMI, it will find this number on a chart to see how it compares to other people of the same age and gender. A person with a BMI above the 95th percentile (meaning the BMI is greater than that of 95 of people of the same age and gender) is generally considered overweight.
  • A person with a BMI between the 85th and 95th percentiles typically is considered at risk for overweight. Obesity is the term used for extreme overweight.
global obesity
Global Obesity
  • This is Global because this goes around everywhere.
  • Even People in Africa can have this problem or in the U.S.
  • Lots of people don’t have equipment to workout and get fit like we do in the U.S, But unfortunately some people don’t use this benefit

they don’t workout like they should to grow strong and healthy.

  • They are risking their lives because so many diseases are out in the world that are caused by obesity, and they don’t even know.

Here are some of the sites & books I used for info:

  • http://www.weightlossforall.com/aerobic.htm http://www.treelight.com/health/nutrition/FatFacts.html http://www.kidshealth.org/ http://www.obesity.org/ http://www.health-heart.org/badstuff.htm http://tiki.oneworld.net/food/food6.html http://orthoinfo.aaos.org http://sparkpeople.com/resource/reference_anaerobic.asp
  • “Body by God” Author Dr.Ben Lerner

“For healthy muscles, you must resist” Thomas Nelson Contributors


the next step
The Next Step
  • My next step for this website our team is doing would probably be fieldtrips. To a Chef to find healthy meals or a gym to find routines on exercises and try all of these ideas for better lifestyles (for the site).
  • And take some pictures of different objects for the project.
  • And interview people like trainers,chefs,and other people that have been obese.