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Network Isolation Card (NIC) ‏ PowerPoint Presentation
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Network Isolation Card (NIC) ‏

Network Isolation Card (NIC) ‏

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Network Isolation Card (NIC) ‏

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  1. Network Isolation Card (NIC)‏ Use a Network Isolation Card or NIC in the SIM slot of the handset to allow the handset to be turned on and information to be accessed while the handset remains isolated from the network. A NIC will contain enough information to appear to be the same SIM card, but it will not have the necessary information to allow the handset to connect to the network.

  2. Network Isolation Card (NIC)‏ NIC’s work with 2G and 3G handsets and are reusable. They isolate the handset from its normal service making it impossible to receive SMS messages, calls & voicemail reminders etc. If the target SIM Card has an unknown PIN lock it will not be possible to generate a NIC for use in the handset. An alternate form of isolation may be necessary. Remember, don’t turn the handset on without first creating and reinserting the NIC.

  3. Network Isolation Card (NIC)‏ Enabling NIC Functionality Insert the NIC into the SIM card reader. In the main menu select ‘System Setup’. Select ‘Extraction’. A new option will appear in list: “Create Network Isolation Card after SIM extraction”. Click the “Create Network Isolation Card” box. Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ to return to the main menu. You will be prompted to decide whether to make these the default settings, or apply them for this time only.

  4. Network Isolation Card (NIC) Using the NIC When performing a SIM examination, the CellDEK™ Software will ask you if you require a NIC. Select ‘Yes’ if you require a NIC You will be prompted for the SIM card Insert the SIM card and click ‘OK’ You will then be prompted for the NIC Insert a NIC and click ‘OK’ The NIC will then be formatted and the necessary data copied When this is complete click ‘OK’ The NIC can now be installed in the target handset and the data extracted in the normal way