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How to be Awesome

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How to be Awesome
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How to be Awesome

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  1. How to be Awesome

  2. Contents • Blending In • Learning • Optimism • Clothing • Manners • Health care • Confidence

  3. Studies have shown that people are more likely to hang with people who can chill and can blend into their surroundings. I’m a chameleon

  4. It is impossible to be awesome if you do not have the learning ability to back it up. Being intelligent enables you to have a bright future, but also allows you to use that intelligence to help others who might have trouble with a class. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe John Stuart Mill

  5. Awesome people are optimistic. Learning to put the past behind you and look ahead is a big part of being optimistic. The past is old news, so there is no reason in to let it affect your future. Always seeing the best in any situation makes you more likeable.

  6. People with manners are like Osama Bin Laden, very hard to find. The society we live in today can be very rude with hardly anyone being polite. Words such as “Please,” “Thank you,” “Your Welcome,” “Excuse me,” “Sir,” and “Ma’am” will get you far in life.

  7. Taking care of yourself is all common sense. People will interact with your more easily if you regularly shower, brush your teeth, or take care of your personal hygiene. It is not that hard to shower once a day and brush your teeth at least once a day. Smelling good is also a major plus.

  8. Confidence is one thing awesome people do not lack. You have to be confident in everything that you do. Having confidence in yourself allows you to help others around you build confidence. Some people look at being confident as being cocky. As long as you have the ability and are confident that you can back that ability up, then you have nothing to worry about. Confidence also gives you the mind set that you can do anything, which could come in handy someday.

  9. The one important thing that awesome people do is go to programs run by RA’s. Awesome people stay out of trouble in the residence halls, and find ways to keep themselves from being bored. One way to do that is go to programs which are always fun, always give you something to do, and always make your RA’s feel awesome! What: Awesomeness When: All the time Where: Everywhere Who: I’ll be there, will you???

  10. Created By: Mike “Awesome” Yousefian Harcum College