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Hazelwood: Making New Connections

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Hazelwood: Making New Connections - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hazelwood: Making New Connections. Christopher Marcello, Emalee Ranalli, Ruth Feathers, Amy Camp, Ted Kaczmarek, Annette Bassett Sanchez, Jacqueline Saslawski, Christie Hudson Capstone Seminar Spring 2001. Population 2000.

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hazelwood making new connections

Hazelwood: Making New Connections

Christopher Marcello, Emalee Ranalli, Ruth Feathers, Amy Camp, Ted Kaczmarek, Annette Bassett Sanchez, Jacqueline Saslawski, Christie Hudson

Capstone Seminar

Spring 2001

population 2000
Population 2000
  • Tract 1501: Total population 1,948, 74.5% White, 22.9% African-American, 2.6% other.
  • Tract 1504: Total population 805, 23.9% White, 72.2% African-American, 3.9% other.
  • Tract 1515: Total population 3,386, 54.8% White, 40.6% African-American, 4.6% other.
  • Combined: Total population 6,139, 57% White, 39% African-American, and 4% other.
community analysis highlights
Community Analysis Highlights
  • Community Human Service System Analysis
  • Youth Recreation Opportunities
  • Greater Hazelwood Weed and Seed Program
  • The Mon-Fayette Expressway
community human service system analysis
Community Human Service System Analysis
  • What is a Community Human Service System Analysis?
  • Analysis Methodology
    • Interview with key community leaders
    • Field work: Observation of community meetings
    • Directories
    • Web pages
common issues
Common Issues
  • Youth
  • Seniors
  • Single mothers and Welfare to Work population
  • General Community
service delivery units
Service Delivery Units
  • Informal
  • Mediating
    • Churches
  • Formal
    • Non-profits
    • Healthcare providers
    • Public agencies
major weaknesses and gaps
Major Weaknesses and Gaps
  • Healthcare service delivery
  • Service delivery for youth and seniors
  • Lack of communication or collaboration
    • Churches
    • Ethnic and racial groups
  • Public transportation/bus routes
    • Adequate service down town
    • Lacking adequate service to Oakland, Waterfront, and other major locations
  • Improve UPMC Hazelwood Clinic
  • Collaborative efforts among different ethnic/race groups
  • Multi-purpose human service center
  • Continuation of community newspaper
  • Church collaboration
  • Focus on after school programs
youth recreation in hazelwood
Youth Recreation in Hazelwood
  • Methodology of study
  • Benefits of youth athletics
  • Lack of communication between league organizers
  • Lack of opportunities for girls and minorities
  • Form a youth recreation committee and develop community-wide youth recreation plan
  • Take into special consideration the needs of girls
  • Offer a variety of youth recreation options
  • Cooperate with neighboring communities
  • Take advantage of Citiparks programs
  • Take advantage of both local and national programs and organizations
greater hazelwood weed and seed program
Greater Hazelwood Weed and Seed Program
  • What is Weed and Seed?
  • Mayor’s Office Evaluation (1994)
  • Hazelwood task forces
  • Mobilizing community resources (1995)
  • Funding for Greater Hazelwood Weed and Seed program (1996)
    • Greater Hazelwood as a “model” case
weed and seed components in hazelwood
Weed and Seed Components in Hazelwood
  • Primary Weeding agents:
    • COPS
    • Plain-clothes officers
    • Zone Patrol
    • Weed and Seed Task Force
  • Primary Seeding agents:
    • The Hazelwood Initiative
  • Persistent contact and collaboration with community schools
  • Further community organizing toward positive change
  • Foster ties between Hazelwood and Glen Hazel
the mon fayette expressway
The Mon-Fayette Expressway
  • Major threat to the community and region
  • Communities in the path of the MFE
  • Environmental justice issue
properties eliminated by mfe
Properties Eliminated by MFE
  • 177 properties
  • $16 million in assessed value
  • $470K in tax revenues
  • 2nd Avenue down to 5200 block
  • Attend public meetings
  • Join with other community groups in the Mon Valley
  • Take action to save what you value
  • Make a firm response to the highway a critical part of the master plan
  • Identify places of potential historic value
  • Keep the lines of communication open
  • Make sure local politicians know what you want and make them accountable
south side works
South Side Works
  • 1990-1992: Community Establishes a Vision
  • 1994-1996: Coalition amidst Conflict
the iba emscher
The IBA Emscher
  • IBA Emscher Park is about a whole region and puts the ecological question in its center
  • 120 projects
  • 17 towns
central concept and main strategies of iba emscher
Central Concept and Main Strategies of IBA-Emscher
  • Central concept: development on a long-term framework
  • Main strategies:
    • Focus on structural changes in the Ruhr Region
    • Redevelopment of the landscapes
    • Ecological renovation of the Emscher Park
    • New commitment of industrial monuments as cultural centers
    • Maintain and renovate the existing residence areas and add new ones
public private partnership s
Public-Private Partnerships
  • Pittsburgh was once to act as an example for the Ruhr area… now it’s the other way around!
food for thought
Food for Thought
  • The Ruhr Region and Pittsburgh
  • Do something that is typical for Hazelwood or typical for Pittsburgh
  • Connect new developments to the region’s industrial heritage
  • Give a new definition to old industrial regions and sites
  • Involve the community
  • Educate the community
  • Start talking about development before development arrives
  • Take advantage of community activism
recommendations continued
Recommendations (continued)
  • Involve the community's vision
  • Uniquely Pittsburgh or Hazelwood development
  • Connect to industrial heritage
  • Think "out of the box"
hazelwood history
Hazelwood History
  • Timeline
  • Historical sites in Hazelwood
    • The Woods House
    • Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
    • St. Stephen’s Roman Catholic Church
    • First Hungarian Reformed Church
    • Carnegie Library of Hazelwood
    • Formerly Hazelwood/Derby Brewing
    • E. Elizabeth Street apartment building
    • LTV site
    • The Car Barn
the hazelwood library daybook
The Hazelwood Library Daybook
  • June 1901-May 1902
  • The daily stories
  • What happened to the dome?
revitalization through preservation
Revitalization Through Preservation

“Historic preservation is an economic development strategy that enables cities and towns to compete with suburbs.” -- Donovan D. Rypkema

  • Diversity, good housing stock, and historical character attract families
  • Preservation attaches people to their community
community markets
Community Markets
  • Scope of Research:
    • Profiled 3 community markets
    • Created a list of “lessons learned”
portland saturday market
Portland Saturday Market
  • Started in 1974 by two local artists
  • Now a major tourist destination
  • Generates $13 million a year
east st louis farmers market
East St. Louis Farmers’ Market
  • Started in 1994 by a neighborhood organization
  • Aimed to increaseeconomic activity and improve nutrition
  • Generated $400,000 in sales in first three years
aliquippa farmers market
Aliquippa Farmers’ Market
  • Started in 1996 by a local nonprofit organization
  • WIC recipients needed a place to use vouchers
  • Not held in 2000
lessons learned
Know your community

Involve residents in planning

Get commitment from vendors early

Use community resources that are free of charge

Involve vendors who accept multiple forms of payment

Select a site that has refrigeration, electricity, and water

Involve children and teens

Get corporate sponsors

Offer a diversity of goods

Lessons Learned
swap shops and flea markets
“Swap Shops” and Flea Markets
  • A way to create a niche
  • There are at least a dozen farmers’ markets in the city
  • There are no regularly held flea markets
peterman s criteria for success of neighborhood development
Peterman’s Criteria for Success of Neighborhood Development
  • Adequate monetary and human technical resources
  • Demand driven, grassroots organizing (top-down will not work)
  • Must build strong ties with public officials, technical experts, and other organizations
  • Must create an atmosphere of ‘creative tension’
hazelwood surviving big box competition
Hazelwood: Surviving Big Box Competition
  • Must develop specialized niches (antiques, boutiques, ethnic dining)
  • Use exclusionary zoning or design and size control
  • Aspinwall, Sharpsburg, South Side
workforce development and networks
Workforce Development and Networks
  • What is workforce development?
    • "A constellation of activities"
  • What are workforce development networks?
    • Link social networks
    • Provide information
    • Develop trust
national benchmarks
National Benchmarks
  • Center for Employment Training
  • WIRE-Net
lessons from benchmarks
Lessons from Benchmarks
  • Continuous worker support
  • Active private sector involvement
  • Active community Involvement
  • A few key partnerships critical
  • Creativity
local workforce networks
Local Workforce Networks
  • Career Link
  • Job Links
  • Community Development Program Network
recommendations for hazelwood 1
Recommendations for Hazelwood-1
  • Formal assessment
  • Provide information
  • Partnership with local businesses
recommendations for hazelwood 2
Recommendations for Hazelwood-2
  • Utilize community assets
  • Link with existing networks
  • Community support system
  • Be proactive
recommendations for partnership
Recommendations for Partnership
  • Dialogue between Hazelwood Initiative and Oakland Consortium
  • Acknowledge PTC as Hazelwood asset
  • Networks with PTC and Kerotest
    • Involve PTC and Kerotest in community structures and committees
  • Technology Day in Hazelwood