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Pica Project Chile September 2006

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Pica Project Chile September 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pica Project Chile September 2006.

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Presentation Transcript
Pica Project


September 2006

This Presentation includes certain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on management’s current expectations and are naturally subject to certain uncertainty and changes in circumstances. Actual results may vary materially from the expectations contained herein due to changes in economic, business, competitive and/or regulatory factors. March Resources Inc is under no obligation to (And Expressly disclaims any such obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


David Antony, C.A. – CEO & Director

Mr. Antony is a chartered accountant with over 15 years experience in assisting public and private firms with financial and business planning services. Mr. Antony has been the Director and CEO of March Resources and its predecessor since 1999. Mr. Antony is a director of Transco Resources Corp., Southern Pacific Resource Corp., Winslow Resources Inc., and Dawson Creek Capital Corp., all of which are publicly traded companies. Prior to that Mr. Antony was a partner with a local firm of Chartered Accountants.

Dale Owen, C.A. – Chief Financial Officer & Director

Mr. Owen is a partner with the accounting firm of Owen Kirzinger where he has practiced since 1996. Mr. Owen has served as Chief Financial Officer and a Director for Global Railway Industries a publicly listedcompany.


Ken Kirkland - Business Development

Mr. Kirkland, who is an executive with a background as a professional Landman, has worked as a consultant and executive for petroleum, mineral and research ventures, has provided services and executive management for a variety of companies, both domestic and international for more than 45 years. Mr. Kirkland’s experience includes feasibility evaluations, negotiations, contract acquisition, implementation and management of companies and projects in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Portugal, Angola, Palau Islands, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Fred Digert – Explorationist

Mr. Digert has over 50 years experience in petroleum exploration with a vast background in all aspects of exploration techniques. Mr. Digert is a professional geologist and geophysicist with extensive knowledge of Northern Chile through his involvement in the initial evaluation of the Pica prospects. Mr. Digert has been headed up exploration projects worldwide including Argentina, Columbia, Egypt and throughout the United States.


consulting services
John Vittitow – New Tech Engineering

Mr. Vittitow is a professional engineer with over 25 years experience in the petroleum industry with extensive background in international on-site supervision of drilling and completion operations in Mexico, China and Brazil.

Colin Outrim – Degolyer & MacNaughton

Mr. Outrim is a principal with the international reserve engineering firm Degolyer & MacNaughton. Degolyer & MacNaughton have been providing petroleum consulting services worldwide for more than 65 years, these services include appraisal of oil and gas properties, evaluation of hydrocarbon prospects, basin evaluations, and comprehensive field studies.

Consulting Services

consulting services1
Consulting Services

Janell Edman – Geochemist, Geophysicist, Geologist

Dr. Edman is an industry recognized expert in interpreting gas, oil, and source rock geochemical data to solve exploration and production problems for oil industry clients.  With B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geophysics from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Geology from The University of Wyoming, she has over 25 years of industry experience in both domestic and international exploration and production.  Included in her experience are 10 years at Marathon's Petroleum Technology Center, over 8 years as a consulting geochemist, and 5 years of prospect generation at Mobil.  Dr. Edman also worked at Exlog/Brown & Ruth Laboratories, was Assistant Professor of Petroleum Geology at the University of Colorado, and has 38 published papers and abstracts.

outside board of directors
Edward A. Schiller – Director

Dr. Schiller, P. Geol., has over 40 years of mining experience. He has lived and worked in United States, England, Australia, Brazil and Colombia, and has conducted mineral exploration projects in several South and Central American, African, European and South East Asian countries. Dr. Schiller has consulted for the United Nations on a gemstone project in Mozambique, and a mining project in Greece. He has visited other countries on mining related projects, most recently in Viet Nam, Cambodia Botswana and the diamond mines in Yakutia, Russia and China.

Tim Campbell - Director

Mr. Campbell is currently Director, Land and Corporate Development for Signal Energy Inc., a publicly traded company. Mr. Campbell has over 25 years experience in both land and senior executive positions in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining signal, Mr. Campbell was President of FarPoint Energy Inc., a private exploration company, which he founded in 1997 and led until its sale in 2002. Mr. Campbell served as an oficer and director of Hawker Resources Inc., a publicly traded company. From 1988 to 1997 Mr. Campbell was an independent land consultant, involved in numerous joint venture structuring, acquisitions and divestitures and is formerly the President of Trapper Resources Ltd

Outside Board of Directors

Tamarugal Basin - Chile



Pica North


Drilling Program

Spud: Q4 2006




Pica South

Prelim. Geologic Work

Initial Seismic Program

Start Q2 2007





chilean advantage
Chilean Advantage
  • Stable Government
  • Attractive Terms
  • Untested Back-arc Basin with Mature Source Rocks, Multiple Potential Reservoirs, and Seals
  • Significant Shale Gas Potential
  • Large Folded and Thrusted Structures
  • High Flow Rate due to a Large Kh
  • Multi TCF Potential
  • Multiple Markets for Sale of Gas
  • Large Exploration Blocks Available
Untested Tamarugal Basin

Location of Late Jurassic Island Arc

Location of Tertiary Arc

Producing Back-Arc Basins

Jurassic Back-Arc Basin

Tamarugal Basin, Chile

Early Jur-Early Cret


Pica North – Previous Exploration
  • 430 kilometers of 120 fold seismic data were recorded.

Pintados - 1

December 1999

Evergreen Lines

1986 ENAP




  • 224 kilometers of 24 fold seismic data were reprocessed




  • 2,071 gravity stations were acquired, along with 2,000 kilometers of continuous magnetic survey & MT





Soledad - 1

  • 60 surface sections were examined

Surface Faults

Seismic Faults





  • Landsat, geochemical, petrological and paleontological studies were conducted

Hilaricos - 1



Pica North:
  • Multi-well
  • Exploration
  • Program
  • Spud: Q4 2006

Proposed Location 1

Proposed Location 3

Proposed Location 2

Proposed Location 4

tamarugal basin summary
Tamarugal Basin Summary
  • Confirmed the presence of a Jurassic-Cretaceous “back-arc basin”, similar to the Neuquen Basin of Argentina
  • Over 15,000 feet of marine sandstones, oolitic limestones and black shales
  • Present total organic carbon values as high as 6%; original values may have been as high as 9%
  • A series of north – south compressional folds/thrusts were mapped on the surface and in the subsurface
  • Structures appear to be of the magnitude of 30 kms by 5 kms, with greater than 2,000ft of closure
  • Drill depth to the top of the marine Jurassic to be in the range of 7,000ft to 8,000ft.
  • Geophysical techniques have identified additional prospect areas
  • Significant Shale Gas Potential
reservoir assumptions
Reservoir Assumptions
  • Degolyer Report on SEDAR
  • Resource Best Est. at 655 BCF on initial Pica North Well
  • 3 Pay Zones with depth from 7,600-13,000’
  • Net Pay 400’
  • Porosity 12%
  • Perm: 5.0 md and a low case of 0.5 md
  • SW 40%
  • BG 200 scf/cf
  • Recovery 60%
financial summary
Financial Summary
  • Working Capital - $2,500,000
  • Debt - $0
corporate summary
Current Symbol: “MCF” – TSX-V Stock Exchange
  • Shares outstanding: 29.2 million
  • (Fully Diluted) 32.7 million
  • Management & Directors Ownership: 10%
  • Public Documents available at

Corporate Summary

Bankers: ScotiaBank

Reserves: DeGolyer MacNaughton

  • Law Firm: Davis & Company
  • Auditors: Grant Thornton LLP


Rapid Exploration and Development of Pica North Project

Three Gas focused targets.

Initial Exploration work to begin on Pica South Project in early 2007.

Strong Management with extensive international oil and gas experience.

Strong financial backers with experience in emerging exploration areas.

Untested Back-arc Basin with Mature Source Rocks, Reservoir and Seals

Multi TCF Potential

Good Contract in a Stable Country

Multi-reservoir Potential (Shale and Sandstone)