creating effective public service announcements l.
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Creating Effective Public Service Announcements PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating Effective Public Service Announcements

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Creating Effective Public Service Announcements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating Effective Public Service Announcements. Brad Clark Video Production Teacher Franklin High School Elk Grove Unified School District.

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creating effective public service announcements

Creating EffectivePublic Service Announcements

Brad Clark

Video Production Teacher

Franklin High School

Elk Grove Unified School District


DefinitionPublic Service Announcement“Defined by the Federal Communications Commission as an unpaid announcement that promotes the programs of government or voluntary agencies or that serves the public interest. PSAs can be produced for television and radio broadcast.”


DefinitionPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT“Announcements that inform the public about safety and health information, community services or public affairs. Produced and programmed much like commercials, but usually not produced for profit.”

creating effective psas
Creating Effective PSAs

Research that indicates that showing people negative behavior makes them accept it as normal

listen to this NPR PSA Story (5 minutes 42 seconds).

1. Why is it a bad idea to show people doing undesirable things?

2. What did Robert Cialdiní’s Petrified Forest research find?

3. When Cialdini put up a sign that did not mention how common theft was but concentrated instead on the cost to the environment of such destructive behavior, he was able to cut theft by how much?

4. When people are uncertain about whether to be altruistic or pro-social where to people look for guidance?

Optional:See this article for details.

psa examples
PSA Examples

Critique and Analysis

Filmmaking Technique

Target Audience

Lecture Examples

psa examples websites
PSA Examples…websites


PSA Topics

drug abuse
Drug Abuse

PSA Topics

personal safety
Personal Safety

PSA Topics

alcohol abuse
Alcohol Abuse

PSA Topics

pet adoption
Pet Adoption

PSA Topics


PSA Topics

steroid use
Steroid Use

PSA Topics


PSA Topics

stay in school
Stay in School

PSA Topics

peer pressure
Peer Pressure

PSA Topics

runaway hotline
Runaway Hotline

PSA Topics

online bullying
Online Bullying

PSA Topics

study habits
Study Habits

PSA Topics


PSA Topics

online bullying44
Online Bullying

PSA Topics

goal setting
Goal Setting

PSA Topics

student ideas
Student ideas

PSA Topics

psa examples49
PSA Examples

PSA Student Examples

Examples from Mr. Clark’s Lecture

  • Teacher presents topics
  • Students commit to one
  • Students begin research of topic
  • Students brainstorm ideas
  • Students identify a Method of Advertising
method of advertising

Method of Advertising

Media Literacy

Web Link

  • Students pitch concept to teacher
  • Students write concept:
  • Your name, period and date in the upper right hand corner.

· Topic: (selected from the list)

· Actors:

· Hook: (what is going to keep you audience from changing the channel?)

· Facts: (what do you want your audience to know about this issue you are presenting)

· Locations: (if you are shooting video)

  • Students develop A/V script
    • Split column format
    • (Example: Next slide)
  • Students draw storyboards
    • Students take turns drawing frames.
    • Each student initials the corner of the frame they drew.
  • Storyboards are always done on national commercials and PSAs for client approval.
  • Students shoot projects
  • Locations outside of school are more interesting
  • Record narration track right into camera
post production
Post Production
  • Edit Project
  • Copyright Issues
    • Music
      • Royalty Free
      • Garageband / Sony Acid Express
    • Images
  • Make a playable DVD for SEVAs
  • Get a copy of this PowerPoint at

Brad Clark’s blog for teaching video:


PSA Assignment Link