coordination with your local community college l.
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Coordination with Your Local Community College

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Coordination with Your Local Community College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coordination with Your Local Community College A Win, Win, Win Situation Alan Joynson – Northwest Regional ESD Sydney Elliott – Tillamook Bay Community College Working with your local college is a three way win; Win 1 – For Your Program

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coordination with your local community college

Coordination with Your Local Community College

A Win, Win, Win Situation

Alan Joynson – Northwest Regional ESD

Sydney Elliott – Tillamook Bay Community College

win 1 for your program
Win 1 – For Your Program
  • - For your program it is a validation of its value and a help to attract serious students.
win 2 for the college
Win 2 – For the College
  • - For you at the college it can mean increased FTEs
  • Has the potential to increase enrollment in programs
  • As well as fulfilling your mission of providing educational access and affordability to students.
win 3 for the students
Win 3 – For the Students
  • - For our students it means they will be obtaining college level credit before they even get there, saving them money and time in the process of getting a degree!
  • Know any students who would want college credit for practically free!
perkins funded
Perkins Funded?
  • Having a Program of Study that leads to a post-secondary institution will become a requirement by 2012.
  • These things take time, start now!
from perkins
From Perkins:
  • A CTE Program of Study is comprised of a secondary component and a postsecondary component leading to a postsecondary certificate of completion (45 quarter hours +), degree or an industry-recognized credential.
  • CTE Programs of Study must lead to occupations in high demand, high wage career areas (as listed at Regional High Demand, High Wage Occupations).
  • The secondary component and postsecondary component may be approved separately or jointly. Separate approval must explicitly show the alignment of standards across the two educational levels.
  • Courses within a CTE Program of Study must be based on, and aligned with, industry-validated technical and academic standards.
  • CTE Program of Study content standards and assessment strategies must be validated by local or regional employers or industry groups.
start with the basics
Start with the basics
  • Is your current program aligned with an industry standard?
  • Does your program lead to a High Wage, High Demand occupation?
  • Does a local college have a program that is similar to yours?
  • Could you tweak your curriculum to

match up with it?

  • Maybe your local college has wanted

to start a program like yours?

garnering support
Garnering support
  • You need a local industry to partner with
  • Your superintendents will love to hear you are working on this.
  • Form an Advisory Committee – local industry partners & employers.
  • Who is hiring your grads now?
  • Ya’ think the kids would like to get some college credit, & practically for FREE!
what the college needs
What the College Needs
  • Develop Curriculum to meet college level outcomes
  • Teacher qualifications
  • Help students navigate higher education
  • Registering & Admitting students
  • Placement testing
  • Transcripts / Records
what s in it for the college
What’s in it for the College
  • FTEs
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Diversify student population
  • Develop more Career Pathways
  • Translate transcripts

into enrollment

college credit for high school students
College Credit for High School Students
  • Dual Credit
  • College Now
  • Career Pathways
  • Programs of Study
  • Chunky Modularizations
  • Expanded Options
articulations the best college for your program
Articulations & The Best College for Your Program
  • Start with your local community college
  • Try to articulate the most for your students
the transcript

The Transcript;

The culmination of all your hard work and how to get it into your students’ hands

getting transcripts to the student
Getting Transcripts to the Student
  • For Dual Credit:
  • Admit students to college
  • Register students
  • Instructor to give grades
  • Give students a hand-out on how to access their grades / unofficial transcripts on-line
  • Make sure students get their official transcripts sent to the college of their choice