wedding djs questions you should ask your n.
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At Mercury DJ Hire, we have hand selected only the best Melbourne DJ’s for your wedding, corporate function, party and functions. Please call us at 9309-6280 NOW! We have Professional DJ's available who have been hand picked to ensure you are always getting a personalised service with only the most experienced and high quality DJ's available.n

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wedding djs questions you should ask your



First congratulations on your upcoming wedding or loved ones wedding. The planning

process for a successful wedding can be one of the most tumultuous things you ever had to do

in your life. Thankfully, you can work with a wedding planner to ensure everything is

planned to perfection. But although your planner will be able to take care of everything in

regards to the wedding, there are minute details like entertainment that you should personally

take care of.

A Wedding DJ Is the Easiest and Most Convenient Option

While you have different options for your wedding reception entertainment, a wedding DJ is

probably the most convenient, most affordable and ideal option. You can get a great wedding

DJ from several sources like referrals, online and even from family members and friends who

are DJs. It’s important however that you don’t appoint a friend or family member who claims

to be a DJ just because you know them personally; you don’t want to be embarrassed in front

of your guests or to not enjoy your own wedding reception.

After you have listed potential wedding DJs for your event, eliminate them on the basis of

their availability and time and leave only two or three on your list. You will need to interview

these top potential DJs to decide on who exactly will get the job. The following are some

questions you can ask during your pre-interview or initial meeting with the DJ.

top questions tips for a potential wedding

Top Questions/Tips for A Potential Wedding DJ

1. Does The DJ Mix Or Will Play A Mix Tape?

Great wedding DJs in Melbourne are able to and have the right equipment for mixing music.

Mixing music together ensures a seamless flow so that you and your guests will not be

interrupted as you have fun. A good DJ should also be able to do mash-ups and wow your

guests. There are DJs who only slam mix, and while they may be cheap your expectations

may not be met. Also sometimes mixing may not be very important to you and you just want

a DJ who can engage the guests, in this case, pay attention to the DJs personality and taste of


2.What’s the DJs favorite music genre?

Can you imagine a DJ that specializes in club music playing music showing up for a wedding

reception with family members an older generation? You can be sure that can end up being a

total disaster. Yet so many couples make this mistake and think a DJ is just a DJ. You surely

also don’t want a DJ that is country playing at your club-like wedding. The point here is that

you should question the potential DJ about their interest in music and ensure that they are

capable of not just playing their favorite music but also your guest’s favorite music.

3 how much experience does the dj have there

3.How much experience does the DJ have?

There are wedding DJ Melbourne companies that hire from within and will send out a DJ

after only about 6 months of shadowing. Although these DJs could have had a great training,

the best option is always to go for a wedding DJ who started young and therefore have a

passion for it.


Looking for the top Wedding DJs in Melbourne? can be your savor

in this regard because they have the best DJs in Australia for you to hire.