Tips for Men To Smell Better
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Why do you think women smell do good? Research has revealed that women have ranked pleasant smell as the top characteristics that they find attractive in men. In contrast, men have ranked good looks at the top.

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Tips for men to smell better

Tips for Men To Smell Better

Studies have revealed that a man's sense of smell is not as good as a

woman’s. This is why they don't realize when they smell bad. Whether

you are at your date or at your workplace. Your body odor is the most

important aspect of attraction. It affects you in ways that you are often

unaware of. Especially, when you are with women, it is important that

you smell good as they are quicker to react on the pleasant smell.

Why do you think women smell do good? Research has revealed that

women have ranked pleasant smell as the top characteristics that they find

attractive in men. In contrast, men have ranked good looks at the top. So,

you need to get rid of the offensive odor if you don't want to lose the girl

of your dream.

You won’t believe, but managing to smell better is incredibly easy. Here

are some of the simple tips that can help you in the same.

1. Bathe appropriately

Tips for men to smell better

The lazy and the carefree nature of men is one of the main reasons for the

body odor. If you have the problem of sweating a lot, then, bathe properly

and regularly. Make sure that you bathe once before leaving for work and

after returning home. Use body wash instead of bar soap as it will provide

deeper clean. This will even help you get rid of odor-causing bacteria and


2. Wear clean clothes

Skin care is not the only way to smell fresh. You need to take care of the

clothes that you are wearing. Just using perfume is not enough. Change

your clothes and wash them daily. Not only the outer garment, but it is

equally important to wear a clean undergarment. The men's underwear

style that you are wearing must be fresh and properly washed. Choose the

right fit of underneath clothing, otherwise, it will increase the problem of

sweating and other skin related problems. Use cotton clothes if you have

the sweating problem. It has a moisture wicking property that can really

help you solve this problem.

3. Controlled diet

Eating spicy food that includes garlic and onions is another reason for

body odor as they come out of your pores in form of sweat. Eat a lot of

fresh food, green vegetable and fruits. It keeps the body fresh and blood

Tips for men to smell better

clean. Citrus fruit, yogurt and Jasmine tea can make you smell great.

Cardamon can be used as a great breath freshener, if you have the

problem bad breath as well. These are the perfect substrate of fragrance.

Even drinking too much of alcohol is one of the reason for the body odor.

So, if possible control your drinking habits.

4. Cologne

The fragrance that you use can make a huge difference. Use an

appropriate men's cologne that is not very strong and lasts long. Make

sure that you spray at the area where you sweat the most, but be gentle.

Don't suffocate the person who is sitting next to you with the scent. Keep

a bottle of deodorant in your bag and use it whenever you feel the need.

Aluminum salt is best known for cutting out the sweat and ultimately the

foul smell. So, use a deodorant that includes this.

5. Shave your body hair

The hair on your chest and pubic area is also a reason for a high rate of

perspiration. Clean off the hair and you will reduce the sweat retention.

Use post-shave creams to prevent rashes and redness.

A proper diet and good skin care routine can help you get rid of this

common problem. Don't ignore as it's not natural. Take precautionary

measures and leave the best ever first impression.