topic splash spring fling for nature l.
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Topic Splash Spring Fling for Nature PowerPoint Presentation
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Topic Splash Spring Fling for Nature

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Topic Splash Spring Fling for Nature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Topic Splash Spring Fling for Nature. Sara Kleczka Roger Williams University Elementary Education / French E-mail me!. Developer Page. Developer Materials Overview Resources Self-Assessment Next Generation Tools Student Materials Introduction Internet Activities

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topic splash spring fling for nature

Topic Splash Spring Fling for Nature

Sara Kleczka

Roger Williams University

Elementary Education / French

E-mail me!

developer page
Developer Page

Developer Materials

  • Overview
  • Resources
  • Self-Assessment
  • Next Generation Tools

Student Materials

  • Introduction
  • Internet Activities
  • Conclusions/Extensions



  • LS 1 All living organisms have identifiable structures and characteristics that allow for survival (organisms, populations, and species).
  • LS 3 Groups of organisms show evidence of change over time (structures, behaviors, and biochemistry).



ESS 1 The Earth and earth materials as we know them today have developed over long periods of time, through continual change processes.


This topic splash can be implemented during March or April, when students are excited about the changes in nature. It includes information about changes for animals, plants and weather. It can be incorporated into any lesson about thesetopics.


Students will record their work in their Scientist’s Notebooks. They are required to answer questions about each website and topic. They will also answer broad /open-ended questions that pertain to the entire lesson.

Developer Page



  • All images came from Microsoft PowerPoint Clip Art
  • Spring Quiz
  • Temperature
  • Google Image Search
  • Wild Animal Safety
  • Bulbs
  • Daffodils and Tulips
  • Poems and Songs
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Crafts
  • Observation Activity



  • Social Sciences Resource Center
  • AT&T Education
  • Mountain City (TN) Elementary School
  • Charleston County (SC) School District

Developer Page

topic splash self assessment

4 Exceeds expectations

3 Meets all expectations

2 Falls short in minor, but critical areas

1 Falls short in several critical areas

0 Fails to meet expectations

    This Topic Splash… 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | 0 | n/a Revisions

  • Shows careful alignment with the targeted standards. 4
  • Provides explicit and clear background information that speaks directly to students. 4
  • Creates an interesting and age-appropriate context for learning. 4
  • Breaks down the major topic into relevant subtopics. 4
  • Provides important and answerable questions for each subtopic. 4
  •  Identifies specific websites that contain adequate information to answer all questions. 4
  • Includes a statement that summarizes the lesson’s major goals. 4
  • Generates assessment data for monitoring student progress and adjusting instruction. 4
  • Is fully accessible to all students. 4
  • Properly credits all referenced materials. 4
  •  NOTE: Any item that receives a score of less than three is a candidate for revision and should be carefully reviewed. Summary Score: 40 / 40     
student materials
Student Materials
  • Introduction
  • Internet Activities
  • Conclusion/Extensions

Spring Changes!

This topic splash is about the exciting changes you are probably noticing outside now that the season of spring has arrived. You will visit websites and answer questions in your scientist notebooks. Throughout the lesson you will observe changes in temperature, learn about some springtime animal behaviors, and discover where all the blooming flowers come from.

Internet Activities


internet activities
Internet Activities


  • To begin, take this quiz to test yourself on what you know about spring. This is just to see how much you know about the spring season.

(click on hints if you get stuck)

  • Now you will look how the temperature changes during the spring months.
  • Click here to check out the rising temperature averages for spring.
  • What are the average highs and lows for March, April and May?
  • Can you observe any patterns in these temperatures? If so, what are they??



internet activities9
Internet Activities
  • Baby Animals
  • After a long hard winter, many animals have babies when spring arrives. You may notice some signs of new life in your backyard, school or a local farm.
  • This website takes you to a Google Images search – you will find many pictures of baby animals in the springtime.
  • How are the animals grouped in these photos? Are they in large groups/ families or on their own?
  • Name an animal you see in a large group of babies – Why is it important that the babies stay together?
  • Why is spring a good time for babies to be born? (Remember what you learned about spring weather and use your own knowledge about spring.)
  • Now check out this site – it has information on what to do if you find a baby animal without its parents.
  • Have you ever seen a wild baby animal?
  • If you have, write your story including where you saw it and what you did.
  • If you haven’t, imagine what you would do in this situation: There is a baby bird in your yard! What should you do?



internet activities10
Internet Activities
  • Plants
  • As you look around your neighborhood, you should be noticing some changes in the plants and trees: leaves are opening, the grass is greener, flowers are blooming and everything is coming to life.
  • Many of the flowers that you will see only bloom during the early springtime. They come from bulbs that are planted months in advance.
  • Look at this website for information and pictures about bulbs.
  • (Don’t read the whole site, just skim the page for some details.)
  • Name 3 flowers that “symbolize spring.”
  • What is a bulb? ( Give definition from site and then write it in your own words.)
  • When should bulbs be planted if they are to bloom in the spring?
  • Check out this site for some beautiful pictures of tulips and daffodils!
  • From the pictures, what are two colors of daffodils and three colors of tulips?




Here are some questions to keep you in the spring mindset!

  • Why do you think springtime is a time of new life?
  • What are some spring changes you’ve observed?
  • Where can you find signs of spring?
  • What are some things animals and plants do during spring?
  • What are some things you do during spring? Why?
extension websites
Extension Websites

Here are some websites if you just love springtime!

  • Poems and songs
  • Coloring sheets
  • Springtime crafts

Hopefully, this topic splash helped you learn about some spring changes that may be occurring in your neighborhood. Go outside and observe these changes and discover some of your own.

Check out this fun activity about observing spring changes. It very easy and will help you become a better observer of nature!

Internet Activities