the wonders of horse coat color l.
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The Wonders of Horse Coat Color

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The Wonders of Horse Coat Color - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Wonders of Horse Coat Color. Objective 3. Objective 1. Objective 2. The colors of. Search the web for horses. horses. The Genetic. The colors. Explanation. To Finish. O. Link to horse. Click here after. classifieds. Internet assign.

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the wonders of horse coat color
The Wonders of Horse Coat Color

Objective 3

Objective 1

Objective 2


Search theweb for horses


The Genetic

The colors


To Finish


Link to horse

Click here after


Internet assign.

basic color determinants
At #1 loci: 3 alleles possible, C, c, and cr. The alleles C and cr are co-dominant for skin pigmentation. Where C codes for solid color and cr codes for mutated color. The allele c is recessive and codes for no pigment in the skin. However, if both alleles on this loci are c the gene becomes lethal. The horse would have been a true albino, but it dies before it is ever born.

At #2 loci: 2 alleles possible, B and b. This loci codes for skincolor. B is black and dominant. The recessive b codes for brown.

Basic Color Determinants
regulation of pigment
At #3 loci: 4 Alleles possible, A, A+, a+, and a. (Listed in order of dominance.) The allele A codes for a bay hair coat. The allele A+ is a dun or buckskin. The allele a+ makes the horse have tan or red points. The allele a makes the horse totally uniform in color.

At loci #4: 3 alleles possible, ED, E, and e. (Listed in order of dominance.) These genes act in conjunction with the genes at loci #1and #2, and code for pigment intensity. ED raises the intensity of dark pigment. E produces normal pigment distribution. The allele e supresses black and brown pigments, and increase the intensity of the colors yellow and red.

At loci #5: 2 alleles possible, D and d. These genes are dilution genes. D is dominant and dilutes all colors. The allele d is recessive and produces a non-diluted, normal coat color.

Regulation of Pigment

When you are finished,

go back to the

Main Menu

searching the web for horses

Searching the Web for horses

When you get to the internet sight you will want to run a search. You may then select what type of ad you are looking for, what state it is from, what breed of horse you want, what discipline the horse is in, etc. Be sure to click the list photo ads only box before you run the search!

Find a horse you like. Look at its picture and identify its color. Record this information on your worksheet (#10a).

Web link to horse


internet extension
Internet Extension
  • Now that you have information about what color your “internet horse” is, pick two loci out of the five and try to determine what alleles would be present to create your horse’s coat color (10b and c). If you need to go back to the loci slides click on the box below.

Loci Info




Your worksheet should be filled out (keep it until it is collected by the teacher)

You should have learned the colors of horses

You should now understand why coat color occurs

You should have found a horse you like on the web and identified its coat color

You should have also genetically explained the internet horse’s coat color


1. Evans, Warren. Horses. W.H. Freeman and Co., New York, p. 51-4, 580-91.