the essence of a rabbit
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The Essence of a Rabbit

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The Essence of a Rabbit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Essence of a Rabbit. Operationalization Dr. Paul Krueger. Purpose. Demonstrates how we operationalize from concept to variable to measure. Exhibits the 4 measurement scales. Imagery: You will be asked to picture in your mind the measurement process. Operationalization.

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the essence of a rabbit

The Essence of a Rabbit


Dr. Paul Krueger

  • Demonstrates how we operationalize from concept to variable to measure.
  • Exhibits the 4 measurement scales.
  • Imagery: You will be asked to picture in your mind the measurement process.
conceptual definition
Conceptual Definition
  • Essence:
  • The qualities of a thing that give it an identity (author, date, page).
operationalize gender
Operationalize Gender
  • Variable definition:
  • Two mutually exclusive categories of either male or female (author, date, page).
measurement procedure
Measurement Procedure
  • Observation:
  • Inspect the phenotypic differences and record into one of two categories.
  • Picture a rabbit being examined for gender.
operationalize sociable
Operationalize Sociable
  • Variable definition:
  • The quality of being pleasant, friendly or affable (author, date, page).
measurement procedure11
Measurement Procedure
  • Survey of humans exposed to rabbits on a 5-point Likert scale measuring perceived friendliness.
survey questionnaire
Survey Questionnaire
  • On a 1 to 5 scale rank what you perceive to be the friendliness of rabbits:

Low Medium High


  • Picture a survey questionnaire being administered to a group of subjects that asks questions about rabbit friendliness.
operationalize temperature
Operationalize Temperature
  • Variable definition:
  • The degree of hotness or coldness of a body as measured in Fahrenheit degrees (author, date, page).
measurement procedure16
Measurement Procedure
  • 12 millimeter rectal insertion of a Sentinel Model # SO200 Fahrenheit thermometer for one minute per subject. FDA/GLP sanitary procedures to be followed between subject administrations.
  • Picture a thermometer being placed in a rabbit and held there for one minute before recording the temperature.
operationalize weight
Operationalize Weight
  • Variable definition:
  • The measure of heaviness in ounces (author, date, page).
measurement procedure20
Measurement Procedure
  • Each subject will be weighed on a Bradshaw Model #33110 mechanical scale incremented in ounces.
  • Picture a rabbit being placed on a scale and the weight being recorded.
propose qualitative methods
Propose Qualitative Methods?
  • There have been 4 quantitative definitions and measures.
  • Can we propose qualitative measures for the essence of a rabbit?
sensitizing category softness
Sensitizing Category: Softness
  • Variable definition:
  • The physical characteristic of being smooth to the touch (author, date, page).
measurement procedure25
Measurement Procedure
  • An expert panel will be convened to conduct a blind tactile observation of the texture of rabbit fur. Based upon a comparison with other textures, they will confer and attempt to reach a consensus as to the relative softness of the rabbit.
  • Picture blindfolded experts taking turns touching the rabbit fur. Once all experts have done this, they remove their blindfolds, get together and arrive by a group consensus as to the texture of the fur.
other qualitative approaches to data collection
Other Qualitative Approaches to Data Collection?
  • Concept: Essence
  • Variable: ________________ ?
  • Measure: ________________ ?
  • Instrument: _______________ ?