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Social Media Tools to Mobilize PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Tools to Mobilize

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Social Media Tools to Mobilize - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Media Tools to Mobilize Using Social Media as an Organizing Tool The POWER of organizing!

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social media tools to mobilize

Social Media Tools to Mobilize

Using Social Media as an Organizing Tool

the power of organizing
The POWER of organizing!

In return, organizing teaches as nothing else does the beauty and strength of everyday people. Through the songs of the church and the talk on the stoops, through the hundreds of individual stories of coming up from the South and finding any job that would pay, of raising families on threadbare budgets, of losing some children to drugs and watching others earn degrees and land jobs their parents could never aspire to — it is through these stories and songs of dashed hopes and powers of endurance, of ugliness and strife, subtlety and laughter, that organizers can shape a sense of community not only for others, but for themselves.

bridging the gap
Bridging the gap









  • Letter writing campaign
  • Phone chain
  • Church meeting
  • Community club meeting
  • Ward/precinct maps
  • Name others methods

Barack Obama

Historic Presidential campaign heavily relied on social media

the action plan
The Action Plan
  • Identify Cause/Agenda
  • Research information
  • Connect with like-minded community
  • Share the information
  • Organize action plan
time for action
Time for Action

Promote action steps

■People want to give back and feel they are a part of a valued and relevant movement!

■Disseminate resources (tool kits, PDF, webinar, how to video, interesting articles).

navigating legal safety waters
Navigating Legal/Safety Waters

Legal actions are rarely necessary-most actions do not constitute a crime- activate privacy settings.

Monitor site:

Be ready to respond to queries

Others will use your site/network to post/share their own content (relax, no big deal)

social network the plan
Social NetWork the Plan…
  • Resources:


La’Keisha Gray-Sewell

National PTA(800) 307-4PTA (4782)