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Session # 1321. Podcasting: From Planning to Production   . Paul Kay. Joel Krentz . Teacher-Librarians, Toronto DSB. Session Synopsys.

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Session 1321 l.jpg

Session # 1321


From Planning to Production   

Paul Kay

Joel Krentz

Teacher-Librarians, Toronto DSB

Session synopsys l.jpg
Session Synopsys

Have you ever wondered what podcasting was all about? Are you looking to integrate podcasting into your program? Learn what is needed to start podcasting in your school and get tips on some of the best available resources. Be a part of the creation of a podcast which will be uploaded to the Super Conference website. Podcast the work your students are already doing!

Overview l.jpg

  • What are podcasts?

  • How can I podcast work my students are/ I am already doing?

  • Linking podcasts to research and inquiry

  • How hard is it to podcast?

Overview4 l.jpg

  • What do all those buttons mean?

  • So what do I do with it now?

  • In-house podcast session

  • How can I get started at my school?

What are podcasts l.jpg
What are podcasts?

  • Podcast: (from “iPod” and “Broadcasting”)

    A method of publishing audio files to the Internet for playback on mobile devices and personal computers.

    Cornell University

Podcast formats l.jpg
Podcast formats

Do you remember LP’s, 45’s, cassette tapes,

8-track players, VHS, CD’s?

  • Podcasts are digital so they don’t have a physical presence … they exist electronically

  • Podcasts can be in WAV, MP3 or another electronic format

Examples of podcasts l.jpg
Examples of Podcasts

  • School Event: Northlea Reads 2008

    - Sisters Grimm

  • Class activity: Hallowe’en Charity Fundraiser

    - Petrifying Portable

  • Assignment: Healthy Eating – Cafeteria Menu

    - Henry Hudson PS

  • Announcement: Fern Food Drive

    - Fern Avenue PS

Integrating podcasting into your program why podcast l.jpg
Integrating podcasting into your program –Why Podcast?

Integrating podcasting into your program l.jpg
… Integrating podcasting into your program

How can I podcast work my students

are already doing?

Demystifying the technology l.jpg
Demystifying the technology

How hard is it to podcast?

Consider l.jpg
Consider …

  • theme music and sound effects


  • audience

  • segments

  • creativity





To podcast or not to podcast l.jpg
To Podcast or not to podcast…

Define your purpose and your audience for the podcast(s)

How many segments do you want in your podcast (e.g. tip of the day, reviews, breaking news, interviews etc.)?

How often will you release new shows?

Will you just be talking or will you play music as well?

Will you be doing the podcast solo or will you have other hosts?

or come up with something completely different

Be creative!

Podcast length l.jpg
Podcast Length?

How long

should your podcast be?

Podcast length16 l.jpg
Podcast Length?

Your podcast

should be as long as it

NEEDS to be!

Audacity software l.jpg
Audacity Software

  • Audacity is a free, audio editing software

  • Takes up little disk space

  • Simple to use

  • But where do you get it? …

Segment format l.jpg
Segment format

  • Let’s deconstruct the podcast for a book review:


1. Intro Music

2. Fade to background music

3. Promo Blurb 4. Info bit

5. Volume increase to outro Music

Podcast deconstruction l.jpg
Podcast deconstruction

  • This looks very confusing, what’s going on here?

Elements of this podcast l.jpg
Elements of this podcast

Track1. Here I recorded the blurb

I read from the back of the book.

Track 2. Here I imported an audio

track as back ground.

Audio tracks are come in stereo

Note the change in volume in the music track

Using audacity l.jpg
Using Audacity

What do all those buttons mean?

Layering audacity audio files l.jpg
Layering Audacity Audio Files

  • Let’s examine an Audacity audio file that has many layers - Northlea Reads 2008

  • You can add and name layers: music/sound effects/audio

  • You can listen to and/or mute certain layers

  • You can manipulate the layers using the editing tools

  • You can change the podcast

Exporting and sharing podcasts l.jpg
Exporting and Sharing Podcasts

  • So what do I do with it now?

  • Export as MP3 or WAV files

  • Attach to emails

  • Burn to CD/DVD

  • Post to websites/blogs

  • Upload to Podomatic, iTunes

Podcast resources l.jpg
Podcast Resources

  • How can I get started at my school?

  • Where do I get help after this workshop?

Podcast resources30 l.jpg
Podcast Resources


How to

For Music and Sound Effect sites, be sure to check ‘Terms of Use’ before downloading sound files.




  • Audacity (with Lame encoder)

  • Podcasting 101

  • Freeplay Music

  • Freeloops

  • Free Sounds

  • Musopen!Free Public Domain Classical Music

  • The Recordist

  • PacDV Free Sound Effects

Podcasting a book talk l.jpg
Podcasting a book talk

Example from Super Conference session:

Grizzle Grows

In session podcast l.jpg
In-session Podcast

  • Be creative!

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

Post podcast questions l.jpg
Post Podcast Questions