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Saxo Training How to publish an article PowerPoint Presentation
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Saxo Training How to publish an article

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Saxo Training How to publish an article - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Saxo Training How to publish an article The Power Point Presentation What are we going to learn? Most likely by attending class and reviewing this presentation a few times you should be able to: Create a new article Add a photo and factbox Add keywords and themes

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saxo training how to publish an article

Saxo TrainingHow to publish an article

The Power Point Presentation


What are we going to learn? Most likely by attending class and reviewing this presentation a few times you should be able to:

  • Create a new article
  • Add a photo and factbox
  • Add keywords and themes
  • Determine where on the Web site a story appears
  • Edit/update a current story on the site
  • Re-order stories appearing on the front page
  • Re-cache the frontpage to update it with newly published articles

Saxo Basics:

  • All stories appearing on the Web site are edited and published through Saxo Online.
  • Stories are passed to the web by two different methods: via ATS when stories are typeset at night; and manually by producers, editors and other staff during the day.
  • The appearance of stories on the Web is dictated by three primary factors: category(Local/Regional, Sports); priority (1,2,3) keyword (Nashua, Hollis, Crime) and theme (juliaearl, vote2006.)
  • Many of these fields are imported automatically from ATS overnight, but it is necessary to enter them manually when creating a new story manually during the day.

Cat = AV Room

KW: frontvideo

Priority = 1


Cat = Local/Regional

Priority = 3 - 10


Cat = Opinion02

Priority = 1-5



  • Your default login/password will be your email user name e.g: dkiesow
  • You may change your password later if you wish


  • The homepage contains:
  • A menu for all administrative functions
  • A list of recent stories you have edited
  • Contact info for the Saxo helpdesk for emergencies

Story List

  • Click on storylist to see published and unpublished articles
  • You can sort or filter the list by date, date range, category or keywords

Story List

  • The orange bar indicates someone else is editing the article – you can still access/edit after acknowledging the warning notice.

New Story

  • Click on new story to start
  • Always check the pub date and change it to today’s date in most cases.

New Story

  • The main editing screen also controls the publication of photos & factboxes within the article
  • Check those now if you intend to have either item in the article, or want have a photo to appear on the frontpage

New Story

  • Category and priority are the last steps on this page
  • For breaking news – these will almost always be Local/Regional and 1
  • On busy news days – use your judgment to determine where new or breaking stories should appear on the page.


  • Click on the edit tab
  • We will primarily be using the Title, Summary, Byline, Tagline and Paragraph(1) fields


  • Title = Headline
  • Byline = staff or other credit (same as in print)
  • Tagline = contact information (same as in print)


  • Summary = The promo text that appears on the frontpage
  • If you do not use the summary field, Saxo will pull the first paragraph from the body of the story – which is often fine.
  • Use summary when you want “breaking news” or other messaging in the text promo on front.


  • Paragraph(1) = the main body of the article.
  • If you want to use subheads, or plan to embed multiple photos or factboxes in the article – then spread the story out over multiple paragraph fields: paragraph(2), paragraph(3) etc.

Fact Box

  • Main facts is used typically for links to related assets such as PDFs, external videos or information such as event schedules etc.
  • It is helpful to know some basic HTML to use the factboxes <a href=“”></a> or <b>bold</b> etc.


  • Click on the photo icon button to add/edit a photo
  • In the edit window, browse on your local computer, or a server (Q:localhold) to locate the image.
  • Click on use IPTC to import the raw caption


  • Find the image
  • Click on open to begin the upload


  • A preview should appear
  • Click on save to complete the upload


  • If there was a caption in the original file, it should appear
  • You will need to copy/paste the photographer’s name into the Photo credit field Staff Photo by Don Himsel is the style

Keyword & Theme

  • Click on the keywords tab
  • We will always use keywords, and frequently use themes to dictate where stories appear on the site.

Keyword & Theme

  • Keywords can be added via the dropdown menu or by free text typing. Town names are the most frequently used keywords.
  • Themes are used less frequently, but are useful for long-running coverage issues – such as juliaearl


  • Click on Save & Close when you are finished.
  • This will publish/republish the story and return you to the current storylist
  • You can also hit Save at anytime during the publishing process to assure you do not lose any work as you go.


  • A small window should appear indicating the story has been cached (published)
  • Bookmark these two links – and open each after publishing content that will appear on the frontpage:


More help

  • This presentation is available as a movie with audio narration:
  • A one-page handout tutorial is available at:
  • This exact presentation is available as a PDF at:
  • Or if you prefer PowerPoint:

  • Ask one of the online producers
  • Jon is our other current Newsroom expert

Advanced topics for later discussion:

  • Creating related links in stories
  • Publishing the multimedia promo on front
  • Embedding multimedia in stories
  • Using multiedit to apply kw/themes to multiple stories at once
  • Recaching any page/article as needed.
  • Recaching articles that give this error: Error: Invalid story key(NS,20061204,SPORTS,212040351,AR)