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Rollins College Cheerleading

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Rollins College Cheerleading . 2005-2006 Head Coach: Joy Buendia Assistant Coach: Bethany Gerber. Cheerleading 2005. Cheerleaders must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Rollins College Athletic Program Statement set for cheerleading

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rollins college cheerleading

Rollins College Cheerleading


Head Coach: Joy Buendia

Assistant Coach: Bethany Gerber

cheerleading 2005
Cheerleading 2005
  • Cheerleaders must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Rollins College Athletic Program Statement set for cheerleading
  • Cheerleaders will sign contract and will be held responsible for the following: attendance, sportsmanship, professionalism, and attitude (both in and out of uniform)
  • Cheerleaders are required to attend ALL basketball games, practices, scheduled appearances, and study halls
rollins college athletic program statement
Rollins College Athletic Program Statement
  • Name of Sport: Varsity Cheerleading
  • Approximate Size of Team: 12-16
  • Season: The team cheers for all home basketball games (both men’s and women’s) and all Saturday away SSC when school is in session.
  • Practice Time: Three times per week in pre-season and two times per week during season. Workout/Conditioning sessions will be four times per week.
  • Rules and Regulations:
  • 1. Cheerleaders are required to attend ALL practices, games, and ANY other events as directed by the coach. Failure to do so will result in suspension from the squad on the first offense and dismissal from the squad on the second.
  • 2. An absence from a cheerleading MUST be cleared through the coach only; not through the captain(s) or other squad members. ALL absences need to be cleared through the coach at least 3 days in advance.
  • ** Vacations and other prior engagements must be declared by October 1. After this date, the schedule of practices, games, and events will be considered PRIORITY and will supersede any personal engagements that may arise.
  • 3. Cheerleaders, both in and out of uniform, are expected to follow all school rules and to be a role model to other students at all times.
  • 4. Use of illegal/illicit drugs will not be tolerated. Use of alcohol/drugs 48 hours before a basketball game will be prohibited. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the squad.
  • 5. Any cheerleader not participating in games/practices because of injury, illness, or squad suspension is required to attend games/practices unless absence has been previously cleared through the coach.
  • 6. Any cheerleader who fails to maintain the necessary strength or skill levels, which make them a productive member of the team, can be suspended or dismissed from the squad by the coach.
  • 7. All cheerleaders must arrive to all scheduled practices/games on time and are required to participate for the full practice time or face a possible suspension/dismissal from the squad.
cheerleading leadership
Two positions will be filled and delegated as the following offices on the squad: Captain, Co-captain, The captain must assist the coaches in organizing the cheerleading program and must be a good role model for the team, Rollins College, and the athletic department

Coaches have the right to remove an officer if she does not fullfill the officer’s responsibilities

Captain: Jaime Laino

Co-Captain: Dani Dalgin

Cheerleading Leadership
coaches quick bio
Joy Buendia

Graduated from Rollins with a Biology degree

Served as assistant coach, captain, and junior captain during time at Rollins College

Former gymnast and was under the training of the University of Missouri gymnastic coaches

Participated in numerous cheerleading appearances including the Citrus Bowl and the Disney’s Wide World of Sports

Bethany Gerber

Eighteen years of cheerleading experience: Pop Warner, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, All-star, and College Cheerleading teams

Voted captain on Middle School, High School, and College Teams

Winner of Senior Leadership Awards in both High School and College

Previous Coaching experience: Pee Wee All-star competition Teams

Coaches’ Quick Bio
coach s objectives for the 2005 2006 academic year
Coach’s Objectives for the 2005-2006 Academic Year
  • Organize Spring Tryouts for the upcoming year
  • Attend UCA private camp once new squad has been chosen
  • Implement a new workout/conditioning plan
  • Fundraise enough money to attend camp and to furnish the entire squad with new uniforms and practicewear
  • Enhance the academic standards by creating a required study hall and tutoring sessions if needed
  • Enrich the prestigious Rollins College reputation through student involvement in community service, student organizations, and other school related activities
  • Obtain academic scholarships for cheerleaders
  • Everyone is required to tryout every year even if they’ve cheered before for Rollins
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Minimum standing backhandspring and roundoff backhandspring
  • Strong toe-touches
congratulations to the new rollins college cheerleading squad 2005












Congratulations to the new Rollins College Cheerleading Squad 2005