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PSI in Ha ï ti. CTSP d’Ha ï ti. Confédération des Travailleurs et Travailleuses des Secteurs Public et Privé (Confederation of Public and Private Sector Workers)

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Psi in ha ti l.jpg

PSI in Haïti

Ctsp d ha ti l.jpg
CTSP d’Haïti

  • Confédération des Travailleurs et Travailleuses des Secteurs Public et Privé (Confederation of Public and Private Sector Workers)

    • comprising 12 unions representing teachers, customs, transportation, electricity, telecommunications, post, national press, local government, workers in health and related services,

    • confederation formed in December 2008

    • affiliated to PSI in November 2009 6,800 members declared

CTSP general secretary, Dukens Raphael and deputy general secretary, Josue Merilien speak with Executive members (April 3, 2010)

Other trade union organisations in ha ti l.jpg
Other Trade Union Organisations office in Haïti

  • relatively young trade union movement (late 1980s and 1990s)

  • highly fractured

  • Main organisations:

    • CTSP - PSI affiliate

    • CNEH (Confédération Nationale des Educateurs d’Haïti, or National Confederation of Haitian Teachers) - EI affiliate

    • CATH (Centrale Autonome des Travailleurs Haïtiens, or Autonomous Haitian Workers Central)

    • CTH (Confédération des Travailleurs Haïtiens, or Confederation of Haitian Workers) – ITUC affiliate

    • CSH (Coordination Syndicale Haïtienne)

    • Batay Ouvriye

Psi affiliates action after january 12 l.jpg
PSI & Affiliates’ Action after officeJanuary 12

  • Established Aid Fund

    • contributions from affiliates worldwide

  • Emergency aid

    • Emergency aid to Medecins du Monde

    • Emergency supplies

  • Inventory of initiatives - combined power of donations

    • Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) committed to medium/long-term work on Haiti

    • AFT health workers provide medical assistance on regular basis

    • SINATRAE (DR) – medical assistance

Activities l.jpg
Activities office

  • Council of Global Unions (January, Davos) *

  • 2010 Caribbean SUBRAC (March 16 – 17, Antigua) *

    • CTSP general secretary also met with Haitian community in Antigua & Barbuda

  • Haïti Donors’ Conference (March 31, NY)

    • pledges from international “donors”

    • approval of Haiti Action Plan

  • ITUC Trade Union Summit on Reconstruction and Development of Haïti (April 8 – 9, DR) *

  • Oxfam Canada, FTQ Meeting (April 10 – 12, DR) *

    • FTQ Canada has worked with Dukens Raphäel and the electricity workers’ union for about 20 years

  • CTSP general secretary to visit Canada at invitation of CUPE and PSAC (April)

Outcomes l.jpg
Outcomes office

  • Needs as identified by CTSP

    • immediate, medium and long-term

  • Public Services International working group in solidarity with CTSP, Haïti

    • working group (April 6)

    • comprising affiliates in IA

      • to coordinate PSI’s overall assistance to CTSP and work in Haïti to ensure that it meets agreed needs and has positive impact on the union, its members and the people of Haïti

      • to establish appropriate protocol and process to support these efforts

  • Trade Union Roadmap

    • Haïtian unions to work together in identifying priorities (April 17)

Psi position and key principles l.jpg
PSI Position and Key principles office

  • people-centred development

  • key role of CARICOM

  • key role of public services (QPS)

  • human and trade union rights

  • decent work

  • grants not loans

  • cancellation of all debt

  • living wage

  • trade liberalisation

  • impact on agriculture

  • women

  • young people

  • sustainable development, especially the environment

  • migration

Recommendations for psi action recovery phase l.jpg
Recommendations for PSI Action office(Recovery Phase)

  • Strengthen CTSP

    • Focus on developing organisation’s capacity (building ability and strength of CTSP to meet the needs of members and their families).

  • PSI global to use advocacy to bring attention to what is happening on the ground in Haiti and to keep the issue alive.

  • PSI Caribbean to find ways to influence CARICOM in developing a people-centred plan for Haïti with public services at the heart of its recovery and future development.

    • affiliates in Jamaica initiated contact/dialogue with former Prime Minister of Jamaica, PJ Patterson, (CARICOM’s Special Representative on Haiti)

Medium term action l.jpg
Medium-term action office

  • Health

  • Energy

    • Electricity

    • Solar energy

  • Water and Sanitation

  • Education

  • Housing and Construction

  • Affiliates to engage their governments in pushing for greater role of unions in the development process

Long term action l.jpg
Long-term action office

  • Building a strong trade union through capacity building programmes.

  • All Caribbean countries can use the experiences to re-evaluate their disaster plans.

  • PSI’s Caribbean affiliates can play a key role in helping the public sector in the Caribbean develop better disaster management plans.

Skills training l.jpg
Skills Training office

  • In partnership with ILO and BWI establish skills training programmes, focusing on involving our members and young Haitians in the effort to construct new homes, buildings, and public services

    • part of ILO’s IPEC work (International Programme for the elimination of Child Labour)

Developing a communications strategy l.jpg
Developing a Communications Strategy office

  • Translation to Creole

    • with assistance from CTSP

  • PSI Haïti web page

    • collate information - documents, news, photos, video footage

  • Statements

    • influence positions

    • build awareness and advocacy

Psi presence l.jpg
PSI presence office

  • Establish a strong/highly visible PSI presence in Haiti

  • Reinforce global/international trade union presence/cooperation in Haiti

  • CTSP to provide on-the-ground co-ordination (working team established)

  • Affiliates to visit Haïti

    • small groups at different times to offer coordinated assistance to CTSP

Psi visit in solidarity with ctsp april 30 may 6 7 l.jpg
PSI Visit in Solidarity with CTSP office(April 30 – May 6/7)

  • organising an event to bring members together to share union solidarity and support; (May Day)

  • providing assistance to surviving relatives, or scholarships for surviving children who may have lost a parent;

  • visits to members and distribution of aid packages;

  • establishing a well-functioning and safer union office;

  • developing an 18-month Work Plan with CTSP

Psi visit in solidarity with ctsp l.jpg
PSI Visit in Solidarity with CTSP office


  • PSAC, Canada

  • JALGO (Jamaica)

  • CONTUA (Confederation of Workers of the Universities of the Americas)