excitingly appealing soccer products services and content l.
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“excitingly appealing soccer products, services and content”

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“excitingly appealing soccer products, services and content” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“excitingly appealing soccer products, services and content”. AGENDA Company Background SoccerStar Service Industry Objectives. COMPANY BACKGROUND. Company Background Soccer Xplains Everything - Since 2007. Excitingly Appealing Soccer Products, Services, and Content.

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  • Company Background
  • SoccerStar
  • Service
  • Industry
  • Objectives

Company Background

  • Soccer Xplains Everything - Since 2007.
  • Excitingly Appealing Soccer Products, Services, and Content.
  • Exclusive licensee of Sanmar merchandise.
  • SoccerStar Showcase July 5-8, 2009.
  • Site Use Agreement with Athletes in Action.

SXE - a/k/a “Soccer XplainsEverything”

  • Vision: To keep the magic of soccer alive and kicking through dream making, innovation, and empowerment.
  • Purpose: To be the global leader in the soccer industry by focusing on soccer products, services, and content catered to the soccer community.

Soccer Star

July 5-8, 2009

Athletes in Action

Xenia, OH


Our unique,exposure camp platform is a niche in the industry, allowing us to provide a service which separates us from the competition.


Customer Focus: The customer is the most vital and integral part of Soccer Star.

  • Customer Objectives:
  • providing a superior, extraordinary experience for our customers.
  • increasing value by successfully exceeding expectations in all that we do.
  • honoring our customer service commitment by strategically exhibiting excellence.

Quality Focus:Soccer products, services, and content that have a superior value, technically advanced and engineered with our innovative and imaginative construction, concepts, and styles.  

  • Measures: (all required)
  • Actionmentation– delivers juicy, educational content that produces positive visibility and measurable results, which create value.
  • Eventizing– engages and empowers soccer seekers through excitingly appealing connections and emotional relationships.
  • Marketainment- harnesses the passion people exhibit for sports, music, fashion, and entertainment to be compelling and attractive.


  • The U.S. soccer market is one of the largest, fastest growing and most vibrant in the world. Nearly 8 million kids under the age of 12 play soccer, ranking it highest among youth participation sports.
  • Close to half come from households with incomes above $78,000, according to the Soccer Industry Council of America.
  • In 2004, 18.2 million Americans played the game, an 11 percent gain over two years previously (American Youth Soccer Association).
  • While other sports declined in popularity among our new generation, soccer has been expanding at an average rate of 8 percent a year for more than a decade.
  • The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association reports that there are now more kids playing soccer in the United States than any other sport except basketball. There are 32 million teenagers in the U.S. They spend close to $172 billion annually.

Competitors: Fragmented. Nike, Adidas, and Puma are not soccer specific, but are big, strong, and powerful sports brands. Increased competition from other entertainment entities.

  • Demographics:

- Increased leisure time.

- Increased sport participation.

- Global market for growth.

- Growing niche market.

- Most popular world sport.

- Increased spending on sports and entertainment.



  • To maximize the mental and physical potential of all players in a variety of capacities, with a recruiting publication distributed to 1,000+ colleges in the US.
  • To provide the best soccer experience to participants and their families in real time game simulations for skill assessment and individual evaluations.
  • To engage players to develop the skills and abilities through teaching, training, and playing in a challenging talent pool and competitive environment.
  • To enhance customers’ experience with the opportunity to use world class facilities and professionally organized operations.
  • To give amateur athletes the opportunity to play creatively and have fun. We will provide a positive, high-quality environment where kids will learn, work and grow.

Soccer Star Corporate Offices

2121 Alpine Pl. #1504

Cincinnati, OH 45206