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江苏东海高级中学 吴江 \ 时统生. Laughter is good for you. Module 6 Unit 1. Mickey mouse. Donald duck. The lion king. Tom and Jerry. Mr. Bean. comedians. Discussion: 1. Seeing these pictures, you can ’ t help laughing. Why? 2. What can make people laugh?.

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江苏东海高级中学 吴江\时统生

Laughter is good for you

Module 6 Unit 1


Mickey mouse

Donald duck

The lion king

Tom and Jerry


1. Seeing these pictures, you can’t help laughing. Why?

2. What can make people laugh?

3. What are the health benefits of humor and laughter?

reduce stress

lower blood pressure

protect the heart

improve brain functioning

make you feel good



Picture talking

Describe each poster in your own words, you can say more with the help of the words in each one.

Discussion :

1. What kind of comedy do you enjoy the most?

2. Laughter is good for everyone. How do you make people laugh?

  • What are the keys to understanding British humour?

1. The British like to make fun of themselves as well as others.

2. To know that the British often use understatement.

  • What does understatement mean?

Understatement means saying less than you think or feel.



What kind of people do the British like to make fun of?

People from different classes of society.

What jokes do they make about these people?

They make jokes about people’s accents, the way they dress and the way they behave.

What does Rowan Atkinson use to make people laugh?

Body movements and facial expressions.

  • Why do people find Mr. Bean funny?

Because he does things that adults in the real world cannot do.

  • Why is Mr. Bean popular in many countries round the world?

Because you don’t have to speak English to understand the humour.


1. Read the article in Part B at page 105.

2. Prepare a funny story for us.

3. Preview Reading.