isipp accreditation database iadb update 2005 l.
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ISIPP Accreditation Database (IADB) UPDATE, 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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ISIPP Accreditation Database (IADB) UPDATE, 2005

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ISIPP Accreditation Database (IADB) UPDATE, 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ISIPP Accreditation Database (IADB) UPDATE, 2005. Objective: To facilitate and assist in email acceptance, processing, and delivery decisions by email receivers (ISPs, spam filters, inbound servers). ISIPP Accreditation Database. Helps Senders:

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isipp accreditation database

Objective: To facilitate and assist in email acceptance, processing, and delivery decisions by email receivers (ISPs, spam filters, inbound servers).

ISIPP Accreditation Database

Helps Senders:

Email Receivers have useful information about sender’s email

before accepting and processing the email

Users get the email they want

Legitimate email gets delivered

Helps Receivers:

Spam does not get through

Receivers can adequately allocate resources to the level of triage,

spam-checking and filtering the incoming email needs.

how iadb works

The ISIPP Accreditation Database is a DNS list of the domains and/or IP addresses of senders who either a) meet ISIPP's criteria as determined by background, reference, and other checks ("non-vouched listings"), or b) are personally known to ISIPP to meet the criteria and to be good Internet mailing citizens, and for whom we will thus vouch ("vouched listings").

  • Email receivers check the IADB in realtime, as they are receiving email from the sender, to determine such information as the sender's SPF status, the opt-in policies of the sender, and whether the sender participates in best practices organizations or is known to ISIPP as a "best practices sender".

How IADB Works

Presently the IADB is helping ISPs and spam filters make email acceptance, delivery, and processing decisions for more than 525million pieces of email per month, on behalf of more than 100million email boxes.

examples of information provided by iadb

A lookup to IADB can return all of the following information about a sender:

  • Whether they publish SPF records
  • Whether they publish Microsoft Sender I.D. for Email records
  • Whether they are known to ISIPP, and ISIPP vouches for them
  • Whether they participate in Bonded Sender
  • Whether they participate in Habeas
  • What their level of opt-in is for their mailing lists

…and more

Receivers choose which information is important to them, and make email processing and acceptance decisions based on that information.

Senders listed in IADB report that once listed they experience very little in the way of delivery problems with most major ISPs, and that the listing helps with delivery into enterprise servers as a result of their enhanced credibility as an email sender.

Examples of Information Provided by IADB

These are some of the senders presently listed in IADB:

Innovyx e-Dialog Aweber Informz Constant Contact Lockergnome

MacJournals This is True indieWIRE DVD Talk Get Response Crewtags

what does it cost

Cost is based on both volume and mailing model, ranging from

  • $10.00 to $300.00 per month.
  • Listing is month-to-month, with no long term commitment.
  • To apply, see

What Does It Cost?

These are some of the receivers presently using IADB to make email processing, acceptance, and delivery decisions:

Outblaze SpamCop GoDaddy PO Box Mail Shell Spam Bouncer Vircom

Excedent Technologies Big List Uniwares Server Authority, Inc.

Partan Labs Chagres Technologies Associated Networks Ltd.

what makes the iadb different
What Makes the IADB Different?
  • The IADB is administered by ISIPP, widely respected and considered to be one of the most neutral organizations in the email sending and receiving industries. When we work with an ISP, spam filtering company or other email receiver, they know that the email coming from IADB accredited senders will be what we say it is.
  • Founded in 2003 and privately funded, ISIPP has no investors, venture capital firms, stockholders or other money stakeholders driving IADB accreditation, listing, or delisting decisions. ISIPP’s bottom line is your bottom line: we help legitimate mail get delivered, and spam to stay out. It takes good email practices, not money, to get a high rating in the IADB.
  • Because our service to the email sending and receiving communities is driven by our mission to further good email practices and stop spam, not to provide a return on investment, we happily offer our services to email senders and receivers of all sizes.
  • Listing in IADB is month-to-month. There is no long term commitment, and all of our costs are publicly available, right on our website.
how do i get more information
How Do I Get More Information?
  • For more information, or to apply to query or to be accredited through and listed in the IADB, see
  • Or write to