cscape envisionrv horner apg llc september 29 2008 l.
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Cscape EnvisionRV Horner APG, LLC September 29, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Cscape EnvisionRV Horner APG, LLC September 29, 2008

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Cscape EnvisionRV Horner APG, LLC September 29, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cscape EnvisionRV Horner APG, LLC September 29, 2008. EnvisionRV - What Does it Do?. Allows viewing and interacting with remote OCS controllers. The PC displays screens that have been downloaded to the OCS. The PC and OCS can display different screens. Ethernet Serial CAN Wireless.

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cscape envisionrv horner apg llc september 29 2008
Cscape EnvisionRV

Horner APG, LLC

September 29, 2008

envisionrv what does it do
EnvisionRV - What Does it Do?
  • Allows viewing and interacting with remote OCS controllers.
  • The PC displays screens that have been downloaded to the OCS.
  • The PC and OCS can display different screens.





envision rv 2 0

New In 2.0

Envision RV 2.0
  • Envision RV 2.0 allows complex graphical interfaces designed in Cscape to be displayed on a PC while connecting to any OCS controller.





use existing designs

New In 2.0

Use Existing Designs
  • Use screens designed for QX, LX or any controller and display them on the PC. Connect to any controller for the data, even a display-less RCS!
full screen mode

New In 2.0

Full Screen Mode
  • Full screen mode allows viewing only the graphics. No menus, toolbars or Windows Taskbar.
pc visualization designed in cscape
PC Visualization Designed in Cscape
  • Design high resolution screens in Cscape 8.6 specifically for Envision.
  • Select screen sizes for your PC display that are larger than OCS displays, up to 1920x1200 resolution.

New In 2.0

one click from edit to view

New In 2.0

One Click from Edit to View
  • Transfer you project from Cscape to Envision with one click of the mouse.



Envision EV

envisionrv advantages
EnvisionRV - Advantages?
  • Significantly less setup and configuration time compared to traditional SCADA systems – measured in seconds and minutes vs. hours and days – reduces programming costs.
  • Completely integrated solution – most objects look and behave the same on the PC as they do on the controller – reduces equipment training costs.
  • Envision minimizes the impact on your controller, offloading a majority of the display work to the PC.
  • Reduce Complexity – Save Time – Save Money
  • The full OCS graphics engine is running on the PC for EnvisionRV.
  • The PC exchanges only register data for minimal communications and a responsive user interface.

R1, R4…

R3 = 178

interacting with remote devices
Interacting with Remote Devices

The thumbnail view allows viewing twenty screens at a time. A screen can be selected by left clicking on the desired screen.

interacting with remote devices11
Interacting with Remote Devices

When communicating to devices that have touch screens, use the left mouse click to work with objects, just as one would use their finger to touch the screen.

Pop-ups will appear for data entry.

project manager
Project Manager

Project manager allows creating a list of devices for easy access from the PC for monitoring or interaction.

selecting a device with the project manager
Selecting a Device with the Project Manager

Once all the devices are added, place the Project Manager in Device List mode. This allows switching between the interaction of devices. Double click the device name or select and press the connect button to connect to a device and start interaction.

  • Envision Security allows creating an administrative account plus 3 additional accounts for security.
  • User names and passwords can be alphanumeric.
  • Each user account can have limitation on a per screen basis. Each screen can be setup for NO Access, Read Only or Read / Write.
envision rv
Envision RV

Envision RV uses the Horner CsCAN protocol to transfer data, giving flexibility to support various physical media including Ethernet, serial, wireless, modems, CAN and cellular. CsCAN allows pass-through connections. This allows connecting from Envision RV to a single unit on your CsCAN CAN network and transfer data to/from any device on the network seamlessly.








Envision RV





  • EnvisionRV includes 1 year of free support.
  • The software includes a support button that launches the web based support center.
  • The support center include FAQs, a dedicated support Email address and a link to a live chat with an Envision Application Engineer (EAE).
  • HE-CRV … Cscape EnvisionRV software distributed on a USB memory stick. Each package allows one PC-locked copy.
  • HE-CRV-UG … Cscape EnvisionRV major software upgrade with 1 additional year of support.
  • Volume and Site licenses are available.
  • The following objects have limitations in the current Envision Version:

Video – can not display video remotely

X/Y Graph – not supported

Data trend – Data is re-sampled on the PC

Removable media object - not displayed

Note object - not displayed

Alarm Object – only active alarms are shown

future developments
Future Developments
  • PC Based data logging. Uses the easy to setup data logging configuration in Cscape.
  • PC Based Alarming
  • Trends can be recorded to the PC as CSV files for analysis, review or archiving.
  • Screen printing
  • CsCAN protocol enhancement for dramatically faster screen updates.