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Assistive Technology in Recreation

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Assistive Technology in Recreation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assistive Technology in Recreation. Wednesday, October 21 st , 2009 Judy Nahman-Stouffer EmpowerTech. Training Overview. Introduction to Sports & Recreation People with Physical Disabilities Participating in various sports. Introduction.

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assistive technology in recreation

Assistive Technology in Recreation

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Judy Nahman-Stouffer


training overview
Training Overview
  • Introduction to Sports & Recreation
    • People with Physical Disabilities
    • Participating in various sports


  • People need recreation to enjoy life!
  • People with disabilities too.
  • Wounded soldiers coming back from Iraq.
participating with various disabilities
Participating with Various Disabilities

People with various disabilities can participate: AIDS/HIV, CP, MD, MS, SCI, learning disabilities.

Time & Equipment

Organizations offer recreation opportunities.

adaptive skiing
Adaptive Skiing

Skiing with a Mono-ski with hand-held outriggers.

adaptive water skiing8
Adaptive Water Skiing

A skier water skis sitting down while he holds

the rope with both hands.

jet skiing
Jet Skiing
  • Jet skiing with a buddy for support.

White Water Rafting

Three people raft down the river with a guide.

quad rugby
Quad Rugby

A rough sport involving tough, anti-tip chairs.

wheelchair basketball
Wheelchair Basketball

Two paraplegic players get into it playing basketball.

power soccer
Power Soccer

All players must use power chairs to play.

rock climbing
Rock Climbing

An amputee climbs a rock wall

using only upper body strength.


An amputee sailor uses different techniques for sailing.

scuba diving
Scuba Diving

A double-amputee diver explores the

underwater world and examines some coral.


Using a double kayak, one can paddle

while the other enjoys the ride.

outrigger canoeing
Outrigger Canoeing

Canoes attached together by two beams

to help for stabilization.


Sled Hockey on Ice

Players use sleds for mobility on the ice.

wheelchair hockey
Wheelchair Hockey

Players can either hold the hockey stick or

the stick can be taped onto the chair.


An amputee golfer plays with one hand.

hand cycling
Hand Cycling

A sit-down cyclist peddles with his arms.

horseback riding
Horseback Riding

A little girl enjoys horseback riding with 2 people walking beside the horse for support.

wheelchair racing
Wheelchair Racing

Athletes compete with each other using

racing wheelchairs and wearing helmets.


Training Summary

  • Many sports & recreation opportunities are available for people with disabilities.
  • Wonderful resources are available.
  • This was a small sample of what’s available.

Please feel free to contact us:


Slideshow created by: Gordon Cardona

available resources
Available Resources
  • California:
    • United States Adaptive Recreation Center (USARC)
    • Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra (DSES)

  • National:
    • National Center on Physical Activity & Disability (NCPAD)

AT Network is a project under the leadership of the Alliance for Technology Access and funded by the Department of Rehabilitation.

For Information and Referral contact:

1-800-390-2699 (voice)1-800-900-0706 (TTY)Email:


The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) is a growing national and international network of technology resource centers, community-based organizations, agencies, individuals, and companies.

For Information and Referral contact:

1-800-914-3017 (voice)

1-707-778-3015 (TTY)Email: