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America Trip 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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America Trip 2004

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America Trip 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Las Vegas. Alcatraz. Universal Studios. Los Angeles. The Golden West. Death Valley. San Francisco. Grand Canyon. Yosemite National Park. America Trip 2004. America Trip 2004. Monday 19 th :. 00.30 Depart Fearns 08.40 Check-In Heathrow 10.40 Take Off

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America Trip 2004

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    1. Las Vegas Alcatraz Universal Studios Los Angeles The Golden West Death Valley San Francisco Grand Canyon Yosemite National Park America Trip 2004 America Trip 2004

    2. Monday 19th: • 00.30 Depart Fearns • 08.40 Check-In Heathrow • 10.40 Take Off • 13.35 Arrive San Francisco International • 14.00 Check in hotel • 20.00 Hard Rock Cafe

    3. San Francisco Tuesday 20th: Without doubt, San Francisco is one of America’s most beautiful cities. We are here for two days and will pack as much in as possible. However, whilst we are here we will definitely tour all of the major attractions of the city... • Union Square • Twin Peaks • Chinatown • Union Street • Cow Hollow • Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf

    4. The Octagon House, Union Street The beautiful Victorian Architecture of Union Street Union Street Also known as Cow Hollow, Union Street is affluent, fashionable and the place to find the residents of Pacific Heights eating, drinking and socialising. Before the Gold Rush, this area was a green dale where hundreds of cows grazed – hence the name.

    5. Twin Peaks At 913 feet, this is the highest point in San Francisco and will provide us with some spectacular views...

    6. Lombard Street As you will know, San Francisco is built on some very steep hills. For this reason Lombard Street was built with many sharp curves. In fact it has the claim to be America’s“crookedest” street!

    7. Golden gate bridge Without doubt its most famous landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge is made out of gold. Just kidding! It is over 3km though, and when built, was the longest suspension bridge in the world!

    8. Fisherman’s Wharf What used to be a busy shipbuilding and industrial site is now a hugely popular tourist attraction with plenty of opportunities for souvenir shopping. It is from here that trips to Alcatraz depart and it is also the home of Pier 39...

    9. Pier 39 The focal point of Fisherman’s Wharf is Pier 39 which is famous for its colony of sea lions.Pooh! It’s a bit smelly!

    10. The View of Alcatraz from the Cable Car Alcatraz Lying in the SF Bay is Alcatraz – one of the world’s most notorious prisons. It was supposed to be inescapable and housed prisoners like Al Capone. We will spend Wednesday morning in Alcatraz.

    11. We leave san francisco (but don’t leave your heart...)

    12. Wednesday 21st: We check in at The Vagabond Inn in the County of Merced. This is an overnight stop before we journey on to Yosemite National Park on Thursday...

    13. Thursday 22nd: Yosemite National Park It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place than this. Following the spectacle of the city of San Francisco we are taken away from it all in the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park...

    14. Yosemite National Park - located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central California - is a setting so spectacular and awe-inspiring that it is often referred to as the "Crown Jewel" of the National Park system.

    15. Earthquakes, glaciers and other forces of nature over millions of years left indelible footprints on the landscape that are still visible in the towering granite cliffs, thundering waterfalls, steep mountains and deep alpine lakes. They beckon visitors to explore, climb, photograph and experience their grandeur.

    16. The Vagabond Inn, Bishop Tioga Pass After staying the night at The Vagabond Inn, Bishop, we will make our way out of Yosemite National Park via the spectacular Tioga Pass...

    17. Death valley Friday 23rd: On Friday we move from the beautiful scenery of Yosemite to scenery of the extreme in Death Valley. Huge sand dunes form just as they would in the Middle East or North Africa.

    18. Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, Nevada Our Friday Night Hotel Death valley Death Valley is one of the hottest places on earth. Death Valley is a treasure trove of scientific information about the ancient Earth and about the forces still working to shape our modern world. It is home to plants, animals, and human beings that have adapted themselves to take advantage of its rare and hard won bounty. It is a story of western expansion, wealth, greed, suffering and triumph. Death Valley is a land of extremes, and much more.

    19. Las Vegas Saturday 24th: Viva Las Vegas! From the harshness of Death Valley we end up in Vegas: wealth, opulence and excess in the middle of the Nevada Desert! Prepare yourselves for spectacle...

    20. Las Vegas Whilst in Vegas we will have a free morning which we will use to explore the Las Vegas Strip – the main street of Vegas. In the afternoon we will journey out to Tusayan where we will be visiting the Las Vegas Outlet Center for some serious shopping!

    21. The Grand Canyon Sunday 25th: Surely a contender for being one of the Wonders of the World. If the beauty and extremes of the Western States haven’t taken your breath away yet, surely they will now!

    22. The Grand Canyon Not really a single canyon, but a mass of them. In places the canyons are one mile deep and we will be taking helicopter flights between the canyon walls to really appreciate their grandeur...

    23. Waiting for Sunset over The Grand Canyon...

    24. First orange...

    25. Then red...

    26. Palm Springs Journey to LA Monday 26th: It’s time to leave the amazing sights of the Grand Canyon for our journey back to the coast. We will travel via Palm Springs and check in to our hotel, The Sportsmen’s Lodge in LA later that day...

    27. Universal studios Tuesday 27th: We are afforded a fantastic opportunity to look behind the scenes of the making of blockbuster Hollywood movies as we spend the day with Universal Studio Tours...

    28. Hollywood Boulevard: Where there are over 150 stars’ signatures LA & Beverley hills Wednesday 27th: Sadly Wednesday is our last day in the States, but we will waste no time! Before we go to the airport we will check out some of the main attractions of LA...

    29. Rodeo Drive Venice Beach LA & Beverley hills Home to some of America’s richest and most famous people - as well as some of the most expensive shops in the whole world! We finish with the spectacle of Venice Beach with their weight-lifters and rollerbladers.

    30. At 19.30 we will check in to LA International again ready for our flight home. At 21.30 we take off from LA Arrival is at 15.50 local time We will get back to Fearns at 21.00 Our journey has ended and we will have left the sun to set over the Pacific Horizon...