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Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence. What is it? Why you need it Mike Gallagher, Ford & Harrison Doug Horton, Handshake Software, Inc. Business Intelligence. Rapid access to actionable information Includes: Financial Information Contacts Documents E-Mail Legal Research & More.

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business intelligence

Business Intelligence

What is it? Why you need it

Mike Gallagher, Ford & Harrison

Doug Horton, Handshake Software, Inc

business intelligence2
Business Intelligence
  • Rapid access to actionable information
  • Includes:
  • Financial Information
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • E-Mail
  • Legal Research & More
business intelligence3
Business Intelligence
  • Overlap & Convergence
  • Knowledge Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Performance Management (BPM)
  • Context of Information is Essential
why business intelligence
Why Business Intelligence?
  • Better decisions with greater speed and confidence
  • Recognize and maximize firm’s strengths
  • Shorten marketing efforts
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Align effort with firm strategy
  • Improve revenue and profit
elements of business intelligence
Elements of Business Intelligence
  • Data Gathering
  • Information capture
  • Analysis
  • Understanding the context of information
  • Distribution
  • Timely delivery to the right people who can act on it
data gathering
Data Gathering
  • Existing Systems
  • “cube” approach
  • Data warehouse
  • Integration technologies
  • Reporting Tools
  • Proprietary
  • Excel
  • Web-based
  • User-defined
  • Paper-based
  • “Slice and dice”
  • Portals/Intranets
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • InterWoven Worksite 8.0
  • LawPort
  • PlumTree – Lexis
  • Custom Web-Pages/Intranets
  • E-Mail
  • Proactive
  • “Drill down” analysis
  • Adobe PDF
  • Freezes the point in time
  • Paper
why business intelligence fails
Why Business Intelligence Fails
  • Failure to recognize the breadth of the problem (not just financial system)
  • No Top Down support
  • Lack of standardize procedures or processes
  • Bad quality of information – Dirty Data
  • Computer systems impede rather than enhance BI efforts
ford harrison llp

Ford & Harrison LLP

Mike Gallagher

Director of Information Systems

ford harrison llp12
Ford & Harrison LLP
  • National Labor & Employment Firm Representing Management
  • 11 Offices
  • Growth through mergers
business intelligence13
Business Intelligence
  • Ford & Harrison’s approach to providing business information to lawyers and staff.
  • What are the challenges in delivering “Business Intelligence”?
  • Financial System – Aderant (CMSOpen)
  • Records Management
  • Document Management
    • Hummingbird PCDOCs document library in each office location
  • Contact Relationship Management
    • Handshake
bi software objectives
BI Software Objectives
  • Contact Relationship Management
  • High level of Integration
    • Provide access to financial information, documents, emails, contacts, stored images and legal research through a BI interface
    • Native Application Security
  • Familiar User Interface
    • Customizable Role and Matter Centric Views
  • Easy Deployment and Administration
  • Open Architecture
  • “Road Warrior” Accessibility
  • Real-time information
  • Contact Relationship Management
    • Native Handshake Contacts and CMSOpen Contacts
    • Linked to Clients and Matters
    • Linked to Firm Members – Known Bys
    • Affiliations
    • Activity Tracking
      • Attended Firm Seminar
      • Social Invitation
    • Mailing Activities
    • Change Audits
    • Representative Contact Types
      • Arbitrators, Alumni, Help Wanted, Prospective Client, Media-Broadcast, Referring Attorney, Expert
    • Mail Lists – Firm Lists & Personal Lists
      • Practice Group Newsletters
      • Legal Alerts
handshake continued
HandShake (continued)
  • Document Management System
    • PCDOCs profile information data warehoused
    • Matter Centric Email delivered through PCDOCs
  • Application Integration
    • Outlook contacts push/pull with Handshake database
    • Data exports to Excel and Word merge files
    • QuickImage PDF bills available through HandShake
    • HandShake Contacts available from within Word through Legal MacPac Integration
    • Ecopy Images – Adobe PDF files available through PCDOCs integration
    • Internet Content Available through saved links
handshake financial system
HandShake - Financial System

Static Reports

  • Static Reports
    • Access Produces Custom Reports in PDF format as a scheduled task
    • Reports are refreshed in PCDOCs maintaining native security
    • One click access to report from web interface

PCDOCs Profile Info

handshake financial system20
HandShake – Financial System
  • Real Time Access to Financial Information
    • Point & Click
    • Customize Data Fields, Filter, Sort and Save Search
    • Drill Down to Low Level Details
handshake financial system21
HandShake – Financial System
  • Real Time Reporting
    • By By Reporting
    • Roll Band Totals Up or Down
    • Summary or Low Level Detail
    • User Selectable Report Fields
handshake financial system22
Handshake – Financial System
  • Integration with Excel
    • With Formulas!
  • Integration with CMSOpen Records Management Module
delivery challenges firm commitment
Delivery Challenges - Firm Commitment
  • True or False – All lawyers in the firm embrace new technology.
    • To encourage buy-in for the new technology we:
      • Involved key lawyers in the requirements phase
      • Launched HandShake with a live demo
      • Required lawyers to attend a one-hour basic functionality training session
        • Certified Training for CLE credits where allowed
      • Supported champions of the technology in their efforts to “Spread the Gospel”
      • Surveyed users to see where to focus training and how to improve usability
delivery challenges data integrity
Delivery Challenges - Data Integrity
  • Data, Data, Data
    • Cleansing Data
    • “Hidden” Financial Information – EXPOSED!
    • New Fields and Relationships
    • Maintenance of Contact Information
      • Not a Project but a Way of Life
delivery challenges training
Delivery Challenges - Training
  • Can you have too much of a good thing?
    • Integration, Sorting, Filtering, Exporting, Drilling Down, Exploring, Customization, and Learning about Financials can be Overwhelming and Intimidating
    • Re-focused Training from generic navigation into granular “Areas of Interest” requested in surveys
      • Teach in Small Chunks
        • Teach skills with a deliverable as a by product of the training session.
      • “Low tech” lawyers started attending training – felt comfortable pointing and clicking to get on-demand information
    • Increased demand for “related” training
      • Exporting HS data to Excel created demand for Excel training
delivery challenges system performance
Delivery Challenges - System Performance
  • Good News – Bad News
    • Increasing acceptance of BI system
    • CMS financial server performance degrades to a crawl
delivery challenges best practices
Delivery Challenges - Best Practices
  • True or False – All lawyers in the Firm endorse the “common good” theory. What is good for the Firm is good for me.
    • Firm Culture – To Share or Not To Share
      • Private or Public
    • New Business Compensation Factor
      • I knew him first
        • Contact Responsible Attorney or Contact Clerk?
        • New Rules - Cross Selling
    • Contact Change Auditing
is it worth the effort
Is it worth the effort?
  • ROI - Administrative Improvements
      • Reduced redundancy in mailings – saves postage (and embarrassment)
      • Reduced labor and paper costs for financial reports
      • On-line financial information lowers number of calls to accounting and increases lawyer efficiency
      • Better practices for data entry – higher quality data
      • Better Collections
is it worth the effort29
Is it worth the effort?
  • ROI - Client Development
      • Target Marketing
        • I.E. Hospitality Contacts in the Tampa Metro Area
      • “Activities” tracking – (What’s Working – What’s Not)
      • On Demand Access to Contact Information
      • It’s all about relationships - Who do we know?
is it worth the effort30
Is it worth the effort?
  • ROI - Client Service
      • Better Decision Making
        • Who is the best Arbitrator
      • Better Case Management
        • Fosters Collaboration
          • Who else is working on this matter?
          • What related documents have they created?
        • Are we in budget?
        • Do they owe us money?
is it worth the effort31
Is it worth the effort?
  • ROI - Client Service (continued)
      • Personal Touch
        • You are my only client
          • I know everything about you - including who else in my firm knows you
      • Better Communication
        • Email Legal Alerts
        • Management Updates
        • Seminar Invitations
is it worth the effort32
Is it worth the effort?
  • Ford & Harrison Thinks So!
    • Business Intelligence helps meet more demanding client expectations of faster service for lower fees
    • Business Intelligence helps support future firm growth
  • Our Future Plans include expanding BI
    • Detectives Alerting System
    • Developing More Reports in HandShake
    • Portal Integration
      • Full text Searching Capability
    • Refinements in User Interface and Content Delivery
      • Information Bridge Framework