1 st half year results 2009 information meeting of 15 september 2009 l.
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1 st half-year results 2009 Information meeting of 15 September 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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1 st half-year results 2009 Information meeting of 15 September 2009

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1 st half-year results 2009 Information meeting of 15 September 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1 st half-year results 2009 Information meeting of 15 September 2009 . Contents. Business in the 1 st half of 2009 Prospects for the 2 nd half of 2009 Conclusion. Business in the 1 st half of 2009. Changing pharmacy market

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1 st half-year results 2009 Information meeting of 15 September 2009

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Business in the 1st half of 2009

Prospects for the 2nd half of 2009


Changing pharmacy market

Continued actions by public authorities to control health expenditure

Rise of generics

Self-medication products on open access

May 2009: the European Court of Justice gave its verdict against opening up dispensing pharmacies’ capital

HPST (hospitals, patients, health, territories) law: positive effects for pharmacists

Even if, from a purely economic point of view, the 1st half-year did not lead to any real upturn for pharmacists, a certain number of decisions strengthened the profession and the pharmacist’s role in protecting public health.

In this context, pharmacists need effective support more than ever


Economic context

1st half of 2009



Pharmacy Business France

  • More than 5,000 pharmacies equipped with LGPI/CIP-GS on 30/06 out of a total of 9,800 customers
  • 2.5 % rise in Turnover over the 1st half of 2009
    • Configuration sales stable (- 0.4 %)
    • Licences slightly down (-1.37 %)
    • Recurrent T/O up 6.95 %
  • Demonstrates once more the relevance of the Pharmagest Group’s business model.

Pharmacy Business France


T/O boosted thanks to the satellite offer of high-margin products up 18.28 % compared with the 1st half of 2008.

  • For example:
  • To date, 1,300 pharmacies use one of the Group’s advertising tools at the point of sale (compared with 500 at the end of 2008), following Pharmagest’s acquisition of the Novax software and databases after that company’s compulsory liquidation:
    • 970 Offimédia contracts (contextual advertising tool developed by Pharmagest)
    • 330 Pharmaxess customers (tool developed by Novax for which Pharmagest now provides maintenance)
  • The PD (Pharmaceutical Dossier) is now in general use and has had a positive impact on our secure Internet access product Offisecure, up 33 % during the 1st half of 2009.
    • CNOP has just reported the 10,000th pharmacy to be connected to the PD
    • 62 % of the Pharmagest Group’s customers equipped with LGPI/CIP-GS have activated the PD


Pharmacy Business BENELUX

  • 12.5 % share of the market in Belgium and 43 % in
  • Luxembourg
  • 678 customers, 2,300 stations installed
  • of which 143 customers equipped with the new Sabco Optimum and Ultimate solutions
  • T/O: 1.3 M€ (- 13 % compared with the 1st half of 2008)
  • in a context
    • of reorganising the managerial and sales structure
    • of putting the Pharmagest business model in place (30 months’ free maintenance)


Laboratories Business

The Laboratories business grew 11.4 % in the 1st half of 2009

  • After a very difficult year for Laboratories in 2008 with direct repercussions on our product offer, the 1st half of 2009 shows that they have a new trust in the market.
    • 1st half-year growth of our:
      • information campaigns on the therapeutic environment,
      • contextual advertising
      • and online surveys
    • Our innovative Offidirect services (orders placed directly by the Pharmacist with the Laboratory without going through a distributor) as well as the Advertising Agency also continue to grow steadily.


Laboratories Business


  • Pharmagest, in conjunction with Intermedix and IDS Santé, carried out a large national survey amongst 3 target groups: Pharmacists, Doctors, and Internet users
  • This barometer is an opportunity each year to measure changes in the needs of these 3 target groups and to understand the new problems they face.
  • The presentation of the results of this study to the different operators in the pharmaceutical industry on 3 July 2009 aroused great interest and made it possible to establish new, promising contacts.
Pharmagest strengthens its presence in the high-growth EHPAD sector

After the strategic acquisition of MALTA Informatique, in April 2009 Pharmagest announced the acquisition of AZUR Software, a company which designs and publishes a range of management software for care homes for the elderly.

Acquisition method: purchase of Azur Software’s business financed with a bank loan.

The number of EHPAD customers thus increased to 750 (Malta + Azur) and the share of the sector market to 7 % (out of a total of 11,000 existing care homes).

The software range offered by Malta Informatique, and more especially the reference software for EHPADs, TITAN, is now strengthened by Azur Software’s software MdRWIN, MEDIC and EHPADIAG, the latter being the main software on the market for self-evaluation of the quality of these institutions.



T/O for the 1st half of 2009 was 465 K€ (+ 56 %)

The number of new customers (44 during the 1st half-year) and of migrations of old Azur solutions to TITAN, clearly shows Malta’s commercial dynamism

Continued strengthening of quality product offer

The combining of the two teams as well as newly hired staff strengthen Malta’s geographic presence for customer service.

Malta Informatique

  • Extremely dynamic business with T/O growth of over 50 %
In April 2009, Pharmagest set up VIP Pharma which acquired the “Gold Partner’s Card” business line from VISEOPHARMA.

Business: promoting loyalty programmes for dispensing pharmacists

Principle: VIP Pharma acts as an intermediary and provides the logistics between the pharmacist and its Laboratory partners.

The pharmacist proposes a sales promotion card to his customers

Sales of partner products earn points

In return for the points, the customer can receive free partner products.



Pharmagest invests in building loyalty of pharmacists’ customers


Financial results on 30 June 2009

Consolidated by business

  • The “configuration sales” business (hardware, network, licences) accounts for 60 % of the total turnover for HY1 2009 compared with 62 % in HY1 2008
  • The “maintenance, data bases” business accounts for 30.1 % of the total turnover for HY1 2009 compared with 29.4 % in HY1 2008
  • The “laboratories” business accounts for 3.54 % of the total turnover for HY1 2009 compared with 3.26 % in HY1 2008
  • New products account for 6.47 % of the total turnover for HY1 2009 compared with 5.6 % in HY1 2008, growth of 15.5 %

Profit and loss account

Financial results on 30 June 2009


Balance sheet

Financial results on 30 June 2009

* Item exceptionally high as a result of a large number of requests for financing from our customers being frozen by GE Capital, regularized in January 2009

(*) Excluding securities available for sale 15.6 M€

(**) Of which R&D – 0.8 M€

Financial results on 30 June 2009

Cash flow summary

market capitalisation

On 30/06/2009, market capitalisation reached 114.4 M€.

On 03/09/2009, it was 120.75 M€

Full order books which lead us to expect explosive growth of the business

The TITAN software is seen more and more as an essential “core EHPAD business” solution offering a wide range of modules which reinforces its key position.

Continuous innovation policy put in place

Development of “global healthcare pricing”, integrating medicines into EHPADs’ budgets as well as the monitoring of medical and para-medical acts.


EHPAD Business



Pharmacy France

A significant growth lever for turnover and gross margin

Continued growth of turnover and profitability despite the difficult economic context

Thanks to improved productivity

And to continuing to build customer loyalty and expanding our service offer (training, local monitoring).

Increasing the rate of migrations from traditional solutions to LGPI/CIP-GS.

Mass promotion of our high-margin products and service offers

European development:

Serious study of external growth in progress


Pharmacy France

Commercial business

Search for agreements with pharmacy chains based on LGPI and Officentral

LGPI as well as our satellite offers available since June in multilingual versions making it possible to speed up deployment in Flanders (currently 6% share of the market)

Launch of our Offimedia product in Flanders and Luxembourg


Resources put in place to strengthen our presence in Flanders

Thanks to the ongoing reorganisation, we are aiming at our turnover for 2009 recovering to a figure equivalent to that in 2008.


Pharmacy BENELUX




  • Commercial business
    • Favourable context since the start of 2009 with active canvassing and new partnerships
    • Acquisition of new customers and building loyalty of large accounts
    • Development of the Advertising Agency business
  • Development of the reputation of the Carevox.fr website (100,000 visitors/month) by advertising operations with a view to the site being included in advertising products dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry
A business model offering a dynamic of steady business growth

An excellent margin level

Promising new business sectors

An international development strategy which is becoming clearer




Next Meetings

  • Investors’ meeting:
  • MID CAP EVENT PARIS 21 and 22September 2009
  • Financial publication:
  • Letter to shareholders October2009
  • Q3 2009 T/O press release 12 November 2009

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