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Meir Sacks

Dr. Meir Sacks is a managing director of Health Maintenance Enterprises, LLC (HME) and an assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biology.He heads up the research and development team at HME,s Cambridge Laboratories, the developers of the revolutionary new super antioxidant Urac Plus Antioxidant.<br><br>

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Meir Sacks

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  1. Meir Sacks Meir Sacks - - Managing director of HME, LLC Managing director of HME, LLC There is a man who believes the global aging population needs a protection. And yes, a protection against frequent attack of diseases due to low degrading body immune system. This short description fits perfectly well on Meir Sacks, a scientific researcher. Before going further on the achievement of this great man, we should firstly take note of the frequent problem facing human race in the hand of sudden emergency of life threatened diseases. According to biological research, human body becomes vulnerable to all sorts of diseases because of ineffective or sometimes total breakdown of the immune system which stands as a defense against any disease. However, Sacks believes that by developing an effective antioxidant which could stimulate the system to function properly, man would once again has total control of diseases. What a remarkable endeavor embark upon by this man you may ask. Surely, with such huge ambition in mind, it becomes mandatory to search for deep knowledge no matter what or time it will cost. Eventually, the rich profile of this great scientist started at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania when he attended University of Duquesne and obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics and Developmental Biology. He decided to go further in his search for excellence by attending the University of West Virginia for his PhD as well as doctoral degree. When finally armed with sufficient knowledge in biological research, Meir Sacks formed a team of scientists having same goal of creating something special and relevant to human existence.

  2. This motive of his to achieve greater feat in his career gave birth to Health Maintenance Enterprise where most of his researches are being carried out. At last Meir developed NF Kappa-B Formula and the rise to greater height begins in earnest. After his first discovery, he continued on his search for breakthrough which will later become a reality. In fact, the dream of Meir Sacks becoming one of the greatest scientists of our time became a reality when he, together with his selfless team of scientists discovered and developed an antioxidant agent which could effectively increases the functions of antibodies. He called this product Urac Plus Antioxidant and has since proved to be a scientific masterpiece. Meir Sacks is a complete gentleman who loves to see to the eradication of global attack from controllable diseases.

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