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Know the 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

If you want to get ahead of competitors in this cut-throat industry, you need to learn how to do online marketing for manufacturing companies.

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Know the 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

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  1. Know the 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Manufacturers Effective marketing is crucial for every manufacturing company. However, the process of industrial and manufacturing marketing is quite different than other types of companies. When marketing for this type of business, you need to establish solid connections between manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. While some people presume that online marketing will only benefit companies that advertise to end-users, digital marketing for manufacturers has become increasingly popular over the years because of its benefits. If you want to get ahead of competitors in this cut-throat industry, you need to learn how to do online marketing for manufacturing companies. But before jumping into that, here are some of the advantages of ditching dated marketing practices and shifting your efforts and budget to internet marketing. 1. Reach More for Less Brochures and print advertisements only reach a limited number of individuals, but with online marketing you have more control over which audience you want to target, when to reach out to them, and how much you want to spend doing so. Content marketing, on the other hand, encourages your target audience to keep returning to your website. In a study conducted by Buzzmo on over 1 million articles, articles with images for every 70-100 words were shared twice as much on social media than articles with fewer photos. By posting educational articles, case studies, infographics, informative videos, and high-resolution product images, you can build trust and add more value to your audience. As an effect, you’ll be able to establish your dominance in the industry and improve your SEO rank on Google. If you were to advertise your videos on TV, distribute infographics and product images through brochures, and publish articles and case studies in newspapers, you would have to spend a lot more money without knowing how many people have indeed seen them or are show some interest in them.

  2. Social media is another excellent avenue to establish your presence, solidify your brand, and reach more prospects. With this, you have more freedom posting creative content and boosting them to reach more of your demographic. Some of the other digital marketing activities that will be very advantageous to your manufacturing business are investing in websites, PPC, analytics, CRM, and automation. 2. Nurture Leads and Promote Brand Loyalty When a potential customer is converted to a lead, marketing automation can be used to nurture them through the sales cycle. By tracking your consumers’ behavior, particularly when they visit your website and download specific resources, you can use this information to trigger emails that might be of their interest. Frequent engagement will increase your chances of converting them into becoming customers. Email marketing enables companies to share valuable content with prospects and engage with them on a more formal medium. After potential customers give their email through trade show events or on your website, you can keep them up to date for barely any additional cost. Specifically, you can introduce new products, provide complimentary offers, build rapport, nurture existing relationships, and stay on top of their mind until they are finally ready to make a purchase. You can also seek feedback from leads and existing customers through email, which will help you assess your current products and update them if needed. Even after they make a purchase, you can keep them posted on updates, news, and other things that might be of value to them. By consistently reminding customers of your brand’s existence, you’re encouraging brand loyalty. 3. Grow Brand Awareness When you build a professional-looking site and rank well on important keywords, it will be easier for your audience to discover and learn about your company through organic search. You have to consider that people typically skim through the first page of Google. Thus, if you want to get noticed and build brand awareness, having a PPC strategy that supplements your efforts would be highly beneficial for you as well. In the same way, establishing well-strategized social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Twitter for manufacturing companies, will enable prospects to know more about your company from a different angle. Produce visually appealing tips, product features, latest studies, and other information related to your company. Some of the other activities you want to implement are using hashtags to build conversation, form social media groups, host webinars, invite existing and potential customers to follow your social media profiles, among others. 4. Exhibit Your Accolades and Capabilities If you want to appear more reliable, professional, and legitimate, feel free to show off your awards and recognitions over the years through digital marketing. This tactic will build your target market’s trust and confidence in your company and your products’ quality. Prospects can use these as a reference when comparing your company to other manufacturers. News articles and blog posts with images and videos can do the trick. 5. Online Product Demos

  3. Based on research conducted by Think With Google, 70% of YouTube’s viewers look for videos that help with a particular problem related to their hobbies, job, or school. Moreover, a study by Kleiner Perkins revealed that for the past two years, mobile video streaming has skyrocketed to 10 million minutes each day. You can capitalize on these by having online product demos. This way, your prospects can have a better idea of what you’re selling, understand product specs, how they look like zoomed in, and how they can be used. Showcase high-resolution videos with voice-overs and captions to explain and show off your products thoroughly. Demonstrate how you would want customers to use and store your products so that they can imagine themselves doing it as well. While live demos are great, not everyone has the privilege of witnessing it, and people tend to forget about what was discussed quickly. According to a study conducted by Brain Rules, people can only remember around 10% of information three days after hearing them. With a collection of product demos on your website and social media platforms, your target audience can keep going back to them as they’re deciding and contemplating whether to purchase those products or not. Contact Us:

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