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Car Dealerships in Portland on What Makes the 2018 Corvette an Aerodynamic Marvel PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Dealerships in Portland on What Makes the 2018 Corvette an Aerodynamic Marvel

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Car Dealerships in Portland on What Makes the 2018 Corvette an Aerodynamic Marvel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With a design that features an aerodynamic system, the 2018 Corvette performs better than ever. Check it out at Portland, Oregon car dealerships.

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february 23 2018

February 23, 2018

Car Dealerships in Portland on What Makes the 2018

Corvette an Aerodynamic Marvel

To celebrate 65 years of the Corvette and its close ties to the exhilarating sport of racing,

Chevrolet went through great lengths in further refining its already superb performance. The

Grand Sport, in particular, comes with a LT1 V8 engine that yields up to 460 horsepower and

465 lb.-ft. of max torque. It also goes from 0-60 in only 3.6 seconds. Another available trim with

the LT4 V8 offers up to 650 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque as well, but speed and power

are not the only things that makes the 2018 Corvette a beast on the track. Its sophisticated

exterior design has quite a big impact on its abilities, too.

This popular sports car graces the showroom floors of car dealerships in and around Portland,

Oregon with a fresh look that incorporates a patented active aerodynamic system. The system

consists of several aerodynamic-aid elements that will help control the movement of ambient

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airflow relative to the vehicle body said

airflow relative to the vehicle body. Said components would also adjust accordingly to the data

fed into the system.

Carbon Fiber Architecture

Chevrolet engineers opted to use carbon-fiber for the architecture of the 2018 Corvette to

make it lighter. This, along with sharper lines, an air dam, a splitter, a diffuser, a shutter and a

design that favors a convertible top, contributes to overall aerodynamics. A Carbon Fiber

Ground Effects package completes the whole set.

Wider Front Fenders

The 2018 Corvette now sports new Mesh grille and integrated front fender inserts that are

wider compared to the last model. The front fenders increase the airflow for reduced drag at

higher speeds. This also helps the car the ability to accommodate bigger wider wheels and tires

needed for improved handling.

Adjustable Rear Spoiler

Making sure the a powerful sports car has a strong footing and good traction at incredible

speeds is easier with an adjustable rear spoiler. Similar to the spoiler on the Z06, the 2018

Corvette’s spoiler is mounted directly on the rear hatch. This computer controlled spoiler allows

it to provide sufficient downforce whenever needed.

Everything about its design is specifically engineered to give the Corvette superior aerodynamic

capabilities surpassing that of previous iterations and even some of its fiercest rivals. Most

importantly, the new design honors the important part this model played in the history of

racing. Take it out for a test drive at a nearby dealership and see for yourself why the Corvette

remains as the king of the road.

About McLoughlin Chevrolet

Serving Portland, OR and the surrounding areas of Milwaukie, Beaverton and Hillsboro,

McLoughlin Chevrolet is a leading dealership known for our Menu Value Pricing approach. We

don’t only offer a wide inventory of new and used cars, but we also ensure that our clients have

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all the information they need to become smart

all the information they need to become smart buyers. Our sales consultants and managers are

also dedicated to getting our clients the lowest financial rates possible. McLoughlin Chevrolet

also provides auto service to ensure that all clients drive away satisfied with the top-tier

performance of their cars.


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