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Know more about Foreclosures from Tim McCabe PowerPoint Presentation
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Know more about Foreclosures from Tim McCabe

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Know more about Foreclosures from Tim McCabe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know more about Foreclosures from Tim McCabe

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According to Wikipedia, “Foreclosure defense is a term used to describe a set of legal tactics and strategies used by consumer lawyers and advocates to fight and defend lender foreclosure actions.” It is important to know that attorneys are aware of quite a lot of strategies to save our homes from foreclosure. Their work experience can give us the right path to face difficult financial situations.

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Florida homeowners can find a sign of relief as they have ‘Law Office of Timothy McCabe’ at their door step to help them out with foreclosures. Tim McCabe, attorney and owner of ‘Law Office of Timothy McCabe’, explains the foreclosure procedure in a very brief statement. He says, “The state of Florida has a judicial foreclosure process. This means that mortgage companies must file a lawsuit in order to redeem their collateral (your house). In the end, your home may be sold at a public auction to the highest bidder. If no one bids on the house, the bank will take possession. In either case, you will be evicted from your home and forced to live somewhere else.”

“The lender can obtain a judgment against you to recover the deficiency. He has to file a separate motion/lawsuit for a deficiency once the foreclosure sale is complete. The court then holds a hearing to decide if a deficiency judgment can be allowed against you. At the hearing, the lender has to prove that the property value is indeed less than what you owe.

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As a borrower, you have the right to oppose your lender's claim for judgment. You will have to prove that the property is worth more than the outstanding mortgage balance at the time of foreclosure. You can use an appraisal or the tax assessed value of the property to support your claim”, he adds.

We at ‘Law Office of Timothy McCabe’ understand how to help when you are the victim of foreclosure and provide the legal counsel to find a customized solution that’s right for you. No matter how long it takes, we offer a flat fee so you don’t have to fear any additional costs.

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About Law Office of Timothy McCabe

Law Office of Timothy McCabe, Florida's foreclosure specialists, offers flat fee foreclosure defense rates. It is dedicated in protecting the Rights of Florida residents throughout Miami Dade, Palm Beach & Martin Counties. Contact (888) 679-3435 for free consultation.


Phone: (888) 679-3435

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