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Hi Def Auto Spa Offers Permanent Ceramic Coatings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pearl Nano Coating service for 699.99. These coatings normally run for 1500.00 and more. I will perform minor correction service to the exterior and perform the Coating. The coating will protect your vehicle for 2-5 years. No more waxing. Minor scratch resistant, self cleaning just to name a few benefits. Please contact me for more info. 302-233-5933.

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For  More  Info.  Contact  302-­‐233-­‐5933  or  Find  us  on  Facebook.  

Steve  Wood,  owner  of  Hi  Def  Auto  Spa  is  offering  his  

paint   correc:on   and   ceramic   auto   body   coa:ng  

services  to  new  customers  and  local  businesses.  New  

Car/  Used  Car  does  not  maDer.  


  Here   are   6   reasons   why   you   want   to   have   paint  

correc:on   services   and   auto   body   /   glass   coa:ngs  

applied  onto  your  car,  truck,  van,  RV  or  bus?    

1.  The  paint  correc:on  makes  your  car  look  almost  brand  


2.  The  Autobody  coa:ngs  LOCK  IN  the  amazing  work  that  

Steve  performs  on  your  car.    

3.  This  "locking  in"  of  the  paint  correc:on  results  lasts  for  

many  years.  

4.  A  coated  car  stays  clean  for  weeks.    

5.  A  coated  car  is  soooo  much  easier  to  clean  and  water  

sheets  off  of  it.  

 6.  A  coated  windshield  stays  super  hydrophobic  for  2-­‐5+  

years  and  allows  you  to  see  while  driving  in  the  worst  

condi:ons  imaginable.    

Once  people  know  why  these  new  ceramic  auto  body  

&  glass  coa:ngs  are  important,  they  are  willing  to  pay  

the   $650,   $1000,   $2000   it   takes   to   apply   them   on  

their  car.  If  you  are  in  the  Dover  area,  Call  Steve  right  

away  and  schedule  an  appointment  today.    

What  is  Pearl  Nano  Coa:ngs?    people  know  why  these  new  ceramic  auto  body  


Pearl   Nano   Coa:ng   Autobody   formula   contains   both  

hydrophobic   and   hydrophilic   proper:es,   it’s   applica:on   to  

vehicle  paintwork  will  give  you  that  “super  hydrophobic”  visual  

effect,  along  with  superior  scratch  &  abrasion  resistance.  Pearl  

Nano  Base  and  Pro  are  both  designed  to  provide  protec:on  and  

gloss   that   will   surpass   even   the   most   par:cular   clients  



The  best  Non-­‐Solvent  Ceramic  Coa:ng.  No  harsh  fumes,  no  mask  

or   respirators.   Easy   to   use   /   Eco   Friendly   Formula.   Super-­‐

hydrophobic,   Super   glossy.   Forms   a   very   durable   coa:ng   that  

lasts   over   up   to   or   more   than   5   years.   Pencil   hardness   test  

confirms  “Greater  than  9H”  hardness.  Tests  conducted  by  SGS  

and  Assured  Tes:ng  Services.    

If  you  have  just  purchased  a  new  car  or  have  recently,  you  

might  want  to  take  advantage  of  a  Special  on  a  New  service  I'm  

offering.  You  have  seen  post  on  the  Ceramic  Nano  Coa:ngs  I  



For  a  very  short  :me  I  will  offer  this  Coa:ng  service  for  699.99.  

These   coa:ngs   normally   run   for   1500.00   and   more.   I   will  

perform  minor  correc:on  service  to  the  exterior  and  perform  

the  Coa:ng.  The  coa:ng  will  protect  your  vehicle  for  2-­‐5  years.  

No  more  waxing.  Minor  scratch  resistant,  self  cleaning  just  to  

name   a   few   benefits.   Please   contact   me   for   more   info.  


For  a  very  short  :me  I  will  offer  this  Coa:ng  service  for  699.99.  These  coa:ngs  

normally  run  for  1500.00  and  more.  I  will  perform  minor  correc:on  service  to  the  

exterior  and  perform  the  Coa:ng.  The  coa:ng  will  protect  your  vehicle  for  2-­‐5  

years.  No  more  waxing.  Minor  scratch  resistant,  self  cleaning  just  to  name  a  few  


See  what  Pearl  Glass  Coa:ngs  can  do  for  you!!!  Think  safety.  BeDer  

visibility!!  Last  up  to  5  years.  

Also  can  be  applied  to  phones  and  tablets  for  a  scratch  resistant  screen.  

Director  of  Marke:ng  Waterless  Car  Wash  Innovator  

Pearl  Nano  Coa:ngs  Division  Manager  David  EllioD  -­‐  

USA  [email protected]    


If  you  are  interested  in  purchasing  the  Pearl    Nano  

Coa:ngs    products,  please  contact  Dave  and  set  up  a  

:me/  date/  :me  to  meet  –  On  the  phone  or  on  

Skype.  866  285-­‐1051    [email protected]  Ask  about  

ordering  a  sample  kit  and  our  latest  price  list