spotlight on emerging technology online learning in k 12 schools l.
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Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Sc PowerPoint Presentation
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Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Sc

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Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Sc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This presentation discusses the how Learning Management Systems can help create an authentic learning environment for students.

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Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Sc

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    1. Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Schools Maya Fouch March 25, 2011

    2. How do students learn? Students have widely different ways that they can process and organize information, ways to share this information, and ways in which they are engaged (Laureate, Inc., 2009). Present with these learning differences are also many instructional gaps within the same classroom.

    3. How do we bridge the gaps? Technology helps us bridge the gap for students based on individual needs. Infusing technology into daily instruction provides students with authentic learning experiences that appeal to all types of learners- kinesthetic, auditory, and visual (Laureate, Inc., 2009).

    4. Learning Management Systems We have to be lifelong learners in order to be able to adequately meet our students where they are by providing the learning opportunities they need and upon which they will thrive in their culture (Laureate, Inc., 2009). One way to provide new learning opportunities to our students is through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) like RCampus.

    5. RCampus RCampus, developed by educators, is a comprehensive LMS and a collaborative learning environment. Through the use of innovative productivity tools, they are able to connect students and educators with important information crucial to student success while allowing school administrators real-time access to data for better tracking of institutional effectiveness. Educators, students and school administrators can manage courses, build ePortfolios, create websites, join eCommunities, assess school work with rubrics and much more, from a single location.

    6. Benefits of LMS Chat features, discussion boards, blogs, and wikis allow students to interact with peers and promote collaboration by encouraging "sustained, on-task discussion among students" (Lemke & Coughlin, 2009, p. 56).

    7. Benefits of LMS Allowing students to complete activities in a less restrictive environment often allows them to see "…a clear connection between the academic task and the kind of work done in the real world" (Lemke & Coughlin, 2009, p. 56).

    8. Benefits of LMS Using a LMS allows teachers to create product-based assignments where students communicate their understanding of concepts with others and work together towards a common product of understanding. This type of learning prepares students for the demands of a fast-paced, highly collaborative work culture.

    9. *Extras* • Teachers can include a variety of media to appeal to students of different learning styles. • Online quizzes can be given in a comfortable setting with immediate feedback. • Students can view upcoming assignments and unit expectations easily. • Students and faculty can collaborate in a number of ways, through communication tools within their courses, websites, communities, and ePortfolios. • Parents have easy to their child’s academic progress at all times, and they are able to stay up-to-date with classroom activities. • Lifelong access: Never lose access to your work from anywhere. Keep your website, ePortfolios and content forever.

    10. Colleagues may resist… • They may feel like you need to be an expert and tech savvy to be successful using this program. • They may think students have to be on computers all the time. • They may feel like it is just about fun and games, a waste of time, and does not encourage hard work. • They may see this program as one that will change in the next year; therefore, a waste to learn about.

    11. Lifelong Learners • The use of a LMS is another way for educators to offer students the authentic learning environment they need to thrive and be successful. We have to continue searching for the next best tool.

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