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Industry that is Booming - Storage space and warehouse PowerPoint Presentation
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Industry that is Booming - Storage space and warehouse

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Industry that is Booming - Storage space and warehouse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The first self-storage facility started off in Texas in the late 1960s. And in 1970’s it started expanding and today it is a flourishing business where out of 58,000 storage space worldwide, of which 50,000 are located in the US.

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According to a report (June 01, 2006) by Mintel Consulting and in collaboration with the Self Storage Association of the United Kingdom,Space available for rental (approx) in different countries is as follows, USA : 1.6 billion rentable square feetAustralia : 22 million rentable square feetUK : 20 million rentable square feet.The report also states that there are (approx), USA : 41,000 facilities Australia : 1,000 facilities United Kingdom : 700 facilities France : 220 facilities


1960 - The first self-storage facility started off in Texas in the late. 1970 - Started expanding 2010 - It is a flourishing business where out of 58,000storage space worldwide, of which 50,000are located in the US

need for storage space

Need for Storage Space

With the increasing online businesses and rising consumerism; consumer products giants like ebay and Amazon see storage space fulfilling their future space needs to a large extent.

As Morgan Stanley notes, in just one telling index,

"Over the 1996 to 2004 period, annual growth in US personal consumption expenditures averaged 3.9% — nearly double the 2.2% pace recorded elsewhere in the so-called advanced world.”

The amount of space required carry a huge potential for such companies as it is cost benefit and very accessible.

the plus point

The plus point

Along with the commercial use, more and more Americans are using storage spaces for multiple uses from storing furniture to parking vehicles.

It is become a way of life now with more and more people realizing its uses and merits.

Storage industry is growing by leaps and bounds at this pace it looks like there is no stopping.

It was a small idea which has turned in to a huge prospective.


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