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Choosing a cooktop begins in considering which type is best for your kitchen. There are two types of cooktops, one is powered by electricity and the other by gas. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which you have to weigh carefully. For example the electric cooktop may be efficient because it can easily produce heat. However, it may add up to your electricity bill. On the other hand, gas cooktops can help you save on bills. You can also control the heat easily. But gas cooktops heat up slower than its electric counterparts.

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Table of contents

1. Cooktop reviews



2. What is an Induction Cooktops Range?



3. Downdraft cooktop - What you need to know about it … 6

4. Features of an Electric Cooktop



5. Gas Cooktop - Tips on Choosing



6. Ceramic cooktop - the benefits of using

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Cooktops reviews

If you are thinking about buying a cooktop as an alternative

cookware for your kitchen, reading cooktop reviews will greatlyhelp. Finding cooktops is easy because there are lots of themavailable in the market. You will find cooktops in your localappliance store and you can find cooktops in online stores.However, the choices can easily overwhelm any customerespecially if the person is not aware about several points toconsider.

Choosing a cooktop must be done according to your purpose and your cooking needs. If you

haven’t thought about this before or if you do not really have an idea, it would be helpful to readcooktop reviews. Cooktop reviewers tell what a particular cooktop is for. They will tell youeverything, from the products surfaces to the amount of power it can generate. After all, these arepart of the things that you must consider when buying a cooktop.

Reading cooktop reviews will give you enlightenment about a number of things such as the typeof cooktop, the size, the power output and even how much energy it can consume. It will giveyou ideas which type of cooktop will best suit your needs. Below we have made a guideline thatyou will surely find useful when you are about to have a cooktop of your own.

Gas, Electric, or Induction

Choosing a cooktop begins in considering which type is best for your kitchen. There are twotypes of cooktops, one is powered by electricity and the other by gas. Each type has its own setof advantages and disadvantages which you have to weigh carefully. For example the electriccooktop may be efficient because it can easily produce heat. However, it may add up to yourelectricity bill. On the other hand, gas cooktops can help you save on bills. You can also controlthe heat easily. But gas cooktops heat up slower than its electric counterparts.

Induction cooktops are believed to be energy efficient because they have the capability to limitthe heat to the size of the cookware on the surface. The heating device is hidden beneath, they donot use fire, and they do not emit smoke. However, induction cooktops are not as powerful as itsgas counterparts.

Coiled or Smooth Surfaced

The traditional cooktop has a coiled surface where you put your cookware on. Modern cooktopdesigns, particularly induction cooktops, use smooth surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Andbecause modern induction cooktops are sleek, they are becoming a popular choice forhomeowners whose home has a contemporary kitchen theme. The heat source in inductioncooktops is hidden beneath the glass surface. This safety feature is becoming a standard forcooktop manufacturers.

Burner Size


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If you are living with your big family, it is just reasonable to buy a cooktop with a bigger burner.You may have a cooktop with a burner that is 12 inches in diameter. The same principle appliesto small families.

Number of Burners

Again, if you live with your big family, it would be prudent to choose a cooktop that has at leastfour burners. This number can certainly accommodate all your cooking requirements. If youcook often for a larger number of people, six-burner cooktops are available. If you are single andhave limited space, you may be satisfied with two-burner cooktops. It is also interesting note thatthere are single burner cooktops which you can use practically anywhere in your house as longas a power socket is nearby.

Kitchen Size

The size of your kitchen is also an important factor in choosing a cooktop. It is similar to

choosing a unit according to your family size. Typically, a big family dines in a big kitchen.

Therefore a bigger cooktop will easily fit in. The same principles apply to smaller families thathave smaller kitchen space. Measure your countertop where you will put your cooktop; reviewsabout cooktop usually mention the dimensions of the unit so finding the right cooktop size wouldnot be difficult.


If you have culinary skills, controls would mean so much to you. Boiling is different from

simmering, and if your recipes require both of these techniques, you need to control the heat. Ifyou are prospecting a particular cooktop, read reviews about it first. This is a good way for youto determine whether the controls of that unit are functional enough to make you succeed in allyour recipes.

Now that we have tackled the important points to ponder before choosing a cooktop, it is abouttime to look for a particular brand. By this time, reading a review about cooktops becomes evenmore important. As we have mentioned, there are lots of cooktops in the market. Manufacturerscompete with each other, using the features of their products as weapons. While this is goodbecause consumers are able to have plenty of choices, it can become overwhelming too.

The choices can easily make a person go over the budget and end up having a cooktop that he orshe cannot optimally use. Adversely, one might order the cheapest unit that he or she has seen,ending up calling the customer service because the unit does not work. Reading reviews is amust because blindly making a purchase can lead to many problems in the future.

Reviews about cooktops tackle the advantages and disadvantages of a product. This way, youcan compare brands even more resourcefully. Customer reviews are very transparent. They caneasily tell whether they liked a product or not. They can tell whether the unit is not worth itsprice. Sometimes they even recommend products other than what they bought if they think it is abetter buy.

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or just in need of a new cooktop, reviews will

certainly guide you in making the right purchase. Advertisements are made to sell a product andthat is what makes them unfit to be used as guides when you are choosing a unit. Cooktopreviews are the right materials to read.


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What is an Induction Cooktops Range? reasonable to buy a cooktop with a bigger burner.

Cooking is a science as well as an art which is agreed by many of us.

Cooking does require a lot of patience and precision. That is why many ofthe cooking industry professionals require high quality and mostadvanced cooking equipments, and cookware. Induction cooktops arepreferred by many such professionals in their kitchens. They are verypopular in regular households also. Induction cooktops increases the

productivity by achieving superior results. So let us now understand what induction cooking is. Ithas been used widely by a number of people in restaurants as well as in households, but hasbecome popular very recently.

Initially induction cooking ranges were out of reach of common people due its higher prices, butwith improvement in technology this form of cooking has become accessible to many cookingenthusiasts. With the availability of new ideas and designs in induction ranges it has becomestandard equipment in many of the new kitchens. Induction cooking uses induction heatingtechnology which directly heats the cookware, unlike the regular electric or gas burners where inheat is transferred from an electric coil or burning gas. To be able to use an induction range, theinduction cookware must be made from special ferromagnetic metal. Non induction basecookware needs to be placed on an interface disk to be able to use on induction surfaces.

An induction cooktop consists of a cooper coil which is placed under the cooking pot. An

electric current travels through this coil producing a magnetic field. This magnetic field inducesan electric currant in the pot. The current in the pot produces resistive heat which helps inheating food. The current produced is large but with low voltage. A lot of induction rangereviews helps the reader in deciding on which cooking range to buy. Some of the advantages ofinduction cooking are that it is very energy efficient and also cooks faster as compared to thetraditional forms of cooking. Traditional cooking ranges use flames or hot heating elementswhich are prone to burns while cooking. In the induction cooking range it heats only thecookware reducing the chance of burns. The surface of the induction range only heats once it isin contact with the induction cookware.

Due to direct heat from the cooktop chefs can have full control over their cooking, providing

quality and flavor to their dishes. Induction cooking does not heat up the air around the cookingvessel thus improving energy efficiency. The cookware used in the induction hobs are similar tothat used on electric hobs. These compatible cookwares are marked with a special symbol toindicate compatibility. One can order these types of cookware at number of online stores. Pansmade from cast iron, or any black metal will work on an induction range, the same applies forstainless steel pans only if the base of the pans is of magnetic grade.

Some of the benefits of induction cooktops are:

• They cook very fast and any change in temperature is reflected instantly as compared toceramic elements.

• Very safe to use in households as it reduces the chances of kitchen accidents like burns. Mostof the induction cookers come with auto switches that detects when nothing is there on theelement, thus reducing wastage of energy.

Disadvantages of induction cooking:


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• Induction hobs are slightly expensive as compared to traditional cooking ranges. They require aspecial cookware suitable for induction cooking with a ferrous bottom to transfer heat rapidly.

• Certain designs of cookware cannot be placed on the induction range, like rounded woks.

• Finding the cooking zone on the cooktop can be tedious as there are no marks on them toidentify the cooking zone.

Induction cooktops can have multiple cooking elements on them. According to the needs and

requirements of the user one can review a number of induction cooking hobs and then zero in tobuy an ideal cooktop. Induction cooking includes a clean and energy efficient cookingexperience full of great ideas to look forward to. This form of cooking is a new and interestingway to explore the kitchen. So go ahead, and order yourself an induction cooktop which willchange the way you cook with less hassles and cleaning.


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Downdraft cooktop - What you need to know traditional cooking ranges. They require aabout it

The downdraft cooktop is a useful tool for many cooks who need a proper ventilation duringcooking. It saves space because you won’t be required to have either a vent hood or anotherspace consuming ventilation system in place. There a number of advantages and disadvantagesof this vent system. This means you should consider all to ensure you choose this option only ifit is favorable to you.

Modular Downdraft Cooktop

This approach allows you to mix and also match what you have inyour home. You simply choose what complements the appearanceof your kitchen. You have the freedom to decide whether to have

the modular cooktop by itself or with an oven. This helps you savemoney because you choose only what you want. It ensures you canpreserve your kitchen space by getting only what you will be


This product comes in two options. You can either choose an electric or gas cooktop. The choicesolely depends on the buyer.

Gas Downdraft cooktop

There are several gas cooktops available that have the downdraft feature. You should howeverbuy what is sure to give you full satisfaction. Consider your basic requirements in relation to theproduct. There are also numerous reviews you can read online and get ideas as to the best gasmodel. Ensure that you do not make your decisions from reviews only. Remember that what areview might look for in the product is not what you might look for. Consider what you needfrom the item.

If you need it to save space, purchase a space saving one. It should literally make sense as far asyour needs are concerned. Reviews should help you get a rough idea of the product. You shoulduse them to identify how easy it might be to use the item, the quality etc. Reviews are written bypeople who have their own biases and interests, and they might not be always right.

Electric downdraft cooktop

Electricity is the fuel of choice in many communities. It is more comfortable to use and cooksalways feel safer without any open cooking flame. They come with numerous control gadgetsthat make them easy to use.

However, like any other product, electric cooktops have their disadvantages too. The primaryproblem is that reaction time is slow. This may increase the cooking time and it isinconveniencing especially if you are in a hurry. There is an expensive solution to this problemin the electric induction element. The option uses magnetism and it gives you precise control ofthe burner, but it is expensive.


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How does a downdraft vent work? traditional cooking ranges. They require a

The vent in this item is what distinguishes it from a vent hood. The vent hood usually takes awaythe heat and odors rising up in the air. The downdraft vent basically creates a draft that sucksodors and heat downwards. It then emits them out through an inbuilt venting system. This meansthe vent has to lead outside. When the vent leads out, the difference in pressure formed creates adraft. You are therefore required to find a mechanism to have the vent system lead outside.

You need to choose a downdraft cooktop that won’t inconvenience you when it comes to

installation. Choose the models rated for your purpose, either residential or commercial. Do notorder a commercial one for residential purposes. This is because it might require addition ofother things like a firewall or other fire-resistant surfaces to guarantee your safety. Cleaning isalso another important factor to consider. Choose that product which is easy to clean, bychecking how the unit can be cleaned before buying.

Selecting the best downdraft burner should not be difficult after defining the basics. Many sellersoffer a wide range of products and choosing the best should not be difficult. If you choose a gasfueled burner, consider the sealed ones. It is important to look for models that come withdifferent sizes of elements. If you have chosen an electric one, choose the one easy to clean. Gofor more modern glass products compared to the traditional coil ones. Again, reading a qualityreview can work in your favor, to ensure you choose only the best cooktop.


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Features of an Electric Cooktop traditional cooking ranges. They require a

Cooktops are one of the most essential appliances in the kitchen.

They have been evolving over the years with the manufacturers aiming to produce cooktops thatoffer more functions that meets diverse consumer requirements. Today, electric cooktops arenot only mere cooking appliances but also something that beautifies our kitchen as well as givingour kitchen a stylistic outlook. Most of the electric cooktops models available in the markettoday have advanced features such as temperature control units, different burner configurations,digital control panels and smooth tops.

An electric cooktop may have some similar characteristics withgas cooktop but it is the most preferred choice by homeownersbecause it is safe, its cooking performance is more consistent, itheats up faster than gas-powered cooktop, and less hazardous.Definitely if you are upgrading kitchen appliances, one of the great

ideas to start with is to order a cooktop. An electric powered cooktop is more advantageous thanother types of cooktops for one, they are stylish. Secondly they rhyme excellently well with mostinterior kitchen designs. Thirdly, they cook food evenly and heat up quickly thereby saving a lotof time. Therefore if your current cooking appliance is inefficient then buy an electric cooktop sothat you can lessen the time you spend in cooking meals. Finally these electric cooktops are easyto clean. Here is a review of enticing features that are found in most electric cooktops.


Different electric powered cooktop models have different sizes but range from 30 inches to 36inches. In addition most cooktops can have either a coil surface or a smoothtop surface. Asmoothtop surface cooktop is typically made up of ceramic or steel and is generally good-looking as well as easy to clean. On the other hand, coil surface cooktops are more popular thansmoothtop since they are more efficient and have removable parts and frames which makes themmore easier to clean.

Changeable Settings

Most electric cooktops have variable-size elements that enable one to change a cooktop’s

settings to match with the size of any pot or pan. In addition, an electric powered cooktop hasbridge elements and warming zones that allow usage of irregular pans and pots. Such variable-size features are very vital in any electrical appliance since the minimize power usage. With acooktop that uses electricity you can adjust the power so as to meet specific cooking temperatureneeds. For example, high temperatures for faster cooking or simmer temperatures for keepingsauces hot. Most electrical cooktops can automatically detect the size of the pan and hence

automatically adjust their burner settings to fit according to the size of the pan.


If you want to buy a cooktop that is safe to use and energy saving then consider an electric

powered cooktop. The possibility of an electric powered cooktop igniting fire in your kitchen is


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very low since it does not emit flames like a gas powered cooktop. Furthermore the likelihood ofgas cylinder exploding somehow greater than having faults in the electricity which makeselectric cooktop safer. An electric powered cooktop is an extremely efficient energy consumersince it emits heat in a very concentrated area thereby speeding up cooking time and minimizingthe heat lost in the air.


Electric cooktop installation is much easier than gas cooktop installation. It requires less

attachments and the process usually takes less time to carry out. What you need to consider firstis where to install it. It should be installed at a specific overhead distance, particularly if thelocation above it consists of wooden cabinets. Secondly place your cooktop near to the socket soas to avoid straining the power cords. Anyone can install an electric powered cooktop since itswires or cords are colour-coded and hence one simply connects the matching colours together.Most of electric cooktop manufacturers try as much as possible to design cooktops that meet theelectrical requirements provided in an area. Therefore before you order your electrical cookingappliance you should check whether its voltage and wattage requirements can be met by thepower provided by the national grid

That all for this brief review of an electric-powered cooktop. These excellent ideas will guide

you while buying electric cooking appliance. You can as well do more research so as to get moreinformation about different brands. Place an order or buy an appliance that meets your needssufficiently. Read reviews of various brands so as to get inner features of each cooktop brand.


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Gas Cooktop - Tips on Choosing cooktop. Furthermore the likelihood of

Many kitchens usually feature gas ranges that combine an ovenand burners in one unit. However, gas cooktops are increasing inpopularity simply because they fit precisely into a countertop.They also allow space for a storage cupboard. These products arepopular with cooks because they give room for more accuratetemperature control and cooking time.

There are a couple of choices if you are a homeowner who needs

this product. You can either go for sealed burners or open burners. Each has its characteristics.The open burner is a bit traditional, having drip pans on the underneath. They are always openunderneath the cooktop, they are cheaper but cleaning them is an issue. A gas cooktopwith openburners needs replacing of the drip pans from time to time.

The sealed burner has the heating element centrally placed in the burner. The burner coils at itstop are centrally placed too. Due to this element having been set in the cooktop’s actual surface,spills never seep under it. Clean-up is easier and the drip pans do not need replacement.

Tips on Choosing a Gas Cooktop

There are several considerations you have to make if you want to buy the best product. You wantwhat offers full satisfaction, and some of the requirements can only be decided by you.

You should take the measurement of the countertop on where to install the new gas cooktop. Thedimensions of your old cooktop should also be taken, to give you a rough idea in regard to thesize of the product you are out to purchase.

The design of your kitchen and the decoration too are important factors to consider. The modelyou choose should fit your kitchen appearance. It should match the colors, the design and thematerial of all other appliances you have in the kitchen. This is crucial to ensure the cooktop youorder blends and complements the general appearance of your kitchen. They come in a variety offinishes, colors and designs and this gives freedom to choose from a wide range of products.

How many burners do you need? They usually come in numbers starting from two to eight. Thisis also dependent on the countertop size of where to place your cooktop. A two burner model issmaller than a eight burner one, hence ensure size is borne in mind. Heat output is also a crucialconsideration to make to ensure you buy an effective burner. A burner having a high heat outputis ideal for searing and stir-frying foods or basically boiling water fast.

Ventilation is another feature important to consider. Reading different reviews in relation to anygas cooktop can help you get ideas as to which model gives the best ventilation option. Choosinga model with downdraft ventilation is advisable in-case you want it installed on a kitchen island.This feature is built-into several cooktops.

Clean-up must be borne in mind when purchasing your cooktop. Models offering easy clean-upare the best. Some of the models come with standard burners completely sealed. The sealingprevents any spills or food particles from working their way underneath your cooktop.


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The best model should provide you with special features to ensure the cooking process is easierand enjoyable too. A model with a custom barbeque grill, griddle or burner can save you a lot ofwork. Models with features like high heating or decreased heating help you choose the burnersuited to your type of cooking.

The kitchen exhaust system is another crucial factor to consider. You should choose a model thathas a built-in exhaust vent incase the range hood of your kitchen isn’t efficient. If you do not likethe idea of an overhead vent, a model with this built-in exhaust vent would be ideal.

Again, research is very important when it comes to choosing cooktop brands, features or modelsthat suit your needs. Reading different reviews available online can give you valuable ideas onthe best ones to choose. Going to a physical store is also important. It gives you freedom toscrutinize closely and also test the model you wish to buy. If you decide to buy it online, ensureyou determine different costs like shipping fees, return prices, warranty policies among otherthings.


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Ceramic cooktop - the benefits of using ensure the cooking process is easier

Investing in a nicely made ceramic cooktop will enable you to createthe food that you need throughout the week. There are many differenttypes of cooktops out there, and it is all about finding the right one thatfits your lifestyle in the kitchen. For those who do not know, ceramiccooktops are just like ordinary cooktops, except they are known forbeing more efficient and definitely more durable to use. They areusually just plain black colored, and then you can place your pans andpots on them. They have specially made material which enables you tocook the pots and pans in a secure manner.

What Are The Benefits Of Using These Cooktops?

There are literally so many benefits, so here’s a quick outline on just a few of the benefits:

 Affordable

This may not seem to be a part of the cooktop, but this type of cooktop because it is so

affordable. It is not tough to buy at all, and the small investment needed on the small models aredefinitely going to be worth it.

 Saves Energy

These cooktops can also help you to save energy in your home. This is done because it turns onand off in order to manage the heat that is sent out to the pots and pans. Usually other cooktopswould just go on even if the pots and pans were already being heated up too much. The heat thatis transferred is also done much faster than normal. You can save so much money in the long runwhen it comes down to the overall amount of energy that you are using for your home.

 Easier To Clean

These cooktops are usually much easier to clean than normal. The reason to this is because theyare much smoother and require no problems at all to wipe off. They require very littlemaintenance throughout the week, and it is surely going to be easy for you in the long run.

The Cons Of Using Cooktops That Are Ceramic

The only con that you may experience is a difficulty in using the cooktop. For most people, theyget used to other forms of cooktops, so when they get to this kind, they end up strugglingbecause they don’t know how to use it that well. By knowing exactly how it works and readingthrough the instructions carefully, you can be sure to succeed at using the cooktop effectively.

Another con that you may experience is the unknown look of whether it is hot or not. Since thelook of the cooktop stays the same, people who are clueless about the situation can burnthemselves. It is important to have a sign that says near the cooktop, “It is currently being

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heated.” Doing this will allow for you to benefit from the ceramic cooktop without hurtinganybody.

How To Care For These Cooktops

Use Cleaning Solution

Using this type of solution is nice because it can remove all the dirt that it has gained throughoutthe week. Cleaning it around twice a week could be good enough, but once a week is all youneed to do. As long as you don’t dirty it up, then a few times a month is all you need. Thesolution will help remove every dirt inside that has piled up.

Avoid Abrasive Items

If you use abrasive items, it can cause for your cooktop to breakdown or lose most of its energy.Avoid Abrasive items to help keep the cooktop clean and new. This also helps in keeping itlasting long for the next upcoming years.

A ceramic cooktop could be the only thing missing in your home. Too often, people think thatthe ordinary cooktops are already good enough, but if you want something different to be in yourkitchen, then investing in a nice cooktop made out of ceramic materials is a good idea. Manyhomeowners are making this their main way to get their food cooked. They are not only good foryour food, but also good for your electricity bill as well. While there are a few precautions thatneed to be remembered, you need to know that it is still very worth the investment.