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We provide you Laser Writer Printer Technical Support Phone Number 1-877-587-1877 for better tech support and customer service.Sometimes you are facing lots of technical issue to the printer,like printer not working properly,paper jams problems,not printing on the right commands,other various technical problems.So we provide you Technical Support Phone Number to Resolve your Problems easily.

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Laser writer printer technical support phone number ppt

The Laser Writer is a laser printer with built-in Post Script interpreter introduced by

Apple Computer in 1985. It was one of the first laser printers available to the mass

market. In combination with WYSIWYG publishing software like Page Maker, that

operated on top of the graphical user interface of Macintosh computers, the Laser

Writer was a key component at the beginning of the desktop publishing revolution.

Development of laser printing:

Laser printing traces its history to efforts by Gary Stark weather at Xerox in 1969,

which resulted in a commercial system called the Xerox 9700. IBM followed this with

the IBM 3800 system in 1976. Both machines were large, room-filling devices

handling the combined output of many users. During the mid-1970s, Canon started

working on similar machines, and partnered with Hewlett-Packard to produce 1980's

HP 2680, which filled only part of a room. Other copier companies also started

development of similar systems.

HP introduced their first desktop model with a Ricoh engine for $12,800 in 1983. Sales

of the non-networked product were unsurprisingly poor. In 1983 Canon introduced

the LBP-CX, a desktop laser printer engine using a laser diode and featuring an output

resolution of 300 dpi. In 1984, HP released the first commercially available system

based on the LBP-CX, the HP Laser Jet.

Laser writer printer technical support phone number ppt

Script interpreter introduced by Hardware

The Laser Writer used the same Canon CX printing engine as the HP Laser Jet, and

as a consequence early Laser WriterserWriters and Laser Jets shared the same toner

cartridges and paper trays.[13] Post Script is a complete programming language that

has to be run in a suitable interpreter and then sent to a software rasterizer program,

all inside the printer. To support this, the Laser Writer featured a Motorola 68000

CPU running at 12 MHz, 512 KB of work space RAM, and a 1 MB frame buffer.[14]

At introduction, the Laser Writer had the most processing power in Apple’s product

line—more than the 8 MHz Macintosh. As a result, the Laser Writer was also one of

Apple's most expensive offerings. For implementation purposes, the Laser Writer

employed a small number of medium-scale-integration Monolithic Memories Pals,

and no custom LSI, whereas the Laser Jet employed a large number small-scale-

integration Texas Instruments 74-Series gates, and one custom LSI. The Laser Writer

was, thereby, in the same form factor (for its RIP), able to provide much greater

function, and, indeed, much greater performance, all within the very same LBP-CX

form factor, although the external packaging was, for marketing purposes, somewhat


Laser writer printer technical support phone number ppt

Script interpreter introduced by Networking:

Since the cost of a LaserWriter was several times that of a dot-matrix impact printer,

some means to share the printer with several Macs was desired. LANs were complex and

expensive, so Apple developed its own networking scheme, LocalTalk. Based on the

AppleTalk protocol stack, LocalTalk connected the LaserWriter to the Mac over an RS-422

serial port. At 230.4 kbit/s LocalTalk was slower than the Centronics PC parallel interface,

but allowed several computers to share a single LaserWriter. PostScript enabled the

LaserWriter to print complex pages containing high-resolution bitmap graphics, outline

fonts, and vector illustrations. The LaserWriter could print more complex layouts than the

HP Laserjet and other non-Postscript printers. Paired with the program Aldus PageMaker,

the LaserWriter gave the layout editor an exact replica of the printed page. The

LaserWriter offered a generally faithful proofing tool for preparing documents for

quantity publication, and could print smaller quantities directly. The Mac platform quickly

gained the favor of the emerging desktop-publishing industry, a market in which the Mac

is still important.

Laser writer printer technical support phone number ppt


Problem No. 1 Why do I get an incorrect printout?

Solution No. 1 Some possible reasons are:

You may have chosen Binary encoding to print the file. Try to use ASCII encoding.

Some of the fonts in your print file may not be supported by the printer . Try selecting

laser Writer 7 instead of LaserWriter8.

Problem No. 2 Can’t find the IOPRINT+ Print Server’s name in the chooser.

Solution No. 2 Try the following:

1. Make sure that Apple Talk is on (the button next to Active is highlighted in the chooser)

2.Make sure the printer has been on and in the READY state for a few minutes.

3.Make sure the printer has not been renamed since its last appearance in the Chooser.

4.If the printer resides on a network with multiple ones, make sure the correct zone is

selected from the Apple Talk Zones box in the Chooser.

Laser writer printer technical support phone number ppt

Problem No. 3 My document didn’t print to the right printer.

Solution No. 3 Check the following:

Another IOPRINT+ Print Server with the same name

may have received your print job. Use the PSTOOL to

reconfigure your IOPRINT+ Print Server name and

ensure all IOPRINT+ Print Servers have unique


Make sure your application output encode is set to

ASCII. If not, change it to ASCII.

Problem No. 4 My file doesn’t print with the correct fonts.

Solution No. 4 Try changing your printer driver to Laser Writer 7.

Problem No. 5 My EPS file doesn’t print with the correct fonts.

Solution No. 5 This is a problem that occurs in some application

programs. Try downloading the fonts contained in the

EPS file before printing the saved EPS file.

Laser writer printer technical support phone number ppt

Problem No. 6 to the right printer. I can’t select the “Remaining from:” item in the print

dialog box.

Solution No. 6 If you have selected the Layout value, 2 Up, or 4 Up, you

cannot access the Remaining from: item. Choose other


Problem No. 7 A cover page prints either on the first or the last page

of the document.

Solution No. 7 Select one of these solutions

Turn the cover page feature off.

· Insert extra page breaks in your document to avoid the

cover page printing on the first or last page of your


· Install the Apple Laser Writer 7 driver. You are having

trouble printing with the Apple Laser Writer 8 driver.

Laser writer printer technical support phone number ppt

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES to the right printer.

CALL US : 1-877-587-1877

Laser writer printer technical support phone number ppt

THANK YOU to the right printer.