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Sacramento Dog Training

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The reward-based system is just one of the techniques employed any good home-based dog training courses available. Sacramento Dog Training opens up the lines of communication between you and your dog. A real form of two way communication is established through positive non violent dog training. You and your dog will learn to interact with each other in a mutually respectful manner, based on co-operation and understanding. Browse this site http://germandogtrainingcenter.com/sacramento-schutzhund-training/ for more information on Sacramento Dog Training.Follow Us: http://marysvilledogtraining.tumblr.com\nhttps://www.crunchbase.com/person/marysville-german-shepherd-breeder#/entity\nhttps://www.clippings.me/marysvilledog\nhttp://marysvilledogtraining.pressfolios.com/

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yuba city dog training

Yuba City Dog Training

Every German Shepherd puppy from my kennel is vaccinated, wormed, tattooed and temperament tested before leaving my kennel. My selective breeding program includes only 100% German bloodlines. German imports are used in my breeding program to maintain the German standard and I continually strive to do my part to improve the breed. I raise my German Shepherd puppies with much love and care, in a home environment to ensure proper socialization and so that I can continually evaluate each of the German Shepherd Puppies that I breed. I have a lot of experience evaluating puppies and I use my experience to ensure that each puppy and new owner are a perfect match. It is important to me that both owner and Puppy are happy with each other. Each German Shepherd Puppy vom Heidelberger Schloss comes with a written health and hip guarantee, as well as guidance and advice for the life of your dog. Every German Shepherd puppy from my kennel is vaccinated, wormed, tattooed and temperament tested before leaving my kennel.

sacramento german shepherd puppies
Sacramento German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies make excellent family companions, protection dogs, sport dogs and can virtually perform just about any job you can think of. The German Shepherd Dog is an intelligent and noble breed, that does well in a variety of living situations. Whether you are an individual looking to buy a dog to perform as a sport companion, looking for a best friend, a family looking for a dog to watch over the kids, a personal protection dog to keep you safe; my kennel has a German Shepherd Puppy that will fulfill your every need..

sacramento german shepherd puppies1

Picking up your German Shepherd Puppy from the German Dog Training Center is extremely easy for those located in Northern California. The facility is easily accessible from Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area, Chico, and Redding; located only 45 miles North of Sacramento.

For those who live farther away, arrangements can be made to ship your German Shepherd Puppy to an airport near you. Before being shipped by plane, each German Shepherd Puppy receives a health certificate from a Veterinarian to ensure that the puppy is healthy and ready for the flight.

Sacramento German Shepherd Puppies
sacramento dog training

Thomas Sauerhoefer has over 30 years experience in Schutzhund Training. He has put 350 titles on dogs in Germany and America. Thomas is a specialist in Schutzhund protection work, especially problem dogs. Helping weak dogs with bite problems, and dogs with no outs. He is an expert for both show and working lines.

Sacramento Dog Training

This working dog sport offers an opportunity for dog owners to train their dog and compete with each other for recognition of both the handler’s ability to train and the dog’s ability to perform as required. It is a sport enjoyed by persons of varied professions, who join together in a camaraderie born of their common interest in working with their dogs. Persons of all ages and conditions of life — even those with significant disabilities — enjoy Schutzhund as a sport. Often, it is a family sport.

sacramento dog training1
Sacramento Dog Training

From a BH to Schutzhund 3, I will train your dog to achieve the best score the dog is capable of handling. If the dog fails during a trial when attempting to earn a BH or Schutzhund title, I guarantee that I will continue to work and train the dog until we pass. Your dog and I are a team when we are out on the field and I will work to the best of my ability to make sure that we both perform at our best level.

yuba city dog training1
Yuba City Dog Training

The German Dog Training Center is Northern California’s Premier German Shepherd Personal Protection Training Facility

Having a dog that can not only be a family companion, but a protector can bring you piece of mind and security.

Personal Protection Level I – $2,500

A personal protection level I dog is trained to protect you and your family on command. The dog is trained to bark and hold and keep a threat at bay, while primarily acting as a deterrent to would be assaulters.

Personal Protection Level II – $4,500

A personal protection level II dog is trained to bite on command and release on command when handler is near the dog.

Personal Protection Level III – $6,000

A personal protection level III dog is trained to bite and release on command and can be sent out to bite and release on command from a distance.

yuba city dog training2
Yuba City Dog Training

Personal Protection Training is available for German Shepherds and other breed at the German Dog Training Center. Serving Sacramento, Yuba City, Marysville, Roseville, Folsom, Woodland, Davis and Elk Grove.

yuba city dog training3
Yuba City Dog Training

German Shepherd Working Lines For Sale

Zwingervom Heidelberger Schloss has an excellent selection of proven top working line German Shepherd puppies and adults. Click here to see a video of Riggorvom Heidelberger Schloss, one of the top working prospect German Shepherd puppies that has come out of the Zwingervom Heidelberger Schloss German Shepherd Puppy breeding program. More videos can be seen on the Progeny page of German Shepherd puppies and young adults that are progressing well in various working sports.

German Shepherd Show Lines For Sale

These beautiful dogs not only show what a German Shepherd should look like, they posses working ability as well. These dogs make great family companions as well as show and prospects. Their bloodlines are full of top placing conformation dogs that perform well in working events as well. Sacramento German Shepherd Puppies and Training is available for all breeds.

yuba city dog training4
Yuba City Dog Training