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Essential Management skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Essential Management skills

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Essential Management skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Essential Management skills

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  1. Essential Management Skills © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  2. Objectives Understand how business professionals think Learn how to implement and maintain effective processes and procedures Gain understanding of the basics of financial management Review your time management skills Understand the importance of effective and appropriate delegation © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  3. Basic management skills and competencies © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  4. 8 ‘Cs’ of business thinking 1. Customers 2. Competencies 3. Costs 4. Competition 5. Channels 6. Communications 7. Change 8. Cash © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  5. Managing your team as a business Identify and communicate: Responsibilities Deliverables Expectations Clear, well-written reports Understanding and completion of business- focused activities Meeting SLAs and OLAs Professional development © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  6. Consider this A good outsourcer tells their customers about the value they provide for the money they require. They are willing to be evaluated on their ability to meet predetermined and agreed upon performance measurements. Your team/department must be willing and able to do the same. © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  7. Processes and procedures Processes and procedures define how we are supposed to be doing our work Documenting and following them will: Ensure a better-quality, consistent and efficient service Create a resourceful environment - people are more productive Build the confidence of support Build the confidence of customers © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  8. Identifying, defining and developing 1. Is the process important for the business goals? 2. Is there onlyone person who knows how to perform a task? 3. Do manypeople perform a task, but one way is preferred? questions, you need to define your processes If you can answer “Yes” to any one of these © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  9. Benefits By identifying, defining and developing processes and procedures you will: Provide visibility into areas of quality, productivity, cost and scheduling Improve communication and understanding Assist with the planning and execution of plans Provide information on areas requiring improvement (through lessons learned) Help facilitate the analysis and/or execution of organisation-wide processes Provide a sound basis for training and skills assessment © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  10. Policy, process and procedure definitions 1. Policy. A set of ideas or a plan of what to do in particular situations that has been agreed officially 2. A processdefines “what” needs to be done and which roles are involved 3. A proceduredefines “how” to do the task and usually only applies to a single role © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  11. Should have… Every IT Service Management team should have documented standard processes and procedures to cover their routine activities. Every team should also have processes and procedures to cover abnormal/unusual situations or events. © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  12. Financial management This requires basic understanding of: The cost of providing IT services in your organisation The alignment and apportionment of IT services costs to business processes How your team provides value for money Your team’s cost in helping the organisation achieve its objectives © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  13. Financial management - the activities  The ABC of financial management Accounting Budgeting Costing/charging © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  14. Return on Investment Return on investment (ROI) is a method that all businesses use to justify the investments they are making One formula for calculating ROI is: value-cost / cost x 100 © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  15. Budgeting terminology These are everyday financial terms used by all departments Capital costs Operating costs Fixed costs Variable costs Direct costs Indirect costs © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  16. Costing and charging How costs of services are determined Options available for charging for services Value and benefits of charging for services © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  17. Charging options Cost – the price we charge is the cost we incur Cost plus– the cost we incur plus or minus x% Going rate– the price we charge is comparable to those of other internal teams or similar organisations Market rate– the price we charge matches that charged by external suppliers Fixed price– a set price agreed with the customer for a set period of time © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  18. Writing a business case A business case is a structured proposal for business improvement that should be a decision-making aid for your organisation’s decision-makers Its purpose is to provide sufficient information to enable them to reach the most appropriate decisions © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  19. Producing a business case Identification of tangible benefits of your proposal Identification of intangible benefits Identification of quantifiable (tangible) savings over a specified period of time ROI report - written in business language Options and recommendations with associated benefits clearly documented Business presentation to summarise and sell your proposal © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  20. Personal time management You are at your most efficient the day before you start your annual leave. If you really want to, you can be this well-organised every day. © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  21. Two questions 1.What would happen if we spent company money with as little regard and as few safeguards as we spend company time? 2.When was the last time you formally reviewed how your time is spent? © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  22. The F words The three F words are Effective - having a definite or desired effect Efficient - productive with minimum waste or effort Effortless - seemingly without effort; natural, easy Personal time management How you apply these F Words to yourself and your daily routine © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  23. Developing good personal time management Identify your current habits Identify your PAY Identify your timewasters © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  24. Typical timewasters Emails Phone calls Not saying ‘no’ enough Meetings Procrastination Changing activity Inefficient manager Monitoring staff Staff training and development Long-term objectives Deadlines Unrealistic deadlines © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  25. Solutions Diarise Manage expectations Urgent vs important Organising your activities Prioritising Validating Clean and tidy environment Delegating Quiet time Report writing Project management approach © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  26. Delegation One of the most important management skills Delegation NOT abdication NOTE: it is not a technique for freeing up your time © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  27. Good delegation Saves time Develops people Grooms successors Motivates people © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  28. Poor delegation causes Frustration Demotivation Confusion And will fail to achieve the required task or purpose © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  29. Indispensable means un-promotable Effective delegation is crucial for effective succession A manager’s key task is ultimately to develop a successor © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  30. How to delegate properly Delegation by results: "Can you do...... for me, and get back with...... by half past..... Thank you.” (Still requires planning, with clear and achievable targets and goals identified) NOTE: The person delegated to must have the skills required for the task, or access to them © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  31. At all costs avoid soft options e.g. "as soon as you can" "there's no great hurry" "let me know when you have finished" "do your best" These do not help the person allocated the task © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  32. Delegation and SMARTER Any task delegated must be ‘SMARTER’ Specific Measurable Agreed Realistic Timescaled Ethical Recorded © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  33. Essential feedback We need to know – What customers (and colleagues) need from our team Customer and colleague perceptions of the services currently received © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  34. The 9 steps of successful delegation 1. Define the task 2. Select the individual or team 3. Assess ability and training needs 4. Explain the reasons 5. State required results 6. Consider resources required 7. Agree deadlines 8. Support and communicate 9. Feedback on results © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  35. Levels of delegation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Instruction only Investigation and analysis only Analysis and decision a shared process Greater freedom on analysis and decision-making Analysis and recommendation – but decision made by boss Trusted to assess the situation and options but boss controls timing The delegated person begins to control the action Delegated person decides and takes action – reports back to boss on outcome Delegated person decides and takes action – not required to check back with boss 10. Delegated person is given strategic responsibility 6. 7. 8. 9. © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  36. Summary Basic management skills and competencies Definitions of policy, process and procedure Implementing and maintaining effective processes and procedures IT Financial management basics; the ABC of financial management; commonly used terminology  Personal time management The Eff words: Effective; Efficient; Effortless Timewasters and time stealers Delegation using SMARTER; 9 steps of successful delegation; levels of delegation © 2016 Marval Software Limited

  37. Thank you for watching © 2016 Marval Software Limited