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Year 10 Visit PowerPoint Presentation
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Year 10 Visit

Year 10 Visit

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Year 10 Visit

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    Slide 1:Year 10 Visit - Church of England

    Slide 2:Church of England Info- Leaders

    Spiritual leader = The Archbishop of Canterbury. Supreme Governor = Monarch. 1) The C of E breaks down the whole of England into two PROVINCES; York and Canterbury, which each have an Archbishop. 2) In each province, there are about 20 DIOCESES, which have BISHOPS. 3) In each diocese there are many PARISHES, which have PRIESTS.

    Slide 3:Church of England Info - Worship

    1) C of E worship is mainly lead by the Book of Common Prayer 2) In worship, they regularly have a sermon from the minister, hymns and meet every Sunday morning and some evenings and some days in the week. 3) They do perform holy communion, and they believe that the bread and the wine represents the body and blood, not that it turns into the body and blood.

    Slide 4:Our visit

    During an R.E. lesson on a Wednesday, Robbie. D, Tom. W and Sam. S organised a visit to a local Anglican church. We went to St.Thomas church Salisbury and met the Reverend David Linaker. He showed us around the church and taught us the way in which the Anglican church is laid out and the way in which Anglicans live and worship etc.

    Slide 5:Our visit - What we learnt

    There were certain aspects of our visit that were unique and helped us learn aspects in a deeper and different way. When we went in the vestry (behind the scenes), we learnt a lot about the clothes that Anglican leaders wear. Because the Reverend let one of our class try them on. Also we had a question answer session, were we could ask any questions about the Anglican Church and we would get a detailed answer.

    Slide 6:Our visit - What we learnt

    We also learnt the Anglican views on Communion, which were that it is thought as symbolism, rather than being literal. We learnt the Anglican views on the Bible. The Bible is the map of how to live life. The font is the first thing seen when coming into the church, because Baptism is seen as entry into the Church. It is also the cleansing of sins. The pulpit and lectern is important as it is how the Minister spreads the word of God and sometimes interprets the bible for Christians.

    Slide 7:The Anglican Church Visit

    Slide 8:Many Thanks

    Thanks to Reverend David Linaker for letting us visit St. Thomas church, and for teaching us about aspects of the church. Thanks to Ms Power and to Dr.Smallwood for letting us go to the Church. Thanks to Tom Weir for doing the majority of the organising.