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Review 1. Chapters 1 – 8 . Test 1. Format 30 multiple choice questions 3 numerical Speed, distance, time Kepler’s 3 rd Law P 2 = R 3 27 general knowledge . Numerical Questions. Numerical Questions

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Review 1

Chapters 1 – 8

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Test 1

  • Format

    • 30 multiple choice questions

    • 3 numerical

      • Speed, distance, time

      • Kepler’s 3rd Law P2 = R3

    • 27 general knowledge

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  • Numerical Questions

    • A minor planet, orbiting the Sun, has a semi-major axis of 4 AU. What is its period?

    • If the middle of the Oort cloud is 20,000 AU away, how long does it take light from there to reach us?

    • A rover on Mars, which we assume is 0.6 AU from Earth, will go over a cliff in 6 minutes 10 s unless a radio signal reaches it in time to stop it. Is it worth sending a signal?

Time and lunar phases l.jpg
Time and Lunar Phases

  • If the full Moon is high in the sky, what time is it approximately?











Time and lunar phases ii l.jpg
Time and Lunar Phases – II

  • It is 9pm and the Moon is high in the sky. What is its phase?











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  • What are constellations and asterisms?

  • What is the annual path of the Sun through the sky called?

  • What is the point directly overhead in the sky called?

  • Where is the best place on Earth to see all of the stars during a year?

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  • What causes Lunar and Solar eclipses?

  • What is science? What is pseudo-science?

  • What was Thales’ great intellectual innovation?

  • What did Pythagoras believe about mathematics?

  • Who were the principal advocates of the doctrine of circular motion?

  • What is retrograde motion and how did the advocates of the geocentric model explain it?

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  • Why was Bruno burned to death by the Church?

  • What was Copernicus’ principal motivation for his heliocentric model?

  • Who, shortly after the death of Copernicus, made observations of the planet's motions with great accuracy? What was the name of his assistant?

  • What were Galileo’s principal discoveries?

  • Why was Galileo arrested by the Church?

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  • Newton published his researches in what book?

  • What is the shape of planetary orbits?

  • What does the equal area law imply about a planet’s speed?

  • What causes the seasons on Earth?

  • What is the significance of the equinoxes?

  • What is the significance of the solstices?

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  • How can the Earth’s mass be measured?

  • How have we determined the Earth’s structure?

  • And what do we know about it?

  • What are plate tectonics, continental drift, fault lines, earth quakes?

  • What causes tides?

  • What is the Coriolis Effect?

  • Why is the sky on Earth blue?

  • What is escape speed and how does it affect atmospheres?

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  • What is the greenhouse effect?

  • Venus and Earth are similar in mass and size, but very different in many other ways. Why?

  • How does Mars’ atmosphere differ from Earth’s?

  • What are the general characteristics of the Jovian planets?

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  • What are some interesting facts about Jupiter and its moons?

  • What are comets, asteroids and meteoroids?

  • What interesting historical facts do we know about Halley’s comet?

  • What did the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 do?

  • What are mass extinctions?

  • What is the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary?