fundacion medica integral columbo americana l.
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Fundacion Medica IntegRal Columbo-AmeRicana

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Fundacion Medica IntegRal Columbo-AmeRicana - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fundacion Medica IntegRal Columbo-AmeRicana. Fumedica Bringing hope to the under privileged citizens of Cartagena. This young girl suffered from secuela ostheomyelitis. In her case a dangerous bacteria secondary to a previous leg surgery consumed her tibia (the small bone in her leg).

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fundacion medica integral columbo americana



Bringing hope to the under privileged citizens of Cartagena


This young girl suffered from secuela ostheomyelitis. In her case a dangerous bacteria secondary to a previous leg surgery consumed her tibia (the small bone in her leg)

At the same time that this infection was eradicating her tibia it caused the soft tissues of the foot to contract


FUMEDICA doctors measure and fit a custom external fixator also known as an ILIZAROV frame

It proves to be a very difficult endeavor due to the angle and frailty of the limb.


This young woman’s journey will be an arduous 5 plus year experience, However, FUMEDICA has given her hope for greater mobility in the future


This 6 year old boy presents with congenital Talipes EQUINOVARUS or Clubfoot. This deformity is commonly seen in the underprivileged area of Cartagena Colombia


Correction of this deformity requires the application of an external fixator that will set the foot into a normal, straight and functional position.


All patients begins with multiple Consultations in the foundations clinic.

This young boy’s Clubfoot has been complicated by previously botched surgery from a local doctor.


Tendon transfer will assist in straightening this child foot.

Preparation for installation of external fixator.

This realignment will allow the child’s to walk normally.

Surgery was a success!


This 4 y/o boy suffers from a congenital contractive and shortening of the femur.

He is unable to straighten or bear weight on his legs and has been immobile his entire life


The application of an external fixator after a delicate procedure to lengthen his femur will be the first in many surgeries in the attempt to make his legs functional.


This 6 y/o boy suffers from a congenital disorder called pseudoartrosis which is the formation of a false joint caused by the failure of the bones to fuse


FUMEDICA’S strategy for correcting this congenital deformity is to remove the improper fusion and the surrounding tissues and connect the bones using an orthofixator


This 8 y/o boy suffers from a condition called macrodactyle; or abnormally large toes. FUMEDICA will reduce the phalange and remove excess tissues.


FUMEDIC provided this young man with reconstructive surgery following a motorcycle accident. To ensure full functionality upon recovery. FUMEDICA’s physicians use the ILIZAROV frame to stabilize the affected bones after surgery.


This 32 year old widow also suffers from Clubfoot but her case is complicated by the shortening of her left lower leg.

Thanks to FUMEDICA this mother of two is able to wear normal shoes, walk without assistance, hold a job, and provide for her family.


This 17 y/o female suffers from Blount’s disease which is a condition of disturbed growth of the medical inner growth plate of the upper tibia, causing severe bowing of the leg at the knee.

If untreated, the medical portion of the growth plate at the upper tibia stops producing bone, causing asymmetrical growth at the knee (bowlegs)

FUMEDICA stopped this disease in it’s tracks providing this young girl with a fully functional future


FUMEDICA’S physicians encounter and treat a myriad of orthopedic cases. These cases range from congenital disorders to infections to trauma.


Doctor Jaime Valiente examines a 4 y/o boy that suffers from cerebral palsy.

Characteristic gait deficits are noticeable as he ages. He is currently unable to put his heels on the ground due to leg deformities. FUMEDICA plans to aggressively treat this child's malady in order to ensure functionality.


FUMEDICA strives to provide the best care and support to their underprivileged patients and their families by bringing them the newest and best ways to correct their orthopedic abnormalities.

Through love, support and kindness FUMEDICA provides Columbians of all ages with the orthopedic medical services that would otherwise be unobtainable to them.


The main contributors to FUMEDICA include Adriana Michele, Doctor Jaime Valiente, and Doctor Bryan Popovici DPM.