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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2. Books. Books are a powerful cultural source. Books are agents of social and cultural change. Books are an important cultural repository. Books are our window on the past. Books are important sources of personal development. Books  powerful cultural source.

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books are a powerful cultural source
Books are a powerful cultural source
  • Books are agents of social and cultural change.
  • Books are an important cultural repository.
  • Books are our window on the past.
  • Books are important sources of personal development.
books powerful cultural source
Books  powerful cultural source
  • Books are wonderful sources of entertainment, escape, and personal reflection.
  • The purchase and reading of a book is a much more individual, personal activity than consuming advertiser-supported (television, radio, newspaper, and magazines).
  • Books are a mirror of culture.
ancient history
Ancient History
  • Romans had written language (Latin).
  • China made paper in 105 a.d.
    • Persian soldiers “learned” papermaking from the Chinese…
    • Chinese had primitive wooden printing press in 175 a.d.
  • Rome overtaken by illiterate tribes
    • Monks hand-copied thousands of manu scripti
    • “Book of Kells”
  • Paper brought to Spain by Moors (12th century)
fear of the power of the printed word
Fear of the power of the printed word…
  • The Bible – part of the Protestant Reformation
    • John Wycliffe translated it to English
    • William Tynsdale exhumed...
guttenberg s rediscovery
Guttenberg’s Rediscovery
  • Movable Type – letters in metal
    • Wouldn’t wear out
  • Took him 20 years!
  • Also developed system for pressing paper against the inked type.
  • Guttenberg Bible
  • Library in Oxford:1602

printing in the new world
Printing in the New World
  • Juan Pablo – 1539
    • “Breve y Mass Compendiosa Doctrina Cristiana”
  • Harvard College in Cambridge, Mass.
    • 1640: “The Whole Book of Psalms” or “Bay Psalm Book”
  • Printing controlled by King George II
  • Stamp Act (!)
books inspire social change
Books Inspire Social Change
  • Revolutionary War
  • Abolition of Slavery
contemporary books
The Color Purple

Julie of the Wolves


The Outsider

To Kill a Mockingbird

Flowers for Algernon

The Boy Who Lost His Face

What’s Happening To My Body?

Scary Stories in the Dark

Harry Potter

Of Mice and Men

The Catcher in the Rye

Forever, Blubber & Deenie (Judy Blume)

A Day No Pigs Would Die

Heather Has Two Mommies

Bumps in the Night

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Contemporary Books

Banned Books

banning banned books
Banning Banned Books
  • Rather than accepting a censor’s argument that certain voices require silencing for the good of the culture, publishers in a democracy have an obligation to make the stronger argument that free speech be protected and encouraged.
contemporary books e publishing
Contemporary BooksE-Publishing
  • D-books
    • Books downloaded to a PDA or computer
      • Instant publication
      • Higher royalties
  • POD – Print On Demand
    • Printed, Bound & Sent Instantly
    • Probably here to stay
contemporary books e publishing12
Contemporary BooksE-Publishing
  • E-Books
    • Can be PDA’s, Cell Phones, Desktop & Laptop Computers
  • DENs – Digital Epistolary Novels
    • Serially unfold via email
    • Interactive
    • “Search inside the book”
conglomeration issues in book industry
Conglomeration Issues in Book Industry
  • Bottom line = $
  • Blockbuster Mentality
  • Subsidiary Rights
  • Hypercommercialism
  • May 2000 – Advertisment Placement in Books?!?!
last thought aliteracy
Last Thought“Aliteracy”
  • “The success and profitability of this well-written, thoughtful, high quality content stands in stark contrast to what is otherwise a steady decline in the quality of other media… Broadcasters respond to falling viewership by not improving content, but by lowering its intelligence and worth. Whereas Harry Potter books, by comparison, get better and longer in response to reader enthusiasm, network television dumbs down by giving its audience Fear Factor and Survivor and other so-called reality programming.”