building a better heart second chance artificial heart l.
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Building A Better Heart Second Chance: artificial heart PowerPoint Presentation
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Building A Better Heart Second Chance: artificial heart

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Building A Better Heart Second Chance: artificial heart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building A Better Heart Second Chance: artificial heart. Qing Ye Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Ren Ji Hospital. Milestones in artificial heart. 1953, a heart-lung machine designed by Dr. John Gibbon is used in a successful open-heart surgery,

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Building A Better Heart Second Chance: artificial heart

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    1. Building A Better HeartSecond Chance: artificial heart Qing YeDepartment of Cardiothoracic Surgery Ren Ji Hospital

    2. Milestones in artificial heart 1953, a heart-lung machine designed by Dr. John Gibbon is used in a successful open-heart surgery, demonstrating that an artificial device can temporarily mimic the functions of the heart 1955, a team of scientists led by Willem Kolff, tested their model in animals

    3. 1966, Dr. Michael • DeBakey of Houston • successfully implants a • partial artificial heart 1964, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute sets a goal of designing a total artificial heart by 1970

    4. 1967, Dr. Christiaan Barnard performs the first successful human heart transplant. The patients, 53-year-old dentist Louis Washkansky, dies 18 days after surgery in South African

    5. In 1969, a team led by Denton Cooley of the Texas Heart Institute successfully kept a human patient alive for more than sixty hours with their model (temporary). The patient gets a heart transplant three days later but then dies 1 ½ days afterward

    6. In 1982, a team led by William DeVries of the University of Utah implanted the Jarvik-7 into a patient named Barney Clark, who survived with Jarvik-7 for 112 days 1982-1985, Dr. William DeVries carries out a series of five implants of the Jarvik total artificial heart William Schroeder, lived 620 days, dying in August 1986 at age 54

    7. 1994, the Food and Drug Administration approves the Left Ventricular Assist Device, which helps failing hearts continue to function 2000, A man in Isreal becomes the first recipient of the Jarvik 2000, the first total artificial heart that can maintain blood flow in addition to generating a pulse 2001, doctors at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Ky., implant the first self-contained, mechanical heart replacement into a patient Two recipient: Robert Tools & Tom Christerson

    8. Robert Jarvik He was born in Michigan on May 11, 1946 In 1964, his father became ill with heart disease and had to have open heart surgery

    9. Robert Jarvik Jarvik became very interested in medicine at that point and began to think about possible designs for artificial hearts that could help people like his father He invented Jarvik-7 and Jarvik-2000

    10. Jarvik-7 Jarvik 2000

    11. Prof. Willem J Kolff He was born in Leiden, Netherlands Graduated from the University of Leiden In 1955, he implanted an artificial heart into a dog Tutor of Dr. Robert Jarvik 1981, he applied to FDA

    12. Dr. William deVries An American cardiothoracic surgeon Receiving his MD degree from the University of Utah in 1970 As a resident in cardiovascular/ thoracic surgery at Duke University Medical Center Assistant professor of surgery at the University of Utah until 1984

    13. Dr. William deVries Since 1984, he has been director of the artificial heart project of the Humana Hospital Audubon in Louisville, Kentucky Performed the first successful permanent artificial heart implant for Barney Clark by using an artificial device designed by Dr. Robert Jarvik

    14. Dr. Barney Clark An 61year old retired dentist from Seattle First recipient of the man-made artificial heart on Dec 1, 1982 at the Utah Medical Center

    15. Dr. Barney Clark Six years before the transplant, he had contracted a mysterious viral infection, which made his cardiac muscle flabby, weak and swollen from a lack of blood flow Because of hypertension and his age, he was not an acceptable candidate at any heart transplantation center

    16. Dr. Barney Clark He was introduced by his private doctor to Dr. Willim DeVries The meeting included visits to laboratories where the Jarvik-7 was manufactured and the animal barn where they observed calves/sheep with similar heart implants He was given an 11-page consent form There was no guarantee that the operation would increase Clark’s life span, no guarantee he would regain his independence

    17. Dr. Barney Clark The consent form stated “I recognize that if the artificial heart device fails, death or serious injury is the near certain result. I nevertheless accept the risk of substantial and serious harm, including death, implementation of the artificial heart device can be demonstrated

    18. Dr. Barney Clark He signed a consent form on Nov 30, 1982 at 9:52 p.m after being interviewed by six members of a special heart subcommittee at University of Utah Medical Center The surgery was scheduled at the morning of Dec 2, 1982 However, he was immediately rushed into the operating room because of his deteriorating heart on Dec 1, 1982 at 10:30 p.m.

    19. Dr. Barney Clark He survived with Jarvik-7 for 112 days A serious of complication led to Clark’s death from circulatory and multi-organ collapse on March 23 at 10:02 p.m.

    20. Two recipients of AbiCor artificial heart Robert Tools, first recipient of AbiCor artificial heart was died five months after implantation, 2001

    21. Two recipients of AbiCor artificial heart Tom Christerson, second recipient of AbiCor artificial heart are still alive for more than one year

    22. Artificial hearts abandoned By the end of the ’80s, the Jarvik devices had been implanted to sustain patients waiting for transplants Since then, development of an improved artificial heart has continued Scientists continue to work on designs for an artificial heart that could provide a realistic, permanent option for survival Jarvik is now working on the Jarvik 2000, a thumb-sized heart pump

    23. Artificial hearts abandoned Universal infection Thromboembolism Total artificial heart may be better used as a bridge to transplantation

    24. LVAD

    25. Artificial heart