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van Eyck Brothers

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He worked with oil paintings and perfected many different techniques with oils. ... very advanced painters and pioneered different techniques of oil painting. ...

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van Eyck Brothers

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van eyck brothers

van Eyck brothers

Alex Egan

Period 2

who were the van eyck brothers
Who were the van Eyck brothers
  • The van Eyck brothers where two brothers, Jan and Hubert, who were painters during the renaissance.
  • The brothers worked separately as well as together on some occasions.

hubert van eyck
Hubert Van Eyck
  • Born 1366
  • Died September 18th 1426.
  • First known work was in 1413
  • Worked for numerous people and organizations during his lifetime.
jan van eyck
Jan van Eyck
  • Born in year 1385 and died July 9, 1441
  • He was born in one of the Flemish states (ie. Netherlands, Holland, ect.
  • He worked mainly for the Duke of Burgundy, Duke Phillip the Good.
  • He worked with oil paintings and perfected many different techniques with oils.
what did they do
What did they do?
  • Both Brothers were painters.
  • They were very advanced painters and pioneered different techniques of oil painting.
where they were born and lived

Born in the year 1835 in an unknown town.

Jan was usually living near his brother Hubert for they would often paint together.

Both held positions as painters for Duke Phillip the Good in Burgundy.


Hubert was born at Maeseyck in the Diocese of Liege, about 1366.

He lived in several towns during his life time including Ghent and Antwerp.

Where they were born and lived
where did they mainly work and who did they work for

Worked at many different schools and for many different diplomats and other public figures.

Some of these included a position of court painter at Burges, a painter at the cathedral of Cambrai, and the Guild of Antwerp.


The brothers worked for themselves as well as many other people.

These people include

-Phillip the Good of Burgundy

-Jean Sans Merci

Where did they mainly work and Who did they work for?
effect on the renisance
Effect on the Renisance
  • The van Eycks introduced numerous new techiques of oil paiintings.
  • They also were some of the first to begin to use depth in their paintings.
main pieces adoration of the mystic lamb
Main pieces: “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”
  • Located in the Saint Bavo cathedral of Ghent.
  • This painting is considered to be the masterpieces of Belgium.
  • It is also considered one of the most important and beautiful paintings of its time.
  • This piece can still be found in the cathedral in the city of Gehnt.
main pieces man in a red turban
Main Pieces: “Man in a Red Turban.”
  • The picture was rumored to be a self Portrait of Jan Van Eyck .
  • On the rear of the painting, there was a quote that said Als ich chan ("The best I am capable of doing").
main pieces giovanni arnolfini his wife
Main Pieces: “Giovanni Arnolfini & His Wife”
  • Arnolfini was a member of a merchant family who was in Burges at the time and then the brothers worked on their portrait.
  • Many people believe that the woman in the picture to be pregnant however she is believed by others to be simply holding up her dress.
  • The van Eyck brothers were Flemish painters that pionered a new technique in oil paintings.
  • They produced some of the most famous paintings of their time both together and alone.
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