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Latest Current Affairs and News About 5G Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Latest Current Affairs and News About 5G Technology

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Latest Current Affairs and News About 5G Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rising Worldwide Adoption of Internet-Enabled Devices Will Drive the 5G Technology Market

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Latest Current Affairs and News About 5G Technology

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your catalystto a lucrative business

Your CatalystTo a Lucrative Business

5G Technology MarketShare, Size, Analysis, Growth, Trends and

Forecasts to 2024 | Hexa Research

“5G Technology Market to show substantial

Growth from 2016 to 2024”

The Global 5G Technology Market is expected to witness significant growth over from 2016 to 2024 (forecast

period). Rising worldwide adoption of internet-enabled devices will drive the industry. Mobile service

providers believe that 5G services will be rolled out by 2020 to meet customer and business demands.

Surging demand for extensive network coverage and high speed internet from various industry applications

will propel market growth. These include autonomous driving, distant learning, video conferencing & multi-

user gaming, telemedicine, and opera live streaming. 5G technology will improve mobile network

performance capabilities to a marked extent. It can also play a key role in establishing foundational


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Your CatalystTo a Lucrative Business

Furthermore, increasing mobile broadband adoption and machine-to-machine communication in companies

will fuel industry growth. High rates of data transfer along with low power consumption will also exhibit a

positive impact..

Popularity of high-speed internet for enhanced real-time response will propel the global 5G technology

industry in the years to come. However, the dependence of this technology on other technologies, such as

millimeter wave propagation and IPv6 transmission protocol could restrict market performance.

The global industry is categorized on the basis of technologies, applications, and regions. The technology

segment comprises Radio Access Technologies (RAT), Wi-Fi, High-Speed Package Access (HSPA), Global

System for Mobile (GSM), and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX). Applications

include healthcare, government & utilities, retail, individual users, offices, and defense& military. Owing to

high investments in research & development, the application segment is led by government & utilities.

Geographically, the global 5G technology market is divided into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Rest

of the World. The U.S. market is estimated to grow robustly during the forecast period. This is because of

increasing subscriptions in the region. The Asia-Pacific market too will register significant growth. Various

countries such as China, Korea, and India will invest huge sums to support ongoing developments and

initiatives in 5G technology. The government of United Kingdom is expected to launch its 5G strategy by

2017. In its recent budget, the government focused on the significance of mobile spectrum and prepared the

nation to receive the new technology.

The growing need for faster internet in China will stimulate the 5G market in this region. Even the Indian

government has spent USD 5.5 million over the last couple of years on 5G technology. This investment was

primarily directed towards advanced research and development. Most companies operating in this market

strive to introduce novel technologies to gain competitive advantage. Also, countries, such as Japan, are

planning to exhibit their innovations during the 2018 winter Olympics and 2020 summer Olympics.

Key players in the 5G technology market are Verizon Communications Inc. (U. S.); Nokia Networks (Finland);

Samsung Group (South Korea); AT&T Inc. (U. S.); The Fraunhofer Society (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft); NTT

DoCoMo Inc.; Qualcomm Inc. (U. S.); Alcatel-Lucent S. A.; Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (China); and

Telefónica S. A. In 2014, Ericsson signed a deal with SK Telecom Co. Ltd. for 5G technology research and

development. With a view towards ensuring a strong standardized network, various public bodies such as the

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the ITU, 3GPP, and a few universities have been adding value

to the 5G technology industry.

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Your CatalystTo a Lucrative Business

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Table of Contents

1. Methodology & Scope

1.1 Research Methodology

1.2 Research Scope & Assumptions

1.3 List of Data Sources

2. Executive Summary

2.1 Industry Summary of 5G Technology Market

3. Industry Outlook

3.1 5G Technology Market Segmentation

3.2 5G Technology Market Size and Growth Prospects

3.3 5G Technology Market Dynamics

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Your CatalystTo a Lucrative Business

3.4 Key Opportunities Prioritized

3.5 Industry Analysis - Porter's

3.6 Market Share Analysis

3.7 Market PESTEL Analysis, 2016

4. Application Framework

4.1 5G Technology Market share by application, 2016 & 2024

5. Regional Outlook

5.1 North America

5.2 Europe

5.3 Asia Pacific

5.4 Latin America

5.5 MEA (Middle East and Africa)

5.6 RoW (Rest of the World)

6. Competitive Landscape

6.1 Verizon Communications Inc.

6.1.1 Company Overview

6.1.2 Revenue Analysis

6.1.3 Product Benchmarking

6.1.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.2 Nokia Networks

6.2.1 Company Overview

6.2.2 Revenue Analysis

6.2.3 Product Benchmarking

6.2.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.3 Samsung Group

6.3.1 Company Overview

6.3.2 Revenue Analysis

6.3.3 Product Benchmarking

6.3.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.4 AT&T Inc.

6.4.1 Company Overview

6.4.2 Revenue Analysis

6.4.3 Product Benchmarking

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Your CatalystTo a Lucrative Business

6.4.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.5 The Fraunhofer Society

6.5.1 Company Overview

6.5.2 Revenue Analysis

6.5.3 Product Benchmarking

6.5.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.6 NTT DoCoMo Inc.

6.6.1 Company Overview

6.6.2 Revenue Analysis

6.6.3 Product Benchmarking

6.6.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.7 Qualcomm Inc.

6.7.1 Company Overview

6.7.2 Revenue Analysis

6.7.3 Product Benchmarking

6.7.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.8 Alcatel-Lucent S. A.

6.8.1 Company Overview

6.8.2 Revenue Analysis

6.8.3 Product Benchmarking

6.8.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.9 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

6.9.1 Company Overview

6.9.2 Revenue Analysis

6.9.3 Product Benchmarking

6.9.4 Strategic Initiatives

6.10 Telefónica S. A.

6.10.1 Company Overview

6.10.2 Revenue Analysis

6.10.3 Product Benchmarking

6.10.4 Strategic Initiatives

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