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Some Common Garage Door Problems And Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Some Common Garage Door Problems And Solutions

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Some Common Garage Door Problems And Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is your garage door not operating properly? Read about the most common garage door problems and the best solutions to fix them in the given presentation.

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some common garage door problems and solutions 1

Some Common Garage Door

Problems And Solutions

Garage doors are the doors that can be used for various applications such as for vehicle parking, storage purposes, a workshop, or private access to the home. Wherever the garage doors are used, they will probably be opened and closed a considerable number of times on a daily or weekly basis. The frequent opening and closing of garage doors causes problems in their proper working. Here are some common issues associated with garage doors and solutions to fix them.

1 sticking garage doors there are a few things

1. Sticking Garage DoorsThere are a few things that causes garage doors to stick open or closed. Firstly check if any debris or obstructions are stuck on the wheel tracks, and clear them away. Finally, make sure your garage door cables and springs are of even lengths and uniform. If you find uneven lengths and differences in springiness, it’s best to have a professional technician address the issue.2. Uneven Door MovementIf your garage door is opening or closing unevenly, make sure that the wheel tracks are free of dirt and debris. Then, check that your springs are of matching lengths and stretch evenly. , A garage door technician will be able to guide you in replacing the motors and troubleshooting further.

3 loud opening and closing noises the most common

3.Loud Opening and Closing NoisesThe most common solution to very loud noises (such as grinding or screeching) when opening or closing your garage door is to make sure enough lubrication is applied (clean wheel tracks and reapply if necessary) and remove all debris and dirt from the wheel tracks.4.Door Closes Too QuicklyA garage door that closes too quickly is very dangerous and it requires repair as soon as possible. This problem generally occurs because of broken cables or very loose springs, and the risk of the door falling on you or your car is always present.

5 frayed cables broken or frayed cables are also

5. Frayed CablesBroken or frayed cables are also a major problem in garage doors. Cables are attached to the top of the door to the bottom of the door. It helps to hold the weight of the door when you open or close it. Wear and tear is a very common reason of broken cable.6.Door Closes and Opens AgainCommon with brand new garage doors as well as older doors due for resetting, this issue is often caused by the door’s opening and closing limit settings. Check your owner’s manual for your specific garage door brand and model for details on the resetting procedures. Typically, you can adjust the settings from a knob or dial on the garage door motor.

in order to keep your garage doors safe

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