if you take forskolin and get pregnant tell your doctor n.
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If You Take Forskolin and Get Pregnant-Tell Your Doctor PowerPoint Presentation
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If You Take Forskolin and Get Pregnant-Tell Your Doctor

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If You Take Forskolin and Get Pregnant-Tell Your Doctor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Forskolin is an herb that comes from a plant that is known as “coleus forskolin” and the extract is often used to help cure some diseases, but the best use of this herb is to help individuals in managing their weight.

Side Effects

There are some Forskolin danger side effects that can come with the use of this supplement but this is true of all products – herbs and medication alike. Doctors do say that it is safe for use.


Danger side effects

Some of the Forskolin danger using this herb is the following:

Pregnancy – especially if planning to breastfeed;

Bleeding – forskolin can increase any minor bleed into a problem;

Heart disease – Forskolin can make most problems with the heart worse;

Surgery – Forskolin is harmful during surgery as it increases bleeding. If you are going to have surgery for any reason talk to your physician. Normally you should stop using this herb 2 or more weeks before and after surgery;

Kidney and liver failure – Often Forskolin might cause liver and kidney problems or failure if used in large doses.


Minor side effects

Other minor dangers or problems can include:

Feeling dizziness

Headaches that do disappear

Eye and skin irritation



What to do

Problems usually occur when the dosage is too high. It is advised to start with the small dose and gradually increase until you have problems and then reduce to the dose that had no side effects. Get More Info about forskolin dangers.

Minor and danger

These are all minor problems and will disappear when you are on the correct dosage. But do not keep your dose high when you have any of these listed problems. And certainly don’t use when pregnant. When pregnant you need to let your physician know that you have been taking this herb. It is easy for a minor problem to develop into a major Forskolin dangerproblem.

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