assisted living vs independent living n.
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Assisted Living Management Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Assisted Living Management Software

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Assisted Living Management Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Senior Insight platform is a powerful assisted living management software tool, used by innovative Senior Living Facilities as assisted living software

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Assisted Living Management Software

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There is been a huge difference between assisted living and Independent Living and few makes some mistake by not knowing the difference between the both.

If you are looking for a place to have one of your parent with the assisted living, try to know about the difference between them.

Assisted living would offer you lot of convincing things with senior peoples.

assisted living m anagement s oftware

Assisted Living Management software

With the help of assisted living management software senior people find themselves comfortable

Few people don’t get adapted to the assisted living since they enjoy being with independent living

Your parents can enjoy or adapt to the environment with assisted living which fit their lifestyle

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Assisted Living Management software

With Freedom to their regular activities they can bring back the same independent living lifestyle with assisted living software

Why you want to father or mother should go to place where more people lives with their needs can be satisfied.

With the assisted living management software your parents can get around home where they can be independent with little help from assistant.

major difference

Major Difference

Assisted Living

  • Fitness Schedule
  • Medical Dispense
  • Food Control
  • Fitness Schedule
  • Small TV Room
  • Nurse on Duty
  • Severe Problem

Independent Living

  • Freedom to eat which depends
  • Alarm System for Medication
  • Choice of their own
  • Fitness Centre
  • Theatre & Movie Screen
  • Concierge Duty 24/7
  • Problems Manageable
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