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Top 6 Unique Features of iBeacon App Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 6 Unique Features of iBeacon App Development

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Top 6 Unique Features of iBeacon App Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The buzz of iBeacon technology resulted into iBeacon App Development. Try this Unique Features of iBeacon App Development for best user experience.
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Top 6 Unique Features of iBeacon App Development

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. 6UniqueFeaturesofiBeaconApp Development TheriseofiBeacontechnology was one ofthe influential news of 2015 inatechnology world.Thisbroughtaboutnumerous business insiderstostep intopmobileapplicationdevelopmentcompaniesinindiaofthe beacon industry. Now, it goes without saying thatevery latesttechnology will demand time to explore the potentialoutcomesandbestpractices,evenwhenitcomestoappdevelopment.Today,almosttwoyearsafterthelaunchofiBeacon,manyEnterprisesrealizedthatabeaconappshouldbe developedforthepurposeof pushing promotional offersto users. Eventhemostskilledandexperiencedappdeveloperwillrunintochallengesthatareuniqueto creatingabeaconapp.These arethesixchallengesyou willface: 1.Variable signsBeacon apps are dealing with external radios thattransmitsignals and therefore can be untidy. Furthermore,signal quality varies wildly among beacon hardware manufacturers.Hence,beaconsignalsareaffectedbygadgetcontrol,temperatureandpolling intervalsthatmayvaryfrombroadcasttobroadcast.Inshort,theapphastobedesignedto makechoicesbasedonthevariableinformationreceived. 2.AuthorizationtoactivateBluetooth&locationservicesForbeaconappstoperform,notonly the device have tosupportbeacons butalso theuserhastoenableBluetoothandlocation

    2. 6UniqueFeaturesofiBeaconApp Development services. Ithas found thatit's besttowaituntilthelastconceivableminutetoaskforthese permissions. Thisisperfectopportunitytoproveapp'svalueinsteadofblastingusersbefore they'veeventriedtheappor areclosetoa beacon. BalancingUX andsecurity in the feature setBeacon apps proximateauser'sphysical distancefromabeaconsotheycanlinkdataabouttherealworldcontextofthebeaconwith specific context ofthe user.Ifreceiving the balance rightthen able to selectively push information tothe user. For instance,a limited time coupon (based on the time),currentconditions (less crowded checkoutlines),or user preference (modernistvs.impressionistpaintingsinamuseum). ThebusinessrationaleimperativeGivenallthevariables,businessrationalescriptsarea must-have. For instance, anapphastocollectdatasuchasthebeaconUUID,locationand minorandmajornumbers.Whenanapplicationconnectsabeacon,abusinesslogicscriptthen delivers a list ofall the users nearby.This scriptchannels the information for privacy and interpretswhat"atthebeacon"meanswhichistrickythatgivesaneventupdatesmaynotbe recordedinrealtimeorthedevicemightdropthebeaconranging.Otherbusinesslogicscripts canbeappliedtoidentifytrends,performstatisticalanalysisanddrawconclusions. Workaroundsforapproximation&tracingTwo-waycommunicationbetweenanappanda beaconisnotpossiblewithbeaconssincetheyareone-wayradios:theyareunawareaboutthe customerdevicesreceivingtheirbroadcasts.Bylinkingtheapptoabackend,itcanredesigna record toregister the user's real-time presence and then customize the app or real world experienceinreal-time. TheAppStoreAuditBasedonanexperience,developershould: Clarifieshowtheappfunctionsanditsquality-bothinthepublicdescriptionandinthereview notes. Ademo video makes difference.Provide a demo accountand beacon UUIDs in the reviewnotes.Includeabattery use disclaimer. Nowbestibeaconapplicationdevelopersinindiaareatitspeakandnobusinesswillliketo lose their potential customers.We at9serieshave flawless command over beacon appdevelopmentandbeacon app integration.Feelfreetocontact usto getcustomizedsolutions.