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6 Tips for a Fun Family Beach Holiday at a Noosa Accommodati PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Tips for a Fun Family Beach Holiday at a Noosa Accommodati

6 Tips for a Fun Family Beach Holiday at a Noosa Accommodati

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6 Tips for a Fun Family Beach Holiday at a Noosa Accommodati

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  1. Macquarie Lodge 6 Tips for a Fun Family Beach Holiday at a Noosa Accommodation

  2. A holiday with the family, planned either weeks or months ahead of time at a Noosa holiday accommodation, is always something to look forward to.

  3. When you have reserved rooms at the Macquarie Lodge Luxury Apartments, you can count on having an excellent time.A trip to the beach during your stay may involve a bit more planning that is well worth the effort.

  4. Whether you go to the beach at Hastings Street that is nearby to your Noosa accommodation or drive a bit north to Fraser Island, beach factors will come in to play, especially when you bring your children with you.

  5. Taking care of a few things in advance will need to be addressed so that the trip can be most enjoyable. These seven tips, while not all inclusive, will give your family the best opportunity to be able to play and have fun on the beach, without consequences.

  6. 1. Wear the sunscreen. • If you leave your sunscreen in the Noosa accommodation, it is but a short stroll away to go get it. It is important for all of us to wear it but is especially critical for children, for their skin is much more sensitive to the sun.

  7. When choosing the sunscreen, make sure it has protection against UVA and UVB rays. Keep the babies under six months old either back at the Noosa holiday apartments or covered at all times. Children up to ten years old need a sunscreen strength of 30, while anyone over this age should wear a strength of 15 or more.

  8. Setting up an umbrella at the beach and wearing loose-fitting long sleeves or pants and a hat during the hottest part of the day is also possible. Even though you the sun is hot, the breeze blowing over a light gauze or other sheer fabric will protect you. If you or a family member does get sunburned, drink plenty of water and take a cool shower at your accommodation in Noosa.

  9. 2. Choose your beach time wisely. • The hottest part of the day is noon to 2 pm during most parts of the year. Early morning and later afternoon sun are safer and will be a better choice for beach time.

  10. Another option is to explore the many shops and boutiques on Hastings St., or have lunch at one of the many fine dining establishments before going to the beach.

  11. 3. Drink plenty of water. • Dehydration is not a fun experience to encounter on holiday. • With the wind and the sun, we do not realize the lack of water our body is experiencing, especially with all of the water around us!

  12. Dry lips and mouth, dizziness and nausea, as well as an inability to urinate. Some of the symptoms of dehydration are

  13. With the fully equipped kitchen at Macquarie Lodge, • you can bring refillable water containers and fill them every morning.. Make sure that children are sipping water throughout the day, and that the entire family drinks water once you are at your holiday apartment.

  14. The location of the Noosa accommodation is also very convenient to the shopping mall • Noosa Junction, and to quick stop stores where you can purchase water. In addition, take away restaurants and even outdoor restaurants can serve you water if you are exploring the area before or after your beach time.

  15. 4. Supervise your children at the beach. It’s a special time to spend a holiday with the waves, the sand and the sun with your young children.

  16. When around water, children are susceptible to drowning. An adult needs to be in the water with them if they are uncomfortable in it or unable to swim. Plastic floaties are sufficient if a parent or adult is in a pool with a child wearing them, but will not be appropriate in the ocean.

  17. Children should be watched and even played with at all times while in the ocean, as waves can be much stronger than a child can handle. Be prepared with a few beach toys, but not so many that they are a burden to bring from your Noosa accommodation, or will roll away with the wind.

  18. 5. Bring the foot covers. • It’s a great picture to see yourself and your family walking on the beach barefoot. The reality is that there are several hazards to not wearing flip flops, slides or other sandals. • For the majority of the day, the sun can be hot and sizzling on the fragile soles of you and and your children’s feet. And sometimes we forget that we have to cross hot asphalt in the parking lot of Noosa resorts which absorbs the sun and will burn our feet.

  19. The last thing to be concerned about walking around without shoes is that the feet can be cut by broken shells, plastic, glass and other trash remnants. If you must go barefoot, at least throw a pair of lightweight sandals into your beach bag for later.

  20. 6. Embrace the sand. • Ahh, a beach holiday usually means lots of sand, everywhere. In addition to sand in towels and beach toys, it will come in with us from head to toe – from our hair to our shoes.

  21. The key to a calm outlook about the abundance of the sand is to just embrace it and know that it will all wash away eventually.

  22. That’s another benefit of staying in Macquarie Lodge and the convenience of staying in one of the finest Noosa resorts • There are washers and dryers in the apartment. Be prepared on the beach to be sprinkled by sand from your children, the wind and others.

  23. It may get in your drink or beach snacks, but again, embrace it and understand that a little sand never hurt anyone.

  24. Hopefully these tips will be helpful to you and your family on a anticipated trip to Macquarie Lodge, Noosa holiday apartments.